Once upon a time…

Written By bryanboy

Once upon a time…

Oh dear. Look at what I found in my ‘archives’.

bryanboy in toby mott and gucci

I *honestly* can’t remember how long ago this photo was taken so if you manage to guess what year it was, I’ll give you a kiss on the cheek and an oreo cookie.


  1. Are you wearing a jacket? Because looking at the choice of color, and the “dress” our friend seems to be wearing, and calculating the expected delay for certain fashions to hit the Asian community, and the fact that it seems to be printed from a non-digital camera…. I will say…. Summer 98 in Australia!

  2. Joseph Nightwolf

    The year 1997 comes to mind, and if I am correct I will definately expect the cookie.
    I always enjoy your writings. Cut the “I’m getting fat” crap … you look marvelous … certainly not fat. Actually it doesn’t matter what you write about, its your opinion that I enjoy reading.
    P.S. It’s interesting that you are a “friend” on the site myspace/trxent. I enjoy the music of their artists. It’s really different stuff. Did you know they also are personal managers for a male model? It isn’t listed on their site, but I found links.
    Anyhow, thanks again for your site.

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