Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2008

Written By bryanboy

Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2008

All that snakeskin print reminded me of Tom Ford for Gucci back in the dark ages and the shoes were sort of similar to Balenciaga this season. And then there’s ruffles. Lots of ruffles. Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles. MAYJAH ruffles. Ruffles rained from the sky like there’s no such thing as tomorrow. Did I say ruffles? Ruffled snakeskin print paired off with ripped jeans? Cavalli is that chu? I love the black dresses though. Some of them are gorgeous. Watch the video and see for yourself. Keep an eye out for the lone girl lesbian tough chick ranger (jk) who looked like she was about to beat someone up for making her wear a ruffled chiffon skirt.

Christopher Kane

BTW, nice to see Tanya D. and Rachel Clark!!!

I’m sure y’all heard the story how Christopher Kane’s pieces (and laptop) were stolen in London. I cannot help but wonder whether a) it’s a PR tactic to generate more buzz or b) some sort of preventative measure for critics to be gentle on him. In any case, Christopher Kane, IMO, is a great addition to London Fashion Week and he’s definitely one of the names to watch out for. I think I"ll wait for the high quality photos before I can fully decide whether I liked this or not.

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