Mozkito's Snake Charmer $20,000 Flip Flops

Written By bryanboy

Mozkito’s Snake Charmer $20,000 Flip Flops

When you think you’ve seen it all, wait till you see this. Meet the most expensive sandals of them all, introducing the $20,000 (I repeat, twenty thousand donald duck dollars) flip flops from Mozkito!

Isn’t it GORGEOUSSSSSSS?? Hahaha!

Buy buy buy! Spend spend spend! I don’t know about you but not even a truckload of oxycontin and vodka could make me buy that atrocious piece of shit. Sorry ladies, there’s excess and there’s EXCESS. Here I am balking how ridiculously overpriced those gorgeous lego Balenciaga sandals are (at $4,175) and then comes this pair of rubber madness? Please. Not that I have 20K to spare, for that amount of money I’d rather get a watch from Boucheron and a pair of havaianas, thanks very much. Or maybe, just maybe, a hundred brazilian guys flown directly to las islas Filipinas and worship the ground that I stand on — butt naked.


  1. You really have got to be kidding me! Shit! I’d believe this shit if those flip flops looked like the Balenciaga Studded Gladiator sandals! But this cheap lookin’ sandals…shhhiiiiiit.

  2. I’d rather get the 300 euro orange hermes flipflops thank you very much!

  3. Christina

    Those are the dumbest shoes I have ever seen. I wonder who is actually buying that shit.

  4. The same type of Hos and pimps who wear diamonds on their teeth would wear this kind of cheap shit. I don`t even waste a dingleberry on them.

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