Sugarkane Asymmetrical Eyeglasses

It’s no secret that I’m LITERALLY blind — it’s funny how I would never be caught dead without my sunglasses on and I don’t even bother wearing my prescription Alain Mikli eyeglasses whenever I’m in front of the computer. I really shouldn’t throw away my eyesight in the name of fashion but what can a girl do eh? To this date, I still don’t know how to wear contact lenses. Well, we all learn something new every day and one of the things I learned last week is this thing called "photochromatic" lenses. Google it up. It’s way too hard and techie for me to explain it here. Who knew you can actually have a pair of glasses that can both serve as reading glasses (clear) AND sunglasses (dark) without having to change lens or blah blah blah whatever? I know I didn’t. So there.

Imagine my excitement when my friend Leo from Italy sent me a photos of his frames. He designed/made them himself. These glasses also have photochromatic lenses so you can wear them indoors and outdoors.

Sugarkane glasses
Photo credit: Sugarkane

They sorta remind me of those asymmetrical oversized Chloe sunglasses from the dark ages — I think it was the same season when Stella came out with those pineapple bathing suits, yes? No? God I’m old. Anyhoo, I love Leo’s frames. I think they’re lovely — at least compared to the eyeglasses I’ve gone through over the years.