D&G Spring/Summer 2008

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D&G Spring/Summer 2008

FINAAAAAAALLLYYY. I love Milan and Paris collections. I think most of you will agree with me on this one.  Their runway shows — and the clothes — are a lot more exciting than the ones we see on Bryant Park. Oops. There. I’ve said it. Hah! Anyhoo, here’s the D&G Spring/Summer 2008 fashion show video. Yes my minions, it’s already up. Gotta love teh internets

Isn’t it funny how Natasha Poly is the only catwalker out there who can walk gracefully in flats? That’s why I hate them damn flats — anyone in flat footwear walks like a penguin! If I had a choice I’d wear 6-inch shoes day in/day out!

Anyway… click click click for more photos.

Here’s a quick first look on the shoes, bags and belts from D&G’s
spring/summer 2008 collection. I love the brown bags… and the gladiator

D&G Gladiator sandals

D&G Spring/Summer 2008 bags

D&G Spring/Summer 2008 bags

D&G Spring/Summer 2008 bags

Take note of the belts. I think Alexander Wang (Spring 2008) did that little belt knot. We all know three is a trend so I can’t wait to see if another designer does it.

D&G Spring/Summer 2008 belts

Fringes and bell-bottoms…

D&G Spring/Summer 2008 fringes

The undying chiffony gypsy peasant boho dresses…

D&G Spring/Summer 2008 dresses

and of course, that pink fuschia ruffled number…

Out of all the dresses, this one is my favourite…

D&G Spring/Summer 2008 Jessica Stam

Finally… Dolce & Gabbana. God they never age.

D&G Dolce & Gabbana


  1. chickychickers

    are they a couple? not really a fashion expert here… please enlighten me… whos dolce whos gabbana?

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