Fuck me with a fruitcake!!

Ok this is embarassing.

I just got word from someone that the Aranaz bag that was featured on the Tyra show wasn’t designed by Manila-based designer "Aranaz". It was designed by another Philippine-related designer based in the US named "Ananas". If that’s the case then fuck me with a fruitcake for my mistake. What was I thinking?

Ananas Bags

Meet Ananas of www.ananascollection.com.

After four years spent living in Tokyo,  designer Jennifer Baum Lagdameo found herself living in the Philippines where she was inspired by the traditional textile techniques and the indigenous materials. Ananas started from a small collection of  abaca (a natural fiber) handbags  and developed into a  retro-chic collection of both leather and abaca that maintains the natural vibe by utilizing organic materials from the Philippines such as coconut shells, mother-of-pearl shells and polished native woods. As Ananas continues to evolve, Lagdameo is continuously experimenting and designing with new textiles and materials creating unique products unlike anything else on the market. Ananas handbags are all handmade in New York City.

Ananas is available in fine boutiques and select department stores across North America and Japan.

Ananas bags are everywhere, Bazaar, Lucky, you name it….

Ananas Bags

I guess the bag that was featured on the Tyra show was "Ananas" and *NOT* Aranaz. And there I was thinking… Tyra HUUUUWAAAATTTT?? Remember third world porn star Juliana Palermo (sp??) what’s her name who made a huge PR stunt (in the Philippine media) because she was a guest on the Tyra show and Tyra picked her for like 5 seconds?

Anyway, SORRRRRY for the mix up!!!!!! Hahahaha and thanks for the heads-up. Oh and Supercow, tsk tsk tsk.