Sugarkane Asymmetrical Eyeglasses

Written By bryanboy

Sugarkane Asymmetrical Eyeglasses

It’s no secret that I’m LITERALLY blind — it’s funny how I would never be caught dead without my sunglasses on and I don’t even bother wearing my prescription Alain Mikli eyeglasses whenever I’m in front of the computer. I really shouldn’t throw away my eyesight in the name of fashion but what can a girl do eh? To this date, I still don’t know how to wear contact lenses. Well, we all learn something new every day and one of the things I learned last week is this thing called "photochromatic" lenses. Google it up. It’s way too hard and techie for me to explain it here. Who knew you can actually have a pair of glasses that can both serve as reading glasses (clear) AND sunglasses (dark) without having to change lens or blah blah blah whatever? I know I didn’t. So there.

Imagine my excitement when my friend Leo from Italy sent me a photos of his frames. He designed/made them himself. These glasses also have photochromatic lenses so you can wear them indoors and outdoors.

Sugarkane glasses
Photo credit: Sugarkane

They sorta remind me of those asymmetrical oversized Chloe sunglasses from the dark ages — I think it was the same season when Stella came out with those pineapple bathing suits, yes? No? God I’m old. Anyhoo, I love Leo’s frames. I think they’re lovely — at least compared to the eyeglasses I’ve gone through over the years.


  1. jls6789

    you know nuclear wintour is blind as a bat too!
    Her wayfarers have prescription lenses.

  2. Vonn Einstein

    Don’t do it! My nephew has them and even with just a little light the lenses get dark and it looks semi weird. It’s not dark enough to be sunglasses but not clear enough to be just glasses.

  3. In Singapore, we have something similar called the ‘Transition’ glasses. My mom own a pair and I agree with Vonn. The lenses are too sensitive! Haha! To think my mom spent SGD500 on those! It was such a hit in Singapore though… ;)

  4. I’ve got a glass like this last year and it works fine still and the lens is not so sensitive though but if the lens just get a bit of sun its change color…its amazing how many shades it changes by different sun exposure :)…anyway one of the bad side of this kind of shade is besides it cost a lot if you’re eye prescription change oh well so byebyebye to your glasses :)

  5. minouche.

    You should wear your Alain Mikli’s! I have a pair of them too. They’re great to wear and so far I like the whole collection. I think glasses would work on you. The intellectual look etc.

  6. neongen

    these things have been mainstream for at least a decade here in the u.s. they’re marketed under the name ‘transitions’ lenses.

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