Agyness Deyn goes brunette at Armani

Written By bryanboy


Agyness Deyn goes brunette at the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2008 fashion show. What’s up with her earring that looks like a mini-mic? :-)

Agyness Deyn
Photo via: Yahoo

What do you think of the hair?


  1. omg i love it, it suits her so much better than white-blonde! i can actually see her appeal now!

  2. Blonde looks much better on her. For some reason, the brown adds pounds on her. She almost looks modelinappropriate fat with brown her;

  3. Blonde, red and brunette all in a week. What next? Maybe she’ll jusr shave it all off. Apparently she used to have a buzzed head a few yeards back. I like her best best when it’s bleached white.

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