Bruno Bordese and Munoz Vrandecic Shoes

Written By bryanboy

Bruno Bordese and Munoz Vrandecic Shoes

Obsession du jour! I was browsing online shops that carry Comme des Garçons until one site led to another and another and another. To cut the story short, I ended up at this shop in Italy called "Lazzari" and saw these beautiful shoes by Italian designer Bruno Bordese and Spanish-based Munoz Vrandecic. I currently have this little "fetish" with all things distressed or used and abused. I know many of you out there who love that "high-gloss" ultra refined polished little miss poly pocket perfect look — I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but personally, I’m digging the whole "fake moth holes in sweaters and shoes that look old and rough" look. Aren’t these shoes GAWjeaous?

They would look *so* good with black Fogal or Wolford tights, no?

Munoz Vrandecic
Bruno Bordese

Munoz Vrandecic Stivaletti "Storm" shoes – € 625
Bruno Bordese brown leather boots – € 345
available at Lazzari


  1. omg this is like the male equivalent to crazy women marc jacobs/junko shimada-like shoes :)
    i love bootsss :) i got myself a similar pair which has an astonishing 5 cm heel :))) i measured it after walking a whole day with’em which obviously caused me some sore feet :)
    but i would definitely recommend them :) kinky-funky at its best :)

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