Charlize Theron – October 2007 Vogue Cover

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Charlize Theron – October 2007 Vogue Cover

Predictable Polly strikes again! Yet another Hollywood blonde in a white confection. Charlize Theron is on the October 2007 cover of American Vogue, shot by Mario Testino, no less. As always, Anna Wintour NEVER ceases to surprise us with her GROUNDBREAKING, NEW, EXCITING, BALL-BUSTING, REFRESHING, NEVER DONE BEFORE, 1000% UNPREDICTABLE American Vogue trademark cover choices. Anna Wintour forever!

Charlize Theron October 2007 Vogue Cover shot by Mario Testino

Charlize Theron was on the cover of October 2000 and October 2004 American Vogue. Is this creepy or what?

Charlize Theron Vogue Covers

Based on these three Vogue covers, when will South African actress Charlize Theron re-appear on the cover American Vogue? Let’s do a little math quiz shall we?

October 2000 (+ 4 years)
October 2004 (+3 years)
October 2007 (+2 years)
October 2009 (+1 year)
October 2010

If you follow the sequence above, you’ll need to add +2 years so October 2009 is going to be Ms. Theron’s next cover. Place your bets now!!!!  Predictable much? Oh hell no. American Vogue is NEVER repetitive, NEVER predictable. That’s why we love Anna.


  1. For a minute there, I thought it was an old (pre scary plastic surgery) pic of Jessica Lange…and I was confused.
    October = Charlize, apparently, but only some of the time…I’m still confused.

  2. i think i’m more disturbed by the fact that you said “stat” so blatantly. lol

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