Asudjor Pink Nipple Cream

Written By bryanboy

Asudjor Pink Nipple Cream

Ladies and gentlegays. I am now in possession of the most ridiculous thing I have ever encountered in my entire life: Asudjor Pink Nipple Cream!!!!!

I was just in our maid’s room awhile ago and and I found this little tube on her desk. To be honest with you, I thought I have seen it all — skin whitening, self-tanners, ANAL bleaching…. and now this. I don’t get it. I really don’t. What is it with people these days? Everyone’s gone nuts! Do you really think you can achieve pink nipples simply by using some cheap-ass cream? And why would anyone want to have pink nipples anyway? Im not saying NATURALLY pink nipples are bad, heck, I think they’re cute… but they have to match your skin tone AND the rest of your body, no? If you are non-white, it doesn’t make any sense to have pink nipples when your coochie is blacker than sin! Heck, even white people have bitch ass dark nipples, too.

Asudjor Pink Nipple Cream

Jesus mother of god, what’s next? Pink scrotum cream? I know many of you out there with scrotums darker than your face. Can I see a show of hands? I don’t know about you but I’m happy with my own colour. Ok, maybe I want to be a little bronzer than normal (hence my self-tanner addiction) but still. If it wasn’t a crime to slap bronzer over my balls I would do it in a heartbeat but pink cream? Please.

PS. I knew it. I just knew it. It’s that whole maputi = mayaman mindset. God how masa. Who do we have to blame? Kisa papaya and third world showbiz! Hoy mga puta just because kulay FINK ang utong ninyo it doesn’t mean bongga ka. HAHAHA! JK.


  1. its actually been around for quite some time now. at least here in Hong Kong. i think it came out like a few years ago… yep i thought it was ridiculous too! as a matter of fact i’ve never seen women with really pink nipples. not asians anyways. and whats wrong with having brown nipples? asians are like that – seriously they change the color of their everything – hair, skin, iris, and now, nipples? wtf? people, you wont look like a caucasian just because you whitened your skin, bleached your hair, wore blue contact lens, and, lightened your nipples. i think we asians are beautiful in our own special ways imo :)

  2. what were you doing in the maids room in the first place? something kinky? hmm….

  3. hahaha
    this one is really funny! do you even think that cream would work! as if! :p

  4. shu uemura

    hey you snoop dogg! you gave me a side stitch! where did your household help get it? nuninuninuninu

  5. “Hoy mga puta just because kulay FINK ang utong ninyo it doesn’t mean bongga ka.”
    Hahahahahaha. BEST. LINE. EVER.

  6. christine

    you’re soo right, what’s up with the obsession about being maputi anyway? don’t they realize they look sick and poor (no vacays, no tanning salon visits, no $$) and oh-not-so-glam?? you tell ’em!!! (mapuputi nga, pangit naman) there’s so many of them bleaching, and so common!! kadiri!!!!
    love you bryan!!!!!!!!!!

  7. haha, mom saw me in the nude and asked me why my nippies were dark. she’s like omg you’re having sex! they used to be pink! so yeah, i’d love to have pink nipples again..

  8. bad bad snooper. She is your household help, not your slave. You CANNOT snoop around her stuff, and post about her private beauty procedures online.
    But wahaha ha ha, so funny. your maid is getting some nip action atleast. wonder with who.

  9. HAHAHAHA this post cracked me up. i know there’s such a cream that exists but i’ve never seen the actual product. hmmm so is there also a cream out there that makes your gum lighter in color?

  10. omigod! bryanboy you crack me up! As usual you are so right with the whole maputi = mayaman bullcrap. I’m as white as a freakin corpse and i would luv to get a tan if i could. tried it all- the sun, self tanner, rubbing coca cola or beer on my skin before laying out on the beach, etc. i just get this weird pinky-orangey color. kinda shrimpy… pinoys and pinays all over the world, embrace your gorgeous coloring!Hey bryanboy, what brand of self tanner do you use? it might work for me, fingers crossed!

  11. hi bryanboy! sobrang natawa ako sa entry mo! as in sobra!!!
    btw, didn’t your maid look for her cream afterwards?! ;) she must have found out na it was missing. lols

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