MySpace Famewhore

Written By bryanboy

MySpace Famewhore

If you haven’t done so, add me on MySpace. I’m WAYYY too shallow and I’m sad that I only have 3,175 MySpace friends. I’m in desperate need of attention because I’m such an online whore. Make me Mz. Congeniality, quick!


See you there. Visit

Coming up next: Bryanboy’s brush with the lesbians.


  1. auwie in chicago

    I added you on my friendster, hon… could you please be my friend so I can make my other friends jealous?!!!
    Love yah!

  2. summer guest

    hey, i know you always pester us to say hi, so hiii
    spill it on the lesbians. as a rare breed of gaysian myself, your story has perked my interest. i cry myself to sleep at night because the only asian lesbians i know are butch, ugly, with no fashion sense. save me!

  3. uhm sorry to say this but I think u’re really shallow, even though you’re my friend on myspace and u visit myspace YOU NEVER REPLY ON Messages/Comments, so why do u need friends if you’re not even going to answer their interest in you?
    I understand that you’re busy and all and get like 1000 messages a day, but you should also take action before u speak coz I don’t think it’s right that u ask friends for myspace and than leave it like that..

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