Malu Fernandez flies economy class…

Written By bryanboy

Malu Fernandez flies economy class…
Edit 08/19/07:
 I don’t want the whole Malu brouhaha to litter my homepage so I’ll only allocate one entry to her. Click here to read my follow-up entry related to this post but only after you read THIS (as in *this*) entry. Also, I’m *VERY* disturbed by the amount of personal attacks directed towards her not just on my blog but online. I *understand* that a lot of people were offended by her article(s) but if you are gonna attack someone, please don’t resort to petty and immature remarks about her looks, her body size etc. At the end of the day, we’re all going to be thick, fat and obese. Heck, I’m not even forty yet I’m already overweight so there. Also, please refrain from posting her (or anybody else’s) personal information on my site. I’m not taking sides here. One could always express themselves in a civilised manner instead of sensationalising crap and acting all palengkera blah blah blah. Please lang, kacheapan! Last, but not the least, here’s what I have to say about this whole thing.

Meet Malu Fernandez.

malu fernandez

Click click click.

I haven’t posted anything "third world" in the longest time because 87% of my readers are non-flips and none of them would have a clue on what I’m on. Also, my numbers drop whenever I post anything Filipiniana and I certainly don’t want that. In any case, I’ll make an exception today because this "thing" is being spread on the internet like wildfire! A friend sent me this hilarious blog entry with an article written by Malu Fernandez. I don’t read third publications, I have no idea who she is and frankly, I don’t care but god damn this woman is hilarious. I want whatever drugs she’s taking y’all!

Click the links below to read the article she wrote.

And here’s my favourite part. I just loooove, looove, LOOOVE how she ranted about her fellow passengers in coach class, not to mention all these Filipino migrant workers who are responsible for keeping our sad economy afloat by pumping billions of dollars every year to our shithole.

malu fernandez

malu fernandez

That’s not all! Homegirl probably got some serious emotional scars from flying coach she just HAD to write another piece for a newspaper. Take note of her second sentence how she’s trying to ‘cut on some costs’ as if she’s guilty as sin for flying economy.

malu fernandez

Is flying economy really THAT horrifying? I confess — I’ve never flown coach on flights longer than 3 hours but even then, I just shut up and try to enjoy the ride. I’m wayy too focused on myself (ie. do I look pretty? is my hair ok? are there remnants of airport lounge canapes stuck between my teeth?) to even notice the things going on around me.

malu fernandez
Boys, boys, boys, I’m looking for a good time! Look at the 2nd guy on the right. HOTNESS!

I have no idea how old Malu is but coming from the tone of her article, one could easily assume she’s ‘worldly’ and she’s been around the block, many times and back, and have seen it all but based on what I’ve seen from her article, it sounds like she was NEVER exposed to such things blah blah blah.

But no, she went on and on and on and on how she was "trying to cut some costs and flown economy" yaddi yaddi yadda.

The thing that made me laugh most was the last part of her article — she even went for a SECOND SERVING!! Masochist much?

malu fernandez

I believe in you get what you paid for.

Girl, you can whinge and whine all you want but at the end of the day, YOU FLEW COACH. You consciously and voluntarily made the decision to "cut on some costs", be on the SAME BOAT with these "stinky" migrant workers and no amount of Jo Malone can conceal the fact that YOU. SHARED. THE. SAME. RECYCLED. OXYGEN. FOR. NINE. HOURS. EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW. NASTY!

Just kidding.

I’m all for free speech, whining in public, being pretentious, turning dreams into reality because John Galliano said reality is overrated and whatnot but don’t you think Malu’s pretentious rant would get a little respect if she flew by business or first instead?

Whatever happened to the press taking advantage of freebies that most press people seem to do to be on one of them trips? Whatever happened to press junkets? Whatever happened to x-deals? Flash your press ID and ask for an upgrade. Isn’t that what they all do?

In any case, I think Malu was just being tongue in cheek so there. Tongue-in-cheek is the perfect alibi; heck, that’s what I use ALL the time no wonder I can get away with murder. LOL. Malu… you’re fierce!

And fabulous.


PS. I think flying economy class is ok. Do it ala Mariah Carey. Fly economy class but hire the ENTIRE plane!


  1. Gosh I agree why whine when you put your own self on that situation. And honestly she does look like a domestic helper.

  2. I applaud you for sharing Malu’s condescending piece to the world but I’m extremely disappointed with your write up. I was expecting you to write a scathing piece but you wrote a relatively safe entry instead.
    What’s holding you back?
    Are you scared to offend Malu or any ‘third world’ person for that matter?

  3. ying ho

    oh my so pretentious, its not funny.. makes me puke :(
    is she dumb?? of course she will get bruised, shes HUMONGOUS!! she needs a cargo plane for elephants!

  4. Pollina

    This is a fine example why you should never take fat people seriously.
    Greetings from Boston!

  5. Nathan Nevin

    I believe she refered to Jo Malone as a “he” in her article about scents and perfumes. Sacrilage!

  6. yeah – ud think that she d have the decency to pay extra because of the extra poundage.
    and to be honest – after having been in singapore for 2 years and smelling all types of funky crap – filipinos don’t smell at all. i may be biased but uh she hasn’t smelled the worst. but then it’s hard to do that when ur nose is buried in food, which might account for her fat body.
    and for the record, malu the moron, it’s not pretentious to travel per se. going to the aegean blah blah is not pretentious. it’s pretentious when ur trying to be something ur not i.e. thin rich person saving money by parking fat ass in economy class. as a writer, u should get the distinction.
    to bryanboy: hope this fat bitch reads ur blog. have a lovely weekend!

  7. masyado kang maarte MALU FERNANDEZ, di mo bagay…isa kang malaking baboy na kelangan mo nga ng mamahaling pabango at sobrang lamig na lugar para di matunaw ang sobrang daming taba sa katawan mo, at yong pabango para di mangamoy ang pawis mo!! naku!!! nakakairita ang babaeng yan!!! CHABBACCABOYYYYYYYYY naman! bwahahahaha!

  8. in Fidel


  9. toyomansi

    a lot of ofws were offended by her article, that’s a fact. but do people really have to fight back and attack fat people!?! what is the point, really?
    saying “she started it!” is sick, unless you’re under ten.

  10. the article should be entitled, FIERCE FATSO!
    hilarious, yes!
    hilariously annoying!
    her middle name is crass and she is the poster girl for the adage:

  11. The fact that this woman and her friends found the article “amusing” shows what kind of people they are. How old are they? 15?
    Her article was done in poor taste and her editor should be sacked for publishing it.
    Money can’t buy breeding, good manners and delicadeza.

