OH MY GOD: Is Michael Biserta a grower or a shower?

Written By bryanboy

Is Michael Biserta a Grower or a Shower?

JD killed me yesterday night with this post on his blog. I promised I won’t post nudity and porn on my site because I get all sorts of nasty emails from my sponsors and advertisers blah blah blah but this one is wayyyy too good to keep to myself. I know I got warnings in the past for posting shit on my homepage but please, for the life of god, I’m begging you, to make this one little exception for me. Besides, I’m hiding it behind a jump. Also, this shit is ALL over new york so there. I NEED TO GET MICHAEL BISERTA OUT OF MY SYSTEM, SORRY.

Michael Biserta

I have never seen a man who is able to wrap his cock around his arm with his cock being soft. I mean, the largest cock I’ve ever had for real was about 10 inches (no kidding), he was British but when his dick was soft, it was probably about 2 inches long more or less so clearly he was a grower. As for Mike Biserta, well, what do you think?

Enough verbal diarrhea. Watch the video after the jump. Note — you must be at least 18 years old to watch this NOT SAFE FOR WORK vid.  What are you waiting for ladies? Click click click and get ready to scream "OWWWW. MYYYY. GAAAAAAADDDDD"! Be sure to answer my poll at the end of the blog entry.

I died.

Now that, my friends, is what I call someone well-hung. I wonder how many inches he’ll add to that thing when he gets hard.

I couldn’t help but laugh whenever I see online profiles of third world flip males claiming they have "large" cocks. Bitch. please.

This is what fire fighters in viva third world look like…

Manila firefighters

Manila firefighters

And this is Michael Biserta, 22, member of FDNY.

Michael Biserta

Michael Biserta

In any case, he’s not really my type. Nice to look at but not my type. Y’all know the type of guys I go for. This one looks like a thug!

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  1. Oh My GOd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That shit is huge I wanna fuck him he’s hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. bryanboy

    i spent the entire day sleeping (i went to bed at 1PM got up at 6:30PM) so it wasn’t me that you saw in megamall. ;)

  3. crackwhore deluxe

    “you better get my face on it”
    he’s the quintessential american jock. all cock and no substance.

  4. I know someone who is just about as hung as that guy and he thought having a big dick is a curse.

  5. Michael Biserta is a digrace to all the hardworking firefighters out there. Read this from Daily News:
    The wildly popular FDNY beefcake calendar was scrapped yesterday amid revelations that its newest coverboy appeared in a steamy nude video.
    Michael Biserta, a second-year firefighter at Ladder 131 in Red Hook, Brooklyn, posed shirtless in front of the Statue of Liberty for the 2008 “Calendar of Heroes.”

    The FDNY was caught off-guard by the DVD, which came to light after the latest firefighter calendar was printed and the shirtless firemen appeared on NBC’s “Today” show.
    Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta responded to the salacious developments by prohibiting city firefighters from ever posing for the charity calendar, which is published by the FDNY Fire Foundation.
    “Commissioner Scoppetta told the president of the FDNY Foundation, Steve Ruzzo, that there will no longer be a calendar with FDNY firefighters,” an FDNY spokesman said.
    The foundation is a nonprofit organization that, while independent of the Fire Department, raises money for FDNY equipment and training.
    Last year’s calendar raised more than $150,000 for the FDNY. The 2008 edition, featuring Biserta, 22, will not be yanked from the shelves, but it will be the final version published.
    “We are in agreement with the decision,” said Jean O’Shea, the foundation’s executive director. “We’re disappointed, but the department’s reputation is more important than raising money.”

  6. kimichu

    disgrace schmace, he’s got a cock to sell on his own! LOL. who needs that calendar?

  7. babyhates

    I use to date a guy that’s dick was like that….. dammit now I miss him !

  8. dreamerboy

    That boy is so fine and his cock is so delicious!! I would do anything to have him bury it in me, slap me up with it, and do whatever else he wants to do to me. ;-)

  9. weepingwillow

    i wouldnt mind setting myself on fire if thats the hose he’s going to use on me ;p

  10. hosejockey

    He is a beautiful man who made a bad decision………but……..WOW! WOW! WOW!

  11. what a racist view to compared 3rd world country vs american by equation american to whiteness. Those 3rd world country doesnt have the sufficient image of what beauty is , unlike, white people who crazy with physique and beauty that is long before manufactured by media, myth, stereotypes and colonization.

  12. and I assume the author of this blog itself a self hatred potatoe queen who fantasizes of white man/oriental relationship, putting white men as the above pedestal while dissing other asian males as unattractive brutes, without realizing this author itself is hating himself being a twinkie asian and in order to be socially accepted is to chase white cocks and feel superior than other asians once the goal is achieved.

  13. I feel hungry whatching that! dear god why don’t you gave that to the mens i’ve meet before…i want the same to play with…is all the american guys like that, cos i moving out of france tomorow…

  14. He alright…but yeah he’s a bit of a dumbass punk. Not my thing either. And bent dicks…well they turn me off. lol don’t know why, but I love a straight hard-yet-velvety-soft dick. And he looks WAY better, all ’round, in the calendar. Good photography and right lighting: they can accomplish wonders. I wish him the best of luck.

  15. Mine is a show-er and its about the same but alas like mine his is not 9.5″. As a retired ‘Ho I can say that it hangs about 6-7″ and doesnt likely get much bigger than 7-8″….
    THe 9.5″ estimation is what we call in “gay inches”

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