Zac Posen Barbie & Ken Doll Gift Set

Written By bryanboy

Barbie & Ken by Zac Posen

I honestly thought I’ve seen it all — Gucci condom holders, Chanel surfboards, Prada robot keychains and Hermès chewing gum holders. Look at what I found while shopping online a few minutes ago… it’s Barbie & Ken by the sexiest Jewish person ever, Mr. Zac Posen!

Barbie & Ken Gift Set by Zac Pose

I love how Barbie and Ken ditched their trademark blond and opted for something darker. The Zac Posen Barbie & Ken gift set comes with a mock Zac Posen studio set and his little black dog, Tina.

Zac Posen Barbie and Ken Gift Set

Edit: PS. Now I know why Zac Posen sent a token ethnic person (Hye Park) to close his Spring/Summer 2006 show. Looks familiar?

Hye Park for Zac Posen, Spring/Summer 2006


  1. I absolutely ADORE hye park…Ironically enough my favourite ad of her would be for the GAP…u know? “boyfriend jeans” …
    hahhaha *shoots self* It’s amazing how high-fashion can influence your life SO much and yet you still stick to your own. I suppose haute couture shall forever be locked in my dreams. Inhaling vogue’s editorial spreads will be the closest thing I have to orgasmic fashion bliss…

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