Yves Saint Laurent Shoes

Ladies… I can’t sleep because of these shoes. I finally got over my lust with those Balenciaga heels that I wanted. Like what I said, $4,175 is wayyy too severe. These shoes from Yves Saint Laurent are gorgeous — I love, love, love the 4.5-inch wooden heel. I could literally see myself mincing down the road in em. Soo beautiful eh?

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Yves Saint Laurent shoes (from $465 – $5,750)

Go go go, buy, buy, buy! If I was a girl I’d make these shoes MINE in a heartbeat. You really have NO excuse for not buying them. Enough of the whole cutesy cutesy pretty pretty Manolos/Louboutins/Choo shoe mania.

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Stefano Pilati if you are reading this, I’m a size 40.5/41. *hint hint*. Email me and I’ll give you my mailing address. I want all four of them! Think of it as a belated birthday/advanced Christmas present.