Yves Saint Laurent Shoes

Written By bryanboy

Yves Saint Laurent Shoes

Ladies… I can’t sleep because of these shoes. I finally got over my lust with those Balenciaga heels that I wanted. Like what I said, $4,175 is wayyy too severe. These shoes from Yves Saint Laurent are gorgeous — I love, love, love the 4.5-inch wooden heel. I could literally see myself mincing down the road in em. Soo beautiful eh?

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Yves Saint Laurent shoes (from $465 – $5,750)

Go go go, buy, buy, buy! If I was a girl I’d make these shoes MINE in a heartbeat. You really have NO excuse for not buying them. Enough of the whole cutesy cutesy pretty pretty Manolos/Louboutins/Choo shoe mania.

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Stefano Pilati if you are reading this, I’m a size 40.5/41. *hint hint*. Email me and I’ll give you my mailing address. I want all four of them! Think of it as a belated birthday/advanced Christmas present.


  1. stephanie

    OMG… I was just lusting over those lace up oxfords the other day. They are so hot in person, but i’m not sure about the toe box… It’s very severely angled/pointy.

  2. I work for a magazine, and we shot the grey croc-embossed pumps for our collections spread…they are INCREDIBLY hard to walk in, althought hey look fucking hot. The toe is sharply pointed, and the heel mirrors the pointed shape. The model we shot kept slipping on the heel though, and I believe there is video of Jessica Stam slipping on the runway in them…not practical, but fucking fantastic looking. You can pull them off girl!

  3. Gurl, i you LOVE these hot mama’s you should check out CHRISTIAN LABOUTINS!!! they’re uber-gorgeous!

  4. wooden heels = a big yes for me, definitely no excuse for not buying them (except not having the money…bah)

  5. Aya my dear
    Louboutins are nice but everyone;s got them already and I mean EVERYONE. Just like Manolos and Choos.

  6. stephanie

    I just tried on the black ones top right corner. I WANT THEM SOOO BAD. They’re not that hard to walk in. fab-u-lous. Send a pair of 38’s my way!!

  7. I just had to say, I saw these the other day, I am going to order them now, they are totally drop dead

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