Neiman Marcus loves animals

Written By bryanboy

Neiman Marcus loves animals and old people

This video clip of a dog named Olivia shopping for fragrance at Neiman Marcus is soo cute! I love how you can just effortlessly bring your pet to Neiman Marcus, put her on the counter and let the staff do their selling powers magic.

It’s funny how I can’t even bring my pets to the department stores here in the third world (the mall security guards won’t let me) though I have to admit, Louis Vuitton and Gucci made exceptions for me in the past because they probably love me.

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PS. On a sidenote, can I just say that Neiman Marcus should give themselves a pat on the back for hiring senior citizens as their fragrance counter people? I’ve always thought that minimum-waging job belongs to skinny, blond gay males with a broken wrist and a lisp…

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  1. chiclah

    hey there gorgeous. i’m from the third-world as you are, yeah it kinda sucks when you can’t bring your dog inside the malls. but places like serendra in fort bonifacio, including the fort strip and mall of asia allow dog walking within the vicinity as long as you don’t bring your pets in the air-conditioned areas. i don’t know about greenbelt though.

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