Vagabond Shoes

Oh my god. OH MY GOD. How come no one told me about super Swedish shoe brand, Vagabond before??? I hate y’all! You guys are supposed to be on top of everything. Look at what I found — shoes soo beautiful AND super cheap you can buy your favourite piece in EVERY colour! I want to get 10 pairs (ok, maybe not 10 but 8 pairs) of shoes but shipping is only available to residents of UK, Sweden or Finland. It’s sad. Really sad. Does anyone know someone in those countries who will visit the Philippines soon? I know I could have it send to a friend and them have them remail it but SHIPPING charges will totally kill me – I have a feeling shipping charges are probably gonna be higher than the shoes themselves.

I really love their "Roland" line — they come in various colours and materials. Each pair is UKĀ£59.99 so that’s about what, a hundred donald duck dollars? Cheap eh?

Vagabond Men's Shoes - Roland - FlameVagabond Men's Shoes - Roland - SilverVagabond Men's Shoes - Roland - BlackVagabond Men's Shoes - Roland - Electric Blue

Vagabond Men's Shoes - Roland - Black Patent LeatherVagabond Men's Shoes - Roland - Dark Gray Patent LeatherVagabond Men's Shoes - Roland - White Patent LeatherVagabond Men's Shoes - Roland - Check Patent Leather

Visit to see lots of nifty shoes for guys and girls.

Maybe if I order those shoes, have them delivered there and then you can give em to me when you get here? Heck, I’ll even send my driver to meet you at the airport and I’ll buy you dinner, hows that? UGH!!!! I’m gonna write a letter to Vagabond and see if they can make an exception for me (and throw in a discount, too haha) because I’m special, I’m pretty AND I’m pretty special.