Aranaz Bags on Tyra Banks Show

Written By bryanboy

Aranaz Bags on Tyra Banks Show

Woah. Woah woah woah woah. Filipino handbag brand "Aranaz" was mentioned on the Tyra show ( "How to Spot Fakes" episode). Congrats! Do I smell a price increase? Ladies, run, don’t walk, run to Powerplant (?) and buy those Aranaz bags before she pulls a Bea or Celestina! LOL


From Supercow:

Tyra is doing a show on counterfeit designer labels while I’m posting
this. And guess what label’s catching the eye of label bandits? Aranaz!

They invited the girl behind the site and she made Aranaz’s bag one of her counterfiet samples alongside LV, Chanel and Coach.

Here’s the $64 million question: errr how can someone copy Aranaz?


  1. Uh oh, Beebee, does this mean you’re going to have to accept that you’ve single-handedly made your country into a fashion hotbed and soon you’ll have nothing to complain about, ever!

  2. Aranaz Bags na-feature sa Tyra Banks Show

    Na-feature sa Tyra Banks Show ang local na bag line na Aranaz, sa isang segment ng palabas na How to Spot a Fake. Wag kayo mag-alala, hindi na-feature ang Aranaz dahil mukha silang fake. In fact mga hija, ang Aranaz bags ang kinokopya ng mga conterfeit…

  3. Actually, it is Ananas. Aranaz is pronounced with the stress at the last syllable (ara-NAHZ) while Ananas is pronounced with the stress on the first AND last syllables (AH-na-NAZ). I can understand how it can be confusing, I thought so myself!

  4. asimone

    Do I smell the scent of jealousy around here? If not, then you’ll just brush it off. It’s just simple bragging and had nothing to do with your sudden “fashion hotbed”. Let them be!

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