Mozkito’s Snake Charmer $20,000 Flip Flops

When you think you’ve seen it all, wait till you see this. Meet the most expensive sandals of them all, introducing the $20,000 (I repeat, twenty thousand donald duck dollars) flip flops from Mozkito!

Isn’t it GORGEOUSSSSSSS?? Hahaha!

Buy buy buy! Spend spend spend! I don’t know about you but not even a truckload of oxycontin and vodka could make me buy that atrocious piece of shit. Sorry ladies, there’s excess and there’s EXCESS. Here I am balking how ridiculously overpriced those gorgeous lego Balenciaga sandals are (at $4,175) and then comes this pair of rubber madness? Please. Not that I have 20K to spare, for that amount of money I’d rather get a watch from Boucheron and a pair of havaianas, thanks very much. Or maybe, just maybe, a hundred brazilian guys flown directly to las islas Filipinas and worship the ground that I stand on — butt naked.