If I Blog It… Greg Kessler Will Cum.

OMG Just kidding!! Hahaha! Remember the "If I Blog It" website? Well, what do you know… the person who runs that amazing blog is no other than Greg Kessler’s brother, Evan! Yes! Greg Kessler as in the hottie photographer who takes thousands of photos for super style website, Style.com! If you’re an internet fashion junkie like I am, chances are, you’ve seen Greg’s photos stolen by almost every fashion-obsessed blogger out there — I"m no exception. Here’s a shot of Greg and top model Raquel Zimmermann, who opened the amazing Proenza Schouler show this Friday, courtesy of my NY papa.

Hayyyyyyy Greg.

Greg Kessler and Raquel Zimmermann
Photo via: JD Ferguson

Oh man, will you look at that chest? Raise your hands if you want to stroke it. And Raquel is SOO gorgeous… look at her smile!! Priceless!

MODTV are you reading this? Fashion Television? I’m telling y’all… someone should really do some sort of a podcast or video with the UNSUNG HEROES of fashion week: — the photographers! They’re the ones who are responsible for taking millions of photos that capture the magical fashion she-bang: the designers, the clothes, the models, the beauty shots, the backstage shots, the shittylebrities etc. Without their hardwork, there won’t be this whole online fashion phenomenon. To quote Julie Fredrickson of Coutorture, who wrote this scathing message to hot, hot, hot designer Alexander Wang (which totally makes sense btw. don’t shoot the messenger!!!!!!):

If a photographer or videographer isn’t there to capture the show it doesn’t matter how damn many editors are there to witness this fantastic event, it didn’t happen if there isn’t something to publish later that is tangible.


Next time figure out who is going to get you the coverage you really want and make sure that even if you overbook a show they get in. Crew are simply more critical than editors when it all boils down. It simply is not appropriate to mistreat crew that way. Or frankly people that took the time to organize coverage of your event only to be turned away because you can’t do your job properly by keeping the numbers in check. It is disrespectful to the people who get the images of your work out to the public.

Enough rambling for now. Evan Kessler is hot for being pawned by Kevin Costner and his brother Greg Kessler is hotter because of chest hair.

Oh what am I saying. Y’all know I love twinks. LOL