Bill Blass Spring/Summer 2008

Written By bryanboy

Bill Blass Spring/Summer 2008

OMG. I love, love, love Bill Blass! My favourite piece is the one with flowers all over. It’s soo gorgeous and the details are astounding. I have high quality photos and the clothes are soo beautiful! I also like this collection — the colours are amazing and 100% totally Park Avenue. *sigh* IMO, Bill Blass deserves more press…

Bill Blass Spring/Summer 2008

I wonder how much that dress with the flowers would cost. I bet it’s at least $7,000, thanks to all that beautiful detail. You wanna know something? It really hurts my heart because I see a lot of these gorgeous shift dresses and I always fantasize how cool it would be if the designers offered "t-shirt/blouse" versions of all those frocks, you know, the same exact thing except with sleeves and cut down right above your pelvic bone. Can you imagine the t-shirt version of that Bill Blass dress with flowers? Or t-shirt versions of those Proenza Schouler dresses for fall 07? I’d be in heaven!


  1. im so happy to see bill blass is still around and kicking. you are right he SO absoultely deserves more press!!! i remember when i was a kid my mom would just squirm at his designs when watching Video Fashion.

  2. I’d definitely go for tshirt style versions of these…it could make them more adaptable and edgy (although that might ruin the point of the pretty style dress?)

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