  12. oink oink

    hay naku pati ikaw you joined the malu fernandez mania.
    leave the rhino alone. you’re just giving her unnecessary attention and attention is what she wants. huwag na natin siyang patulang baka pati ikaw mapaginitan niya, sige ka, wala kang laban sa lumba lumba

  13. Fatty McFaT

    Well, to call Malu an ugly pasty fat pig even though it’s true, is so childish. I would rather spend a flight with the heroes of the country than be near this fat good for nothing self righteous pig. LOL how do we get a hold of this Malu btw?

  14. If she needs to save on her ticket, she’s not as fabulous as she think she is. End of story.

  15. Malu Fernandez, you’re a fat BRAVE girl!(you are a girl, are you? i mean with all that third world fat on your face)
    anyway, you clearly pointed out you’re not blue collar material(jo malone anyone)
    BUT, i call you brave BECAUSE girl, lest face facts, you may have the discounts ans the money but, please, YOURE FAT. and UGLY at that no amount of jet-setting and money can change that. :) sorry.
    i admit, if i were stuck there, i would probably vomit as well but i wouldnt write it because although im not fat and decent im sensitive enough to out country.
    so please, before ranting,
    lose the weight. and fix the fugliness.
    oh yeah, PLEASE dont mention about clothes, accessories, or anything fashion..please!
    you know fat girls have no right to brag about fashion. nothing fits honey!

  16. tee hee hee. of all the malu fernandez- related posts i’ve read, this one made me laugh! i forgot i was soo mad at her nyahahah

  17. Malu is famous now…just because of this article. Last time..her name wont even ring a bell…so now..whats net?
    Maybe an endorsement from PAL…they will fly her first class

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    Please do not post anyone’s private and personal information such as email address, home/office addressess, telephone numbers, cellphone numbers and such. We won’t tolerate such behavior and by doing so will result in your IP address from accessing this website.

    Thank you.

  19. Dear Malu,
    Please save your entries for your personal diary. Your cheap, affected writing is undeserving of publication. If you can’t save yourself from gluttony and gourmandizing, then atleast save the trees. If paper has an esophagus, it will puke your name.
    With love,

  20. As a disinterested non-Pinoy, with very many years in the Middle East, let me say that I have never, no never, come across a Pinoy/Pinay who smelt unpleasant. Very often there was no discernable odour at all, or in the case of the girls (and a few of the men) a fragrant aroma of good cologne. Now I cannot say that for many of the other expats in the Gulf, not even my own countrymen (Brits). The article may have been tongue in cheek, but the target was inappropriate.

  21. As a disinterested non-Pinoy, with very many years in the Middle East, let me say that I have never, no never, come across a Pinoy/Pinay who smelt unpleasant. Very often there was no discernable odour at all, or in the case of the girls (and a few of the men) a fragrant aroma of good cologne. Now I cannot say that for many of the other expats in the Gulf, not even my own countrymen (Brits). The article may have been tongue in cheek, but the target was inappropriate.

  22. not fat

    How did that fat lady fit in a coach seat??? I would have died if I had to sit beside an oink for 9 hours.

  23. G Leviste

    Planes weren’t designed for obese people. They have special needs.
    She should’ve taken business or first class instead. Kaya lang, baka sya ang magmukhang OFW doon.

  24. Patrickkk

    I promise, it makes me want to vomit whenever my classmate sprays it on his fucking self. Err.

  25. I lost 20 pounds to get myself as thin as BB, then this trailer truck gets featured? I reiterate: NO ONE UGLY OR FAT ALLOWED!

  26. Aling Lydia

    Jo Malone nga ang perfume nya, Mang Tomas naman ang lotion! Yun lang! Wapaaaak!!!

  27. lacrymaria

    you sheep should quit the psuedo-intellectual shit-fits and come up with a more substantive comment regarding this woman. it’s stupid to fat-bash at malu’s expense.

  28. Her friends Cricket Tantoco and Maricris Alvarez must be so pissed at Malu right now for being dragged into this mess.
    Or maybe they deserve it too.
    Birds of a feather flock together diba?

  29. karongking

    hoy tabatchoy, ang kapal ng mukha mo!!! sang magazine ka nga pala nagsusulat! walang kwenta yang mga sinulat mo, at walang ka kwenta kwenta tlga… ulitin ko po, walang kwenta!!! at yang itsura mong yan, manlait ka kung maganda ka, eh matrona ka nga eh, teka, alam mo bang ang meaning ng matrona? ikaw yun, eksaktong image mo, tinakpan mo lang ng ipinagmamalaki mong make up!
    for your information and compliance: tumatae ka rin, hindi mabangong ginto, kundi mabahong tae!!!
    kaya keep your mouth shut will you! madami kaming nilait mo ah!
    spit on you, pig!!!


  31. koolitz

    kanya kanyang paraan lang yan para sumikat…
    oh di ba effective! hehehe

  32. blue acid

    I saw her recently at a launch and man, she’s really big.. I can double myself, hide behind her back, and people wouldn’t see me.. and she was waering something very low back, ahowing to the whole world her glorified cellulite, strech marks, and fat cuts..
    aside from the fat bash (can’t help it), I hope she remembers that those stinky OFW’s are the one that are keeping the country above water with all the dollars that they bring into the country. In a socially relevant agrument, what has she contributed to the society? tongue in cheek articles? oh come on.. it’s really offending because the OFW’s are the bread and butter of the Philippines (hard to admit but true) andd with out them, we’d be lowere thean cambodia or laos or even congo!

  33. hypocritamus

    what’s up with the new disclaimer bb? ang chaka mo ha. diba you once said you’re allergic to fat people? don’t tell me nahawa ka ng foot in mouth disease galing sa baboy na yan.

  34. not Malu

    The whole “fierce and fabulous” thing is totally overplayed. Every time I hear or read that phrase, I think of the fatter, older Tyra Banks talking vapid trash on Top Model or nasty SoCal wives with blonde highlights at Saks. And… now I have Malu’s face to add to the list.
    I really hope you’re kidding about your admiration for her. Even if she wasn’t fat, she’d be part of the lot of unintelligent women who manage to fuck up high end attire.

  35. cheekey

    at least filipinos dont smell like ONIONS! she should try riding a plane filled with those people who smell like SPICES!

  36. Newsboy

    “Whatever happened to the press taking advantage of freebies that most press people seem to do to be on one of them trips? Whatever happened to press junkets? Whatever happened to x-deals? Flash your press ID and ask for an upgrade. Isn’t that what they all do?”
    She’s an unknown even to press people. And who reads her? The circulation of the paper she’s writing for is just about 3K on weekdays and 1K on Sundays. Ask any legit journalists about her and the answer would be “Malu who?”

