Vogue Australia (September 2007): Alice Burdeu

Written By bryanboy

Vogue Australia: Alice Burdeu

The only reason why I’m such a top model junkie right now is because of Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. For realz. Although my fave girl didn’t won, I’m happy that my 2nd favourite, thinspirational princess Alice Burdeu won instead. As part of her prize, here’s the September issue of Australian Vogue. Cover shot by Troyt Coburn.

Alice Burdeu for Vogue Australia, Cover, September 2007
Photo credit: TFS

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It’s funny how a lot of my Australian friends trash AusNTM for being "cheap" (you obviously haven’t seen third world next top model, which, to this date, i still refuse to acknowledge the existence of such crap) or not like America’s Next Top Model but helloooooo I think Australia’s Next Top Model is the best of them all! It’s the closest to "fashion" as you can get — the real runway shows, the challenges, the shoots, all the fashiony people behind it (albeit Australian). Overall, AusNTM makes the rest of Top Model series look sleazy and amateur! And then of course, there’s that faggot, Jonathan Pease, who I find sooo HOTTTTT I want his babies. Ugh! OZ Bitches should be proud y’all!

Alice Burdeu, Vogue Australia

Alice is adorable, isn’t she? For some strange reason, I see a little bit of Audrey Marnay in her.

Alice Burdeu

Alice Burdeu

Alice Burdeu

Alice Burdeu

I have a feeling they photochopped her to make her look fatter on the cover and to satisfy those anti-ana, chubby chasing fat bastards who shouldn’t be reading Vogue in the first place. I know the OZ Vogue cover is part of her prize but she REALLY looks good in it, no? It’s also refreshing considering Vogue Australia is trying to be American Vogue with its celebrity covers and "borrowed" articles from Conde Nast. Remember the Australian Vogue plagiarism scandal earlier this year? Australia has so much talent I really don’t understand all these blips blah blah blah.

Anyhoo… do you think Alice could make it on her own in the runways of Paris, New York, Milan? Are we gonna see more of her next month when fashion week begins? What do you think?

As far as I’m concerned, I *LOVE* this Vogue cover, I love Alice and I definitely want to know how she progresses in her career.

Shit, is "progresses" a valid word?



  1. I don’t think the cover was part of the prize. Generally they just get a 5-6 pg. spread. She looks amazing!!!

  2. Wow I like her hair and her body. I’ve only seen ANTM, but most of the bitches on there are way too fat to be models (except for that Jaslene but she looks like a man.) This girl may actually make it, along with Suvi Koponen the only top model that makes into high fashion. The prize is AusVogue baby! Not trashy teenage magazine. Go figure.

  3. i think the vogue cover is not originally part of the prize and an article said that the editor of the magazine was pleased with her work that she made alice the cover of that month’s issue! i’m really glad that she won! she’s a natural on modeling, and i hate the other girls ranting about how she didn’t work hard like the rest of them and still the judges love her. Good for her that she won!

  4. katharine

    alice was perfection from the start. paloma was a whiney little bietch and i couldn’t stand her simpering voice. stephanie h was gorgeous but a little commercial and too short for my liking.

  5. Alice Burdeu

    Hey everyone
    Thankyou for all your comments I do read them so be sure to say hi to me!
    I want to thank all of you for voting for me thankyou!
    Love Alice

  6. alice was my fave from the beginning, she just has such a beautiful etherial look! cant wait to see her burning up the runways!

  7. I love this girl! Her look is breathtaking.
    Looks like she is having her moment too! She’s a Top 10 Newcomer on Models.com. Cant wait to see how her career unfolds!

  8. modelbehavior

    she’s truly awesome.. she walked for proenza schouler for fall 2008. i wanna see more of her

  9. Yay for Alice! My favourite from the first episode. I have seen her on the street near my place in Sydney a lot and she is fierce. And well done on Proenza Schouler and the models.com Top 10 newcomers too! You go girl!

  10. I love,love,love Alice. Ever since I 1st saw the show I fell in love with her and her look. She was the one I put my money on since day ! Alice all the way!!!!

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