Iran's Secret Gay World + Motivational Poster

Written By bryanboy

Iran’s Secret Gay World

Sometimes I wonder how extremely lucky I am that I live in a place where I’m totally free to be myself (ok fine, I know I want to wear an Oscar de la Renta shift dress when I walk down the street but I don’t think my mother would approve) with no fear of being persecuted for wearing last season’s lip gloss. The Philippines has got a long way to go when it comes to gay rights but trust me, I think the gays here have it good… wayy too good compared to, say, bumfuck America where 13 year old kids have riffles and go on a shooting spree or worse, Iran, where queers are kidnapped, raped, tortured and
sometimes, executed. Can you imagine me pulling all that attention-whoring tranny ass gay shit I pull day in/day out for website hits over the years in Iran? I’d literally get stoned to death! Ok, erase that. I’d get raped shitless because I’m fucking pretty. And then I’ll get stoned to death. It’s sickening, I know.

Click click click for the rest of the documentary and MY motivational poster that y’all should print and pass around. My favourite quote? "My father tells me to sit in my room until the end of my life and bear my problem. They tell me to cure myself and I keep telling them it is not in my hands." Ouch! I almost cried towards the end of the video like I do after watching Galliano’s cho cho san couture show for Dior!!!

Well, what do *YOU* think? Here’s something for you to think about.


I love you all!


  1. Lisa from Cali

    I’m not laughing Bryan. Sad but true especially in religious countries—men can be cruel to their fellowmen.

  2. Well, I know it may sound inhumane but just for your info, there’s a verse in the Quran that allows gays to be punished in that manner (to the extent of execution or stoned to death). I guess God just hate gays somehow? Even so, many Muslims are gays out there. They just need to keep it a good secret, especially in religious countries. :)

  3. Fuck shit fuck. There is no gays in Islam, but there are!!! and we’re made of flesh and blood just like anyone else. Really? You don’t have to punish them for the sake of religion, if God hated gays so much why are we including myself here? RIDICULOUS! The next thing you know, genocide will be happening in Iran.BOTTOMLINE: We love, We feel, We have rights to our own lives, We’re humans too!
    p/s: No offence intended ; )

  4. The same thing is going on in Iraq where the Shiites are in control..gee thanks USA!

  5. those videos were really intense and thought provoking, i never really thought about gays in other countries. thanks so much for that!
    p.s. your motivational poster made me laugh SO HARD, i am so sorry!!! hahaha

  6. oh god. i’m guessing they don’t have in iran?
    i’m appauled by the execution and that tranny’s parents are unbelievable.

  7. Funny. If they *rape* gays, that means they do have the sexual urge. Obvious enough that they’re homosexuals as well.
    And their prophet is married to a seven year old!
    Isn’t that supposed to be pedophilia or something?
    Blah. Just a bunch of hypocrites.

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