  37. I know it’s a little late but here’s my take on this.
    1) I think people online were so harsh and quick to judge with their personal attacks on Malu. Human nature, I suppose. A lot of the comments (not just on my blog) pertain about her weight. Why state the obvious? I know it’s wayy too easy to say she’s a fat bitch but surely people can do better, no? I guess not. I agree with some of the commenters that it’s immature and childish. I have to admit though some of them were downright funny, like this one comment I read somewhere about bamboo and apples (you do the math). Nevertheless, it’s not her weight that offended people per se but her “intellect”, her “acerbic wit”, her story and her writing style – so why not focus on that? But no, a lot of people went on a mad rage and called her silly petty things. I do understand where people are coming from hence the way they expressed their rage but do we really need to resort to being “palengkera”? Does it not say anything about our psyche?
    I for one have seen a lot of OFWs when I travelled in the past but at the end of the day, WHO CARES? I mean really, my time is better spent focusing on more important things, like myself, or the hot guy on seat 3A or 21J that I’m gonna give a blowjob in the toilets midflight.
    2) Kikay – I’m sorry for not being able to meet your expectations of being a “bitch”. I don’t think my entry was “safe”. I said what I wanted to say: you get what you pay for and for someone of a certain age and financial standing, one could expect for her to see “it all”. I mean, really, I’m 100% positive a woman like her is well-travelled and have encountered the perils of travelling in the past. I’m quite surprised why she would actually air her frustrations now as if she’s never seen such crap before. She could’ve easily shut her trap and get on with the program about greece or boracay. But no, she went on and on and on and on about her horrid economy class experience. hey — if that’s what she wanted to write then so be it. It’s true that she writes for a certain target audience (like most people do), in her case, it’s the readers of People Asia. Who reads People Asia you ask? people obsessed with “society”, so there. I’m not saying what she wrote is by all means right but she could’ve been at least be a little more sensitive because anyone outside HER target audience can read the publication.
    3) Not Malu – Of course I was being tongue-in-cheek as far as my “admiration” for her is concerned. How could you admire someone who spelled “Mark Jacobs” and “Anick Goutal” on the same sentence? (Good catch, btw, h dlc). My english ain’t perfect, i don’t have the luxury of having a proofreader and i can’t be bothered with all that effort, you know? at least I don’t write for a newspaper. Whatever happened to editors? I read one of Malu’s articles and saw “Frederick Fekkai” instead of “Frederic Fekkai”. SHOCKHORROR! In any case, I do find some of Malu’s articles hilarious, funny and nothing to be taken seriously.
    4) Aling lyida your comment is HILARIOUS! thanks for the laugh. a friend and i DIED when we read your comment.

  38. e kupal ka din pala brianboy. anong kinain mo para sabihin na huwag siyang tawaging baboy e ang taba naman niya? yun ang ka22hanan sana nagisipisip xia muna

  39. for goodness sake, that gurl is desecrating your lovable page in the name of Thinspo.
    yeah, it does. anyway.
    her whining over what she have chosen to have and all that crap is so pretentious and i think thats what her head full of maggots could offer. plus, isnt it worst here especially on domestics flights? she couldve known that if she’s been tourin here and abroad by plane.
    and yeah i agree with chase, she’s like flor contemplacion-gone-gluttonous.
    that byotch… another pig climbing the social ladder… ouch

  40. Or maybe Bryan.. oh i think yer holding back. i wonder. you couldve ranted on that byotch too but i wonder, may be you SHOULDVE MADE HER A SLUT OF THE DAY. or commented like you did with thea aquino. hoping to see a pig on your next entry saying “Malu fernandez is that chu?”
    BB you got balls, you couldve wrote something intense bout this poor woman. show us the power of the gayest gay who ever gayed.

  41. jemeleeanne

    hypocritamus, i think it’s foot and mouth disease and not foot in mouth disease..
    i believe that there’s no such thing as foot in mouth disease. Hogs don’t put their “foot” in their “mouth” and get infected by FMD.

  42. hypocritamus

    jemeleeanne shut up ka nga dyan. wag kang feeling, okey? ikokorek mo lang ako malimali ka pa. mag google ka nga.

  43. Perth my dear, of course I’m holding back.
    Didn’t you just read what I said?
    What is the point of stating the obvious? Why oh why oh why should I attack her based on her looks? My looks ain’t that grand… and neither are yours. We’re no Snejana Onopka who weighs 80 pounds and working it.
    “Slut of the Day” is reserved to people I find hot. I don’t think Malu deserves to be my slut of the day.
    I know I could’ve written something intense about Malu but at the end of the day, it’s not me. It’s not my style. Some people are more than willing to go all palengkera at the drop of a hat JUST TO JOIN SOME BANDWAGON OR TO PLEASE THE MASA and I’m not the type of person who does that.
    What do you want me to say?
    She’s fat? She should go to Lydia’s lechon and cover herself in Mang Tomas?
    Please. She already knows that herself. Why should I waste my time and my energy on telling her what everyone already knows?
    Look at all the comments about Malou online. A lot of the mean comments are made by people hiding behind a cloak of anonymity. Do you think they have the balls to say shit to Malu’s face kung harapan na? I doubt it. People are quick to cast stone online. I admire people who have the guts to put their identities behind their words pero there’s a lot of cowards out there. Take that wall of anonymity away and they’re nothing but a bunch of cowards in real life.
    I for one have the balls to put my name/identity behind my words and I stand by them. I’m not capable of telling calling people petty names TO THEIR FACE (behind their backs, pwede pa but not to their face) so why should I do the same online?

  44. Up until now, I haven’t blog about Malu Fernandez and I don’t think I would. Why?
    * I believe in freedom of expression. It’s says so in our third world Constitution (no matter how flawed it is, but that’s another story).
    * I grew up in a showbiz environment, and as they say, “Good or bad publicity is still good publicity.” No matter how immense and intense other people’s reactions may be on Malu Fernandez, she still gets (a much-needed) attention in the end. Besides, people don’t change overnight.

  45. it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again
    -Buffalo Bill,Silence of the lambs
    Buffalo Bill could make an entire body suit out of her.
    love that line =p

  46. obserber

    ako ay isang OFW… so what kung ganyan ang sinasabi nya? as long as you know you ain’t smelly…y get affected? cgro…amoy ng mga pana ung naamoy ni malou..kse sa obserbasyon ko sa 2yrs kong pgging OFW…pana tlga ung nangangamoy..dahil narin cgro sa kinakain nila. anyhow…let us stop judging her dahil sa ichura nya..let us all be open-minded(kung kaya lng nmn)opinion nya yun… no one can change somebody else’s opinion… kanya-kanya nga nila bato-bato sa langit tamaan wag magagalit.. :)

  47. wow! so many comments.
    First,she IS a very pretentious PIG. Why would she even dare to fly economy? The seats can barely seat her. If she was such a fly highing socialite like she projects she is, why the hell was she even thinking of flying economy in the first place?
    Ang chaka niya ang taba taba naman niya.
    Now, don’t get me wrong here, I don’t have anything against FAT people, but she is such a majore WHORE, and being FAT like THAT justifies it.
    If she couldn’t stand the chit chats of the OFW’s then she should’ve upgraded. Hell knows you really wont be able to rest with all those kamustahans and chikahans (all but natural) abuzz but these are all just inevitable. HELL I went through a Cebu Pacific flight from HK and heard an unsolicited life story of an OFW seated behind me. OK enough verbal diarrhea but IF I WERE MALU I WOULD FLY FIRST CLASS AND NOT TALK SHIT ABOUT MY 3RD WORLD BROTHERS UNLESS I WANT TO BE DINNER FOR THE PIGS.
    Ugh, Malu, IF you’re reading this, go to hell. get a life. WHO ARE YOU ANYWAY? Just a FAT FAT SOCIALITE PIG.
    ’nuff said.

