Sienna Miller for US Vogue September 2007 Cover

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Sienna Miller for US Vogue September 2007

Here’s a preview of the most highly-anticipated magazine issue this year (and American Vogue’s biggest, thickest, heaviest, extra extra large issue ever)… Sienna Miller for September Vogue!!!!

Sienna Miller for September Vogue 2007 Cover, Marchesa dress
Photo credits: NY Post/

Here’s a zoom…

Sienna Miller for September Vogue 2007 Cover

Looks like she ended up wearing Marchesa instead of Valentino and the photos she took in Rome will most likely end up as a fashion editorial. After all the hype and Amy Winehouse Vogue cover rumors, can I just say I’m a little disappointed with the cover? Another Hollywood blonde in a white dress. Typical. Predictable. Boring.

In any case, it’s Vogue’s biggest issue ever (840 pages with 727 pages of ads) so I’ll prolly be the first one to get it because at the end of the day, extremely boring and dull covers and whatnot, we still love Vogue.


  1. i really wanted to see Wino Winehouse on the cover.
    the girl is so wonderfully screwed up it would have made for a nice change.
    Wintour wouldn’t have the balls to do it.

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