Bryanboy Loves… Raquel Zimmermann

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Bryanboy Loves… Raquel Zimmermann

First things first — I normally would never subject myself to the humiliation of being photographed beside someone as fierce as Raquel but I’ll make an exception today because this is the best photo I found. Now, someone apparently showed my site to the oh-so-cool Raquel Zimmermann and I’m still recovering from the state of shock! Hay gurl you’re the best! I *LOVE* Raquel. I really do. I may not talk about her often on my site but I think she’s one of the coolest — and fiercest — girls ever. Can you imagine… we’ve all seen the Brazilians come and go over the years but she’s still on top of her game?  She’s amazing!

Raquel Zimmermann
Vogue Paris September 2007

I looked her up on YouTube and there’s a clip of her where she said ""every show I go I try to meet the people that I know that are fun and try to you know have a laugh and have a good time!"  Isn’t she the sweetest?   

I think there’s a reason why the top girls, you know, stay on top — they’re nice and they have a ton of personality to back them up. You go look for Raquel’s backstage photos and she looks like she’s always having a great time unlike some of the ones who look permanently depressed and sulk in one corner. Hah!

Raquel is the hotness!


  1. hello dear! she laughed at your post on her and greg kessler. she thought the “shuush!” was quite funny. ive emailed her the link and im sure she will love it! she is a total bad-ass and i could listen to that accent all day long!

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