  48. wow! so many comments.
    First,she IS a very pretentious PIG. Why would she even dare to fly economy? The seats can barely seat her. If she was such a fly highing socialite like she projects she is, why the hell was she even thinking of flying economy in the first place?
    Ang chaka niya ang taba taba naman niya.
    Now, don’t get me wrong here, I don’t have anything against FAT people, but she is such a majore WHORE, and being FAT like THAT justifies it.
    If she couldn’t stand the chit chats of the OFW’s then she should’ve upgraded. Hell knows you really wont be able to rest with all those kamustahans and chikahans (all but natural) abuzz but these are all just inevitable. HELL I went through a Cebu Pacific flight from HK and heard an unsolicited life story of an OFW seated behind me. OK enough verbal diarrhea but IF I WERE MALU I WOULD FLY FIRST CLASS AND NOT TALK SHIT ABOUT MY 3RD WORLD BROTHERS UNLESS I WANT TO BE DINNER FOR THE PIGS.
    Ugh, Malu, IF you’re reading this, go to hell. get a life. WHO ARE YOU ANYWAY? Just a FAT FAT SOCIALITE PIG.
    ’nuff said.

  49. I think making fun of her because she’s “fat and ugly” is really low (think of how other obese and unattractive people feel) and is as just as bad as her having ignorant prejudices against OFWs. She deserves criticism for being an unwitty, shallow, insensitive bitch but quit with the fat jokes already. Fat people have feelings too, remember?

  50. I agree with the gayest gay that ever gayed-we should be critical of what she wrote and not of what she looks(although she desperately NEEDS to go to fat camp). She writes for a target audience after all, which is a shame as it implies that her traget audience (socialites and socialites-wannabes from the upper crust of society)is likewise condescending to OFWs and, to a greater extent, the bulk of Philippine society.Which I believe is not true, considering a lot of high society people are reaching out to the masa; case and point: Tim Yap and Tessa Prieto-Valdez are contestants in a reality show that places there fate in the hands of the show’s audience-the masa. Malu Fernandez needs a wake-up call: that she is only able to enjoy her luxuries because the very people she looks down upon form the backbone of this excuse-for-a-country’s economy.
    The fat bashing has basis, however. I mean, she calls herself “a divine divalicious babe”. With her body however, could you really blame people for the references to a cretain edible quadruped sporting a snout? She of all people should now that the culture of our Westernized society values svelteness, considering she’s supposedly well-travelled and exposed to all the facets of Western society. Hello?, that’s why there are people killing themselves just to fit into size-0 skinny jeans by eating Kleenex to stave of hunger! And she dares call herself fierce and fabulous?! The nerve that woman got!*false outrage*

  51. Her behaviour and comments are hilarious. But crass. Its always the people who have doubts about themselves and their position, who have to resort to putting other people down. She’s just like Pauline Hanson of Australia!

  52. John Dela Cerna

    Bakla ka talaga. Putang ina nyong mga bakla at matatabang babae. Napakainsensitive nyo. Akala nyo Dyos kayo, kapalpakan naman. Pucha mga bakla nagaasal babae may titi naman; mga matataba grabe tumira ng ibang tao (kesho pangit, mabaho, etc ang isang tao) eh puno naman ng sebo ang katawan. Di naman dapat ako magalit sa inyo pero halos pare-pareho ang mga ugali nyo. Ayusin nyo naman ang ugali nyo para walang rason na laitin kayo ng ibang tao.

  53. Paris Hilton

    Whatever. Say what you want Malu, invoke your right to Freedom of Speech. Just don’t LIE to the world.
    I read your article in People Asia and you said “I hate going to the beach because of bugs and mosquitos and the sand…” The is straight up LIE my dear. It’s not about mosquitos, it’s not about sand between your toes. It’s about you being grossly overweight! Whether you admit it or not, there is no Signature Swimwear Brand that would make you look halfway decent and to me that’s the only reason for hating the beach. Plus we all know mosquitos love munchin’ on the fatties.
    Girl, being pasty is OUT, you as Fashionista should know that, spend some time in the sun will you?
    I would have considered you an ICON in the leagues of Imelda Marcos and Baby Arenas until you spelled Marc Jacobs Mark Jacobs, Annick Goutard Anik Goutard, called Jo Malone a HE and wear an ADIDAS sneakers on the beach?
    Next time also, stay away from RUBY TUESDAYS, girl, you know that is a factory for TRANSFAT, go ask Bryanboy his diet secret, definitely no eating at American middle class chains…
    Oh, never ever fly COACH, for pete’s sake! Traveling for rich people is all about convenience my dear, rich people would dare not think about saving a dime to comprimise convenience and privacy. Other than that stay fab my dear. Tah tah!
    Your girl,
    Paris Hilton

  54. Paris Hilton

    Malu, this is Paris Hilton again.
    Whatever! Girl what is up with you? Why do you LIE to the world?
    I read your article in People Magazine and you said “I hate going to the beach because of bugs and mosquitos and the sand…” And I was like, uh ah! she is straight up LYING! It’s not about mosquitos, it’s not about sand between your toes. It’s about you being grossly overweight! YUCK! Nicole Richie and I agreed that whether you admit it or not, you hate the beach because Donatella Versace or Gucci or Karl Lagerfeld or even Michael Kors does not have a Swimwear line for OBESE PEOPLE! Plus, I talk to Britney and Lindsay Lohan, yes, the famous FIRECROTCH, and we three agreed you will not look fabulous uncovered. Plus we all know mosquitos love munchin’ on the fatties, so you def need insect repelant, although, Star Jones think that may be bad for PIGS, check the label before you spay it on, if it’s made in CHINA and CONTAINS LEAD, go for it! It’s perfectly safe! It will not only protect your PIG SKIN, it will give you a slimming effect. Not to mention CANCER, that will hasten your weight LOSS, if you’re ever considering it!
    Girl, being pasty is OUT, you as Fashionista should know that, spend some time in the sun will you? On second thought, maybe you don’t TAN, maybe you get SUNBURN, boy of boy that will make you look like a ROASTED PIG, we don’t want that happening do we? So just go the the Tanning Salon and drop $700 for a perfect spray on!
    I would have considered you an ICON in the leagues of your 3rd World Contry’s Imelda Marcos and Baby Arenas until you spelled Marc Jacobs Mark Jacobs, Annick Goutard Anik Goutard, called Jo Malone a HE and wear an ADIDAS sneakers on the beach? Oh come on! Perish the thought! Posh Beckham will roll her eyeballs when she hears this! Forget about your pedicure my dear, it’s all about flaunting you JIMMY CHOO’s terry-cloth wedges!
    Next time also, stay away from RUBY TUESDAYS, girl, you know that is a factory for TRANSFAT, go ask Angelina Jonlie her diet secret, definitely no eating at American middle class chains. It is not only a FAT TRAP, plus PAPARAZZIs only hang out around The IVY.
    Lastly, never ever fly COACH, for pete’s sake! Traveling for rich people is all about convenience my dear, A LISTERS like us would dare not think about saving a dime to comprimise convenience and privacy, unless of course there’s photo-op… Other than that stay fab my dear. Tah tah!
    Your girl,
    P.S. I am sorry I have to re-write my first letter, I thought it’ll be more effective if I call on my Hollywood friends and drop their name. Guess I am not smart enough, it’s friend ready the 3 dollar tabloid mags I guess? Who has time reading a book anyway? I’d rather party in Vegas, or Miami or the South of France wouldn’t you agree? Love Paris.

