Invisible Black Designers

You know, I just had this weird thing that popped in my head. Critics say the fashion industry is one of the racist industries out there, ie. the odd token ethnic person on runway shows etc, the lack of ethnic models on the covers of magazines, etc etc etc. Well, screw the models for now. One thing I noticed is the lack of prominent black designers. I mean, I know good ol’ Anna Wintour loves them gaysians as they invade New York these days, names like Phillip Lim, Thakoon, Doo. Ri and Peter Som. Anna Sui and Vera Wang on
the other hand are iconic institutions. I know Ozwald Boateng is the hotness, Tracey Reese is cool and Rachel Roy is fast becoming a favourite amongst the New York social set. As for Kimmora… well, bitch ain’t black, she’s a transexual giant.

Now. Is it just me or is there a distinct lack of black
designers in the NYC/London/Milan/Paris fashion arena? I’m sure there
are black designers out there, other than Xuly Bet, no? If that’s the case, where?

Ozwald Boateng
Photo credit: King Magazine Sweden

Just curious, that’s all. Please don’t shoot me. I was a black person in my previous life you know. I believe in reincarnation so in my next life, I’m gonna be a gorgeous, thin Somalian princess named Tamika Woogoolahulu.