Misshapes Book

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MisShapes Book

I’m not really a big fan of "pictures of people" books simply because of the fact that those damn things remind me of high school yearbooks.  Besides, the only ones who are interested at them buy them are the people on the book itself so really, what is the point of it all? Just kidding. One of my favourite books is "Go Sees" by Juergen Teller.

Anyway, for $16.50, you can now buy this 288-page book with over 2,000 images of hipsters, fashionistas, punk rockers, artists, downtown kids, musicians, DJs, celebrities and the characters who represent the young, the bold, the sweaty and the beautiful of Nueva York City life.

MisShapes Book
Photo via New York

I’m gonna buy the MisShapes Book for one reason: I love Sally Singer and I want to see what she wrote on that book.

PS. Speaking of black books and fashion and Vogue and September book launches and stuff, let’s move on to Elle and check out Nina Garcia’s Little Black Book of Style. Yep, that Nina Garcia of Project Runway fame. =)

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