  55. Ask her to buy her own cargo plane. If I see her on my plane, I throw her out!

  56. It’s funny how an obvious faker named “Paris Hilton” is calling Malu a liar. That Malu is quite a character. She reminds me of my former workmates in Makati who always flaunt designer stuff but who are obviously struggling to pay for it one payday at a time. So pretentious. And her writings sound like a high school essay: “What I did during summer…



  58. Oooweeee. She’s trying to seem well traveled! She’s also trying to seem like she’s better than every Filipino… she was probably born in the Philippines and has those fob accents. Phew. Oh and on her little “Perfume” article… name dropper! I must agree! I could be wearing whatever no-name fragrance I can, it just has to smell good. Of course I just use Fracas.

  59. O God save the planet fag!
    kailan ba naging masama ang magsabi ng totoo?
    I found her article just right and no non nothing wrong with it!
    Why people can’t accept the fact or just ignore it!?
    I so hate poor and idiot poeple who can’t so fucking accept that there are rich ones!
    Fabulousuuuuussssshh!! way to go Malu

  60. Last hirit.
    Little cow doesn’t realize that Boracay is not on the Pacific Ocean. It’s between the Sibuyan Sea and the Tablas strait.
    Such a sad woman.

  61. Funny how people worry about their “Jo Malone condensing into thin air” in an economy class airplane while others think how they feed their family for a day, and didn’t (or wouldn’t, ever) get a chance to ride an airplane. So ironic.

  62. peppermint28

    clearly, she is the type of person who thinks so highly of herself but has proven otherwise. if she is rich, why did she allow herself to be settled at economy class? unfortunately, this is the price of too much freedom of expression – statements which become an insult to all especially the OFW and their families. (yet i wonder who are her “friends” who think of her article as funny). or is it because her bottom became bigger than her heart?
    to fendi, there’s no harm in saying the truth but does that include insulting OFWs (& fellow filipinos)? does being poor equate to being an idiot? and does it apply that the rich people are always right? shame on you!

  63. Roberto Insular

    I like to be a friend of Malu. Well..if she could not even wish for an economy to her enemies…i could just imagine what privilege do i get by being her friend…probably sit by her lap?
    As her friend, i’ll be very honest with her. Ano at sino ang nag make up sa kanya. It looks like she rear ended a Mary Kay lady’s car. And that cleavage…it looks like somebody is mooning the camera.
    About the smell….i think she is barking at a wrong kalachuchi tree. I can well understand her predicament…being a “woman of substance” trapped in what for her is a very narrow seat in nine-hour economy class flight. Without any chance of spreading her legs which i guess she usually does when on vacation, a hefty woman of her size…things can get ugly in between her legs not to mention in between those tits and pits. So when she complained of that “funky smell” she could have been smelling herself and no amount of expensive cologne could successfully masked that.

  64. hi Bryan
    I wasnt able to read yer note when I wrote my comment sorry for that.
    and yeah anyway, it would be really cheap to state what is negatively obvious just to retaliate, i agree.
    about malu, i wont say i know her personally but i know her family and their sortaf elite social status but then, whatever reasons she could find underneath her flab would not suffice her insensitivity to these people or what most of the elite call “masa”.
    bottomline is, she’s been insensitive and many people were hurt… is hilarious? no?
    i know this is all about humor and all that by making hilarious remarks (its entertaining actually) but i think she must be (prolly) more understanding compared to these what they call masa, she shouldve been sensitive.
    love you BB.

  65. Jo Sanchez

    I agree with bryanboy. There’s no point in telling her what she already knows. Besides, we don’t have to stoop down to her level in airing our grievances.
    She was complaining about bad manners–gum popping and hoy-yelling, but you know, insulting people on the sole basis of their social status in newspapers is not very well-mannered either.
    Malu is entitled to her own emotions, opinions and even choice of topics and writing style. It’s her right. But as we all know, for every right, there is a responsibility. Journalistic writing is responsible writing. I believe it is Malu who needs a bit of shaking up.
    MALU, MALU, MALU, if you are as well-travelled and as cultured as you think you are, you would have known better.
    Stop being pretentious. Stop trying to be cute. Whining is only good for kids.
    At the end of the day, MALU STILL FLEW ECONOMY CLASS OUT OF HER OWN CHOICE. And that’s minus 1 million social points for her. So I guess her columns are just defense mechanism. It’s a shame nga naman when her high class friends find out na she went for cheap in a flight.
    Malu, I’m so sorry bout this but walking around Bora in your sneakers is soooooooooo off. For a fab fashionista like you, I must say that it’s sooooooooo baduy.
    Haay, Malu, you’re so fab. You make even Crickette Tantoco baduy for picking that villa.

  66. OFW no. 3091980

    I blame myself for keeping the Philippine economy afloat so that Miss Fernandez could afford to fly coach, otherwise would she have swam to Greece? Might have been better though as we all know how much calories she needs to burn, and that would’ve saved her some money to afford first class on the way back. Who to blame for her obesity? Why OFW’s like me too! If not for us could she have afforded to buy so much food??

