Get your freak on.

Written By bryanboy

Get your freak on.

Cecile… look at my hair!!!

I had my outfit planned — I was going to wear this thing from my closet that I really want to wear AND my good ol’ pompadour (minus the watch and the bracelet) but the powers that be changed my outfit from head to toe… and then they gave me a slick back.


Isn’t it funny how I still look androgynous (AM I A FAG OR AM I A LESBIAN? YOU DECIDE.) in spite of the fact that I’m wearing a jacket, trousers, a white shirt that Uncle Karl would be proud of and a bowtie.  Ugh I look sooo old!!!!


  1. bryan u look like a corpse with this hairdo NEVER do it again!! omg. the “pompadour” was way better or your normal hair =)

  2. Hey BRB, wouldn’t a white casket match to your gorgeous outfit? And what a pale color skin tone! Pang-modelo talaga!
    Kidding aside, you look fabulous again, but was it your graduation outfit years back …?
    You really know how to entertain us BRB!
    Keep it up! This is the reason why we keep coming back to your addicting blogsite!
    Rest assured of our votes in the upcoming popularity Fashion blogsites contest in Asia continent! Good luck!

  3. You look like Jay Manalo pretending to be a vampire.
    You’ve always reminded me of Jay Manalo, did you know that?

  4. It looks like a phantom of the opera costume or dracula without the cape. Your designer stuff doesnt get justice because the whole look looks too gimmicky. It could also pass for a waiter’s outfit thanks to the bowtie. Try again, BB!

  5. I think that look is much better if you have shorter hair!
    There is something about that outfit that says Karl Lagerfeld. I think it’s your shirt and the bowtie. If you have worn that outfit with tight pants, a necktie, and some gloves, you’re the spitting image of Kaiser Karl!

  6. Interesting oufit. I’ve never seen you in anything like that that before. I love the shirt and the pants but not the black bow.
    I think the general consensus is that everyone hates the hair and I agree with them.

  7. is it just me or what? i’m not seeing the karl or the viktor and rolf references.
    i see valentino fall 2006
    yes the black and white collection
    and that ruffled top is very carolina herrera spring 2008!

  8. fffffffffffffffffff

    hmm, i don’t know. this look reminds me of tita swarding in her heyday.

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