How sad.

Written By bryanboy

How sad.

Isn’t it a bit disheartening when one of the people you really admire turns out to be a real cold bitch?


I’m the type of person who takes rumors, gossip and trash-talk with a grain of salt unless I — or someone credible I know — experienced something/someone first-hand. I just don’t take "perceptions about people" seriously because at the end of the day, it’s not fact. Everyone says perception is just as important as reality but IMO, perception is only perception… there are no truths to it, no facts. Reality, on the other hand, is fact. Case in point: a lot of people online said the person involved is a bitch. Whatever, right? Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and I’m all for giving the benefit of doubt. Imagine my surprise when someone I know confirmed it over the weekend – yep, s/he’s a bitch. How disappointing.

But that’s ok. I’ll get over it. I’ll console myself by thinking people are disposable these days… which is true anyway.

And that’s a fact.

PS. ANYWAY…………. In other news, did y’all see Rachel Clark over the weekend? She owned Rodarte! I’m so glad they finally put her in beautiful dress.

rachel clark

Thanks for the message babe. You definitely made my day!


  1. What! Are people spreading rumors online that you’re a bitch? And someone confirmed it!!!

  2. I really enjoy your blog a lot. It’s fresh, free-spirited and very creative.
    At least some people are green of envy?!
    Whatever – critics and defames are showing something very intersting in the end:
    You’re on your way – move on!

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