  67. it is not in my nature to wish something bad to happen to someone. pero nung mabasa ko ung buong article nya, gusto kong hanapin sya sabay sigaw ng CRUCIO!!!
    kapag ang isang dayuhan, nagbigay ng masamang komento tungkol sa isang pilipino, o sa pilipinas mismo, malamang away at gulo ang mapala nya… natural yun eh. sino ba naman ang may gustong mapintasan?
    pero kapag KAPWA MO PILIPINO ang hindi lang nagkomento, kundi IPINANGALANDAKAN pa sa BUONG MUNDO ang MALA-ELETISTANG PAGTAPAK AT PANLALAIT NYA SA kapwa nya pilipino, no word is harsh enough to describe how that feels..
    ang mga tulad ni malu fernandez ang isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit, aminin man natin o hindi, marami pa rin ang mabababa ang tingin sa ating mga pilipino, especially the OFWs…
    OFWS – mga bayaning nagsasakripisyong malayo sa kanilang mga mahal sa buhay, at nagpapaalipin sa mga dayuhang ni hindi nila kaanu-ano para lang may mailaman sa kumakalam na sikmura ng kanilang pamilya.
    bayani ang tingin ng marami sa atin sa kanila… kaya naman WALANG KARAPATAN ang kahit na sino para laitin at balahurain ang mga taong ito na naghahanapbuhay at namumuhunan ng dugo’t pawis para sa kinabukasan ng mga iniwan nila dito sa pilipinas…
    malu fernandez – sino ba sya sa tingin nya? the way i see it, (after seeing her pictures) SHE’S JUST A PIG WRAPPED IN DESIGNER CLOTHES!
    nakakalungkot isipin na nagbuwis ng buhay ang mga tulad ni rizal at ni bonifacio para lang magkaroon ng kalayaan ang mga katulad nya – mga WALANG KWENTANG TAO na nagpupumilit takasan ang katotohanang sila’y nagmula sa mababaho’t amoy pawis na INDIO… na sa mga ugat nila’y dumadaloy parin ang dugong pilipinong pilit nilang ikinukubli sa pamamagitan ng pagyayabang na marami silang pera…
    malu fernandez – kung hindi mo kayang makihalubilo sa mga pilipinong sa economy class lang sumasakay at sa duty free lang nagtatrabaho… mas lalong hindi ko masikmura na ang isang nilalang na katulad mo ay matatawag pang pilipino…
    sana sa susunod na maglibot ka, dun ka sa albay magpunta… at ngayon pa lang, ipagdarasal ko na sa mga anito na BUMUKAS ANG BUNGANGA NG BULKANG MAYON AT LAMUNIN KA NG BUONG-BUO!!!

  68. grabe! she is like a sh*T! suuuuper assho*le… when u work abroad whether u r a FAMOUS WRITER/JOURNALIST or a DH you are considered an OFW. I am a nurse and our line of work gives BILLIONS of DOLLARS and even if I be called an OFW or if i smell like AXE, I am proud as I am, a FILIPINO! naku!!!! she should be sued for that article.

  69. People like her are disturbed. she has issues–insecurities.
    It’s so sad that her manner of trying to elevate herself in the society is by pulling other people down. Halatang kulang siya sa yaman at nagpapasosyal lang.
    Whats more sad is, pangit na nga cya, wala pang breeding. At kahit ilang foundation na MAC ang i-hidhid nya sa mukha nya, o ilang bottles ng Jo Malone ang i-spray nya at ilang Louis Vuitton handbags ang dalhin nya. She’s gonna be forever cheap and ugly with what she did.

  70. I just heard the news about malu fernandez earlier on television…for your information, you don’t have the right to underestimate people. With that kind of attitude you have, no one will respect you because you don’t know how to respect others!! THINK first before making an act. You should be sensitive on the feelings of others. Don’t be surprise if someday you will hear or see something unpleasant about you and don’t be surprise if people reacted like that because it’s all your fault. Be sensitive, grow up!!!!
    I know that you have apologized but still, you have hurt a lot of people.

  71. yes she wears jo malone! as if her body sweat smells nice. she was just over acting..bless her!

  72. di ako tagalog, ni english
    iyot ni inam malu, dika pay laket agkudaap. maisina kuman ta kararwam ita lasag mo. uki ni inam ampiang, garampingat, gunggung, mutit, bagtit, awan a panagbabain, duldog, agpamaya ka siguro wenno aggagatel ta ukim isu nga tila adda nga isursurat mo. ukinnam no awan dolliares mi ditoy abroad baka awanen ti pilipinas, isu kumamet a nga agparbeng ka. ukinnam manen, uki ni inam ita inton bigat ken iti agnanayon nga awan patinggana.

  73. thats unpatriotic anti-filipino. sinu ang nanay nito?
    dapat kondenahin at ideklarang persona non grata ng ofw ang babeng ito!

  74. i am a nurse working in u.k.for the past 5 years and honestly,affected by malus write up regarding dare is she to discriminate people!well whats wrong with charlie?and ax?and all those products….i can use and buy the most expensive scent if i wanted to.same with other ofws,they have their own choice.she is disgusting cow!give her shit in her face and she really deserves it.pag pasyente kita,baka maturukan pa kita ng potassium and insulin pero joke lang…huwag ka na magpakita….nakakahiya ka.sino ba mga magulang mo?i think they did not teach you well on how to deal with people.

  75. Out of sheer boredom I logged on to Bryanboy’s blog hoping to read something authentically funny and nasty. I wasn’t disappointed.But no, it didn’t come from bryanboy but from one malu fernandez. So she wrote some insensitive observations in her newspaper articles about flying economy with a plane load of OFWs.All I can say is, time to loosen up people! Where’s your sense of humor?One thing wrong with our country is that way too many people (in the media, politics, show business) are posturing as righteous, proper-talking,maka-masa,God-fearing bunch. Only we know what they’re really made of. So kababayans, put down your ugly bolos, relax, and laugh.At least malu fernandez has the guts to say what many a hypocritical philippine socialite/politician/whatever have in mind!

  76. parang gusto ko rin ng mga kinakarga ni malu f. ibang klase… sample nga dyan… oink… opss sorry… baboy dagat pala… ayyy mali naman… ano ba yan! sige na nga… manatee na lang


  78. Precious

    she doesn’t desereve to be a filipino… people like here should be roasted.. it’s very sad that you get stabbed by a person your own race… i think she will get bad karma for these for the rest of her life..

  79. mossgreentrunks

    agree with you bb, she bought it upon herself to be in that situation with the ofws and then she complains! the fuck with her! she should be roasted

  80. Sgt Oinky

    if you have no idea what you’re talking about then you have no business making comments about other people…hilarious or not! All those comments made by those people who were OFFENDED were justified, just as she violated peoples sense of dignity. The outrage is a result of people like Malu, and unfortunately the author of this blog as well, that they are oblivious and aloof to what some people are going thru.
    Making comments is okay. It’s a free country! That’s what some people will say, but you must also be ready to take consequences of your actions. I am a fan of this blog and sometimes i wonder whether head author is in the right place sometimes. But he/she does provide good amusement when i am feeling low.
    Bottomline, it isn’t about being wealthy or being under-privillaged. It’s how you treat people. And Malu Fernandez betrays herself. Breeding wise – i grieve for her parents.

