SUPERMODELS: Linda, Cindy, Naomi, Christy

Written By bryanboy

SUPERMODELS: Linda, Cindy, Naomi, Christy

In the early nineties, this is what $100,000 (yep, one hundred thousand donald duck dollars) will get you: Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington.

Aren’t they amazing? Look how BEAUTIFUL they are and how every single one of them looks different from one another. Look at their precious faces and bodies — 100% PURE GORGEOUSNESS… and the attitude, the energy, the vibe… Gisele Bundchen might be worth $150 MILLION dollars but this… this shit is what supermodels are made of.

They say the days of the supermodel are long dead. Do you think we’ll ever have a powerful moment in fashion such as that in the future?



  1. maybe i’ll be the minor one to doubt all that supermodels-shit. it sounds freaky and unbelievable and crappy, but… all those cindys clearly suck. gosh!
    i was a small and delighted kid so i must have missed all this fever but from what i see now all this linda-adopt-me shit looks kind of silly. not that these girls weren’t perfect for that ‘era’… but, guys, come on! that’s been like 1000 years ago. look at them now: linda clearly looks like transsexual. and others are none better. i love naomi with all my heart because she’s clearly fabulous and no chanel iman will do it for me. but let’s be honest: naomi won’t last forever. shalom neither.
    i may sound like a freak but i like sasha’s madface much better that petite forms of claudia from helmut newton’s book. yes they were young, healthy, smiling and um… not that thin… but. times change. who cares smiling faces now? (think michael kors fall 07 show. that looked particulary strange).
    we were born for dazed&confused and numero was our’s mother name. and i can hardly believe someone will pray for nadja. only if she goes river-dancing at jpg show (god, bless coco).
    today we’re praying gemmas, laras and irinas. and not because they’re beautiful, sexy (that’s illegal for 80% of them. god, bless lara stone for supporting 20%). we even don’t care much about their iq (lily’s pretty but…), their music albums (irina is a rock star! who doubts that? she can even not sing at all). we care the whole idea. and cindys are NOT the idea. they are tons of flesh (god, bless la bundchen).
    fashion goes software (or spiritual if you wish). soon we’ll be working a cult out of myspace teens who don’t even have an img contract. pay per face. what could sound better? that’s like an anonymous utopia.
    for now we have snejana, agyness and sasha to love and hate. but with all that new girls we’ll leave the Naomi Inc. so far behind that galliano will personally sponsor their pantheon somewhere in paris.
    i’m not sure about you, but personally i’m ready for all that. who cares history? it’s fashion.

  2. those days are well and truly over. we shall never see the likes of the cult of the supermodel again. even if it does re-appear, i will not be anything like the one we had in the 80s and 90s with linda, naomi, christy, cindy et al. times have changed and the girls who work as models have changed. they do not live, eat, breathe fashion like linda and naomi. to the new girls, it’s just a well-paying, short-lived job. even the top girls now, like snejana, they are so vacant and lack real star quality.

  3. jadorekapusta, i’m not sure if you were totally articulate and lucid when you wrote that. how old are you? 11?
    this is fashion, no model ‘lasts forever’. you state more than once that you do not ‘care’, which is fine, as i find your views rather insubstantial and purile at best.
    you did not answer bryanboy’s question after your lengthy rant.

  4. These girls had real power and portrayed real glamour. They crossed over into all areas of media. Sadly, that is what’s lacking now. The only reason todays girls aren’t up there is our attitude. It’s all supply and demand.

  5. Gosh, they make gisele looks like an ant. still remember the time where Supermodels just like the queens of the world in 90’s. Like girls wear that they wear, guy want to get steamy with them and drag queen want to be them.
    And they grace almost all magazine cover!

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