People in Need

Written By bryanboy

People in Need

Oh hello there. I love Dutch people! Here’s the latest rendition of my infamous bag pose (which I found while bloghopping) courtesy of Mensen in Nood (People in Need), a charity organization based in the Netherlands.

Swedish fashion photographer Carl Stolz (yep, Sweden again) took this photo somewhere in Africa.

Mensen in Nood

I can’t even tell whether that person is a man or a woman (are those ribs or tits) but her dress reminds me of Lanvin, complete with the black patent leather belt, no? It does make you think — how many people can your fake white Marc Jacobs bag feed for a day? A month? An entire year? I’m quite surprised they used a €32 bag when most bags these days are at least in the US$2,000 range. Well, the designer ones anyway.

SkeleI don’t know about you but they should’ve gone straight to me and I would’ve gladly posed for charity for free because I’m a charity case.

And I’m thinner.

Well, I was.

Now I’m fat with lots of stretch marks. HAHAA

PS. Thanks Zoe!
PPSS. Click here to donate to The Hunger Site because there are people starving somewhere in the world (they deserve food more than you do) and the last thing you want to happen is to get fat. JK.


  1. Hey bryan :-) Congrats on this massive site :-)
    Anyway, the pic you featured is part of a series ad that won in Cannes Advertising festival. If you want the series, lemme know.
    jao hearts bryan

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