  81. Precious

    she doesn’t desereve to be a filipino… people like here should be roasted.. it’s very sad that you get stabbed by a person your own race… i think she will get bad karma for these for the rest of her life..

  82. OMG. I cannot believe an educated woman would actually write and article about OFW’s in such a demeaning and demoralizing fashion. How…? On top of it, on her part, her article was suppose to be “funny”. Funny? Funny! The whole nation is in uproar on her comments, they were not funny at all. I am having the hardest time to express my anger. My anger against this woman who I don’t even know yet has caused so much anger against the entire Filipino race. Good luck to her career. It’s going to be short.

  83. randy sison

    This woman deserves what she is getting right now. She did not see it coming. She thought that she can get away with her self patronizing remarks at the expense of other people. I am an OFW myself and i have tried flying Emirates with my fellow Filipinos who are hailed as heroes but insulted by this creep. Every year when i go on vacation, i look forward to seeing our kababayans with their faces, though haggard , you can sense their excitement to see their families back in the Philippines. So for Malu, try to look at the mirror more intently so you would know that the joke was on you.


  85. i got a chance to meet Malu way back when she was 4x her size and was still working for a retail store then, she lost a lot of weight from how I remember her. she’s been a bitch ever since, it didnt surprise me how she comments and think she’s so sosyal & rich…the best thing is to wish for her that she wont end up in the ditches and be freaking poor someday!

  86. whynwhyn

    iba na tlga ang dting ng langaw na natungtong sa kalabaw…kya khit anung perfume na gmitin nya nangangamoy ang baho ng ugali nya sa pag alispusta sa mga katulad nya..GO TO HELL WERE YOU BELONG MALOU!!!

  87. JO MALONE??? That’s what I use to spray the toilet after each poo-poo. OLD RICH??? Then why can’t you settle for a private jet?
    HOLIDAY IN GREECE??? Girl,we are OFWs & we spend our weekends in PARIS, BARCELONA, MADRID,ROME,CYPRUS,CAIRO, BELGIUM,FLORENCE, VENICE,GENEVA,LAS VEGAS, NEW YORK, LA, SYDNEY or wherever we fancy. RUBY TUESDAYS??? What & where is that??? Have you heard about fine dining or afternoon tea at THE RITZ – LONDON? Tsk1 Tsk! Tsk! Oh dear, you definitely need to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act for proper treatment.

  88. Who is she anyway?????????isang baboy na nagpapanggap na tao?walang kwenta ,bastos!!!!

  89. rockyou

    on my part eventhough walang OFW sa family ko still im a bit affected on what this bitch wrote…….
    what she did is irresponsible & demeaning…
    if she didnt want to have filipinos inside the plane then she should have bought a jet
    nasa economy class ka then dapat makisama ka, kung ano yung mga naririnig mong kamustahan & mga perfume o amoy nila……
    ang babaw mo malu, magisip ka, kaya nag kakamustahan yang mga kasama mo sa eroplano is because they miss the Philippines, kaw ba naman mawalay sa sarili mong bansa syempre maghahanap ka ng kakilala. It’s a human instinct, i think kahit di filipino. try to go to a foreign country tignan natin kung di ka maghanap ng kakilala o di man eh makipagkilala ka.
    sayang yung talent mo sa pagsusulat. i pity you & if ever you’re my sister or cousin i would definitely disown you……NAKAKAHIYA YUNG MGA PINAGGAGAGAWA MO. YOUR MONEY, THE EDUCATION YOU GOT, YOUR FAMILY, UPBRINGING………….sayang!
    Hope this becomes a wake up call to all mediamen, be responsible on what you write. Its not just letters, words & phrases………..its the emotions & sentiments of the people.

  90. marcoorie

    MALU FERNANDEZ…the elite, socialite BITCH SHAME on you…you are blessed with good class A status and you are educated. Yet you think your God??!!!Have you lost your mind Philippines is a third world country and you live here, OFW are modern heroes let me remind you, they help a lot in bringing remittances in our country, And who are you to say those harsh, in considerate things. I hope you will bring this karma until the day you die!!! You deserve all the death threats and hate mails you receive…And expect more, SHAME ON YOU MALU FERNANDEZ

  91. what the heck malu fernandez! how could you have the nerve to write your article, you are plain insensitive. I bet, you have lost your glorious days now. be more polite next time. dont over rate yourself you’re nothing but a pa-socialite girl!


  93. dapat nililitson yan ng buhay para naiintindihan nya ang sitwasyon ng mga OFW, tayo n nga ang may malaking contribution s ekonomiya sa pinas tatapakan pa tayo ng malditang Malu Fernandez na ito na wala man lang naitulong ang baboy na ito s pinas…. dapat lahat ng dyaryo n may article sya e ipunin at ibalot s kanya tapos sindihan hehehe….

  94. To moderator of this site. I just want to share below email as requested by the author.
    Dear. Malu Fernandez
    FIRST OF ALL, How nouveau riche can one get? Did you marry rich? Did you suddenly come in to money? Your blatant displays of your ‘luxuries’ and ‘wealth’ and your comfort with using the word ‘elitist’ to describe yourself alongside the fact that you had to reference to ‘politicians in your family’ show that even if you did come from money, you certainly have no class.
    You also seem to need to name-drop in every article that you write.
    It really gets to me that you should complain about the coach seats on your Emirates flight. Honey, they aint small… YOU’RE FAT. Spare yourself some doughnuts and maybe your travels will be more comfortable… coach, or not.
    MOST IMPORTANTLY. That you would put down OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) is really DISGUSTING. It makes you sound more vile than what you described as the scent of their ‘AXE and Charlie cologne’ while your ‘Jo Malone melted into thin air’. Honey, without that perfume, you want to know what you smell like? Like a fat Filipino woman. The smell is probably more putrid than the smell of those OFW’s. Cause they sweat honest, hard-working sweat. The kind of sweat that keeps the Filipino economy going. They’re fucking brave. They’ve seen more than you, felt more than you, and fought more than you. You’re just a coddled fat Filipino woman, under all of that cologne, and that branded clothing that makes you feel more important than them.
    It sounds to me like you get to fly Business Class when you travel for work, but when you had to pay for your own travels, coach was more affordable. You tried to hide this by grandiose references to you perfume and your designer wear, didn’t you? Tsk tsk…
    You made some mention of having 17kg’s of make-up in your hand-carry. All the make-up and adornments in the world can’t hide how ugly you are inside. You aint that good-looking either, hon. Go to the gym, eat some fruits. You wrote that you wanted to slit your wrists because you were stuck in coach with all the OFW’s. I am MOVED every time I am on a flight with OFW’s. I am reminded of their resilience. Of how hard they work, and how they keep the Philippines going. The economy relies on their bravery. You should have slit your wrists, hon. And you are going to hell if you don’t change the way you think. Think of sitting in coach, imagining your personal hell as a personal foreshadowing.
    I have lived in the Philippines, and I have also traveled the world. I’ve probably been to as many if not more places than you, seen more things than you, so maybe despite all of this money you seem to need to brandish and the places you have been to, you’re just an ignorant. This coming from a 20 year old girl.
    You’re act isn’t classy. You’re not pretentious. You’re just some stupid woman, living in a third world country, thinking that because you jetted off to Greece and you wear Jo Malone perfume, you are suddenly something.
    Take this from someone with the same ‘socio-economic background’ as you, bitch. What a pitiful excuse.
    I also happen to read things ‘thicker than magazines’, I go to University in London where I will finish with an Honors Bachelors Degree in May. I have a 1 year Marketing Economics degree from a business school in Oslo, and I graduated with an International Baccalaureate Diploma at age 17, if you were wondering. So no fucking excuses.
    You could do so much more than you think, yet you choose to act like a proper twat. The kind of twat that people with some brains laugh at, the world over. Think of this as some more exposure.
    I am ashamed of people like you.
    OFW’S all over the world, working their tits off, deserve a public apology.
    Ingrid Holm

