Identify this skank!

Written By bryanboy

Identify this skank!

I died. Died, died, died. I *must* know her name! I want to make her my wallpaper of the week!

Teen Vogue

Who the HELL is that poor, unguided soul who went to the a Teen Vogue event? Patsy Stone paralox is that chu? Have you not learned anything from Minnie Driver?

The mouth should ALWAYS be smaller than the face.


  1. Star of the Disney hit show- Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus’ (Achy Breaky Heart) daughter..

  2. Diva_Bitch

    wow the lipstick on her teeth is disgusting….sadness
    *ive been gone for a long time but im back bitches*

  3. miley cyrus, daughter of achy breaky heart singer billy ray cyrus.
    i believe that was photoshopped. ive seen the other pictures from that event.

  4. oh i meant, the lipstick stain is photoshopped.
    malaki na talaga ang bunganga niyan.

  5. dum ass dat skank is MILEY CYRUS.she dat bitcch dats goinn out wit dat ugly ass 20 year old!

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