  95. Camino. H

    Malu remember you are a Filipino, right? You must not make just like that of comment because you are not only referring to only one Filipino but to all. Do not compare your self to other because you are in wealthy living. You must understand and know the status of the Filipino people. You did not ever respect the reputation of Filipino who is striving for poverty. Even you’re a Filipino you discriminate them to you as a Filipino you must have the concern to your fellowmen. Thanks>>>>>>!!!!!! So next time try to practice respect and be proud as a Filipipno.

  96. Hey, malu. Is this professional suicide? This will be the downfall of your career. And oh, what breeding you have? From the piggery or from the wilderness — like a wild boar? Bwaharharharhar. Long live the OFWs!

  97. These kind of person is the reason why our country never moves forward inspite of the hardship of all filipinos working abroad. I wish the philippine government would do something about her remarks, probably sue her make her go to her private hell or cell and make her pay enough to make her poor so she would feel the pain and hardship of all OFW.
    Death threat for you is not enough…
    Yo! Ms.Piggy oops Ms.Malu what ever u say u still look FAT!
    Your column title should be
    and more FAT!

  98. Look at yourself in the mirror first,MALU as you call yourself whoever was in that plane an OFW , a president, a nurse ….. Malu fernandez needs to have some respect ad not to judge people that way. dud you based your opinion with your expenssive perfume duh!!!!! damn that’s really fucking weird, and whoever the editor in chief of that publication should also be sued he/she doesnt need to approve this kind of article , he /she may be such a BITCh such like MALU Fernandez………. You want me to send you a big mirror just let me know and where to send you so i can deliver it myself so i can spit on yourself.
    your secret admirer.

  99. sana maghirap din sya at makapagasawa ng ofw…mararanasan nya kung paano ang sakripisyo ng mawalay sa asaawa at awa na maramdaman pra sa asawa habang naririnig mong kinakausap ang mga natutulog na maliliit na anak at nagpapaliwanag kung bakit matagal syang makakabalik ulit…hayup tlaga sya, napaka insensitive nya…baboy kasi kaya hayop…


  101. Ang alam ko ang mga baboy hindi sensitive ang pang amoy! Hindi lahat ng OFWs ay di kayang bumili ng tulad ng pabango mo! Excuse me baka mas mahal pa ang pabango nila.
    Baka naman sarili mo lang ang naamoy mo. Ikaw ba naman ang mag dala ng 17kgs as hand carried luggage eh talagang pagpapawisan ka!

  102. anyone who posted and defended malou!! think about it.. she doesn’t have the right to say something like this to our OFW’s.. too rude!un acceptable!

  103. to INgrid Holm,
    i have read the comment that you gave to malu. and it was all true..
    thanks for saying all that. she really thinks that she is a socialite,
    but i think she is a certified…SOCIAL CLIMBER…

  104. isa lang ang masasabi ko…”NAPAKA-YABANG NYA” TAO BA SIYA NA MAY KAPWA….

  105. hoy KAPAL NG MUKHA MO! kung dahil sa mga OFW wla kng dollars na pambili ng darak mo! khit anong spray mo ng branded na perfume still amoy BABOY KA PA DIN!!!!!

  106. If she’s so “fabulous,” why does she even have to save money & fly coach?
    I guess she’s posturing. Her attitude is obviously more “fabulous” than her bank account.

  107. Baboy ka nga talaga ksi pati pananalita mo asal baboy. Dapat sayo ilublub sa putikan para matauhan ka………. babo……..y!!!!!!!!!!!!! bobo mag-isip ka nga. garampingat. bwahahahahaha……

  108. Vince Borneo

    Malu Fernandez is an insensitive hypocrite. She should be condemned to a life cleaning restrooms so she can feel what majority of overseas Filipinos workers have to endure for their families to survive. Shame on Malu Fernandez and those who serve as her apologists!

  109. I think picking on Malu is bad for the economy. Being that she is from a political family, their money is probably ill-gotten. Saying that she is not that rich will have repercussions to many Filipinos. Her relatives might see it as a signal to start increasing their wealth thru more corrupt practices. They’ll start taking more money from the government coffers so no one in their family would ever need to fly economy again!

  110. Kartada buta… akala ko pa naman i2ng c Bb. Fernandez e may itsura pa… Talo! kung alam mo lang ang mga pabango namin sa toilet e baka malula ka at sabihin mo sayang wag mong gamitin dyan!
    FYI walang gumagamit ng AXE at Charlie Cologne sa mga taga UAE especially d2 sa Dubai… Dahil sa sobra mura ng pabango d2 pwede mo na ngang ipaligo!!!
    Sayang ka! Kung ginamit mo na lang ung article mo para sa pagpupugay o sa mga hinaing ng mga OFW d2 sa Dubai baka maimbitahan ka pa sa Philippine Embassy Dinner at malamang parangalan ka pa.

  111. josephlao

    how can u do this to your own race?! if ima see u in person.. i’ll piss in your face just to wake u up!! JO MALONE? fuck you!! urine is a better perfume for you.. or no need cause u already stinks!! i’ll pray to god that he’ll give you a good lesson promise!! kakahiya ka!! pweh!!

  112. josephlao

    how can u do this to your own race?! if ima see u in person.. i’ll piss in your face just to wake u up!! JO MALONE? fuck you!! urine is a better perfume for you.. or no need cause u already stinks!! i’ll pray to god that he’ll give you a good lesson promise!! kakahiya ka!! pweh!!

  113. josephlao

    how can u do this to your own race?! if ima see u in person.. i’ll piss in your face just to wake u up!! JO MALONE? fuck you!! urine is a better perfume for you.. or no need cause u already stinks!! i’ll pray to god that he’ll give you a good lesson promise!! kakahiya ka!! pweh!!

  114. josephlao

    how can u do this to your own race?! if ima see u in person.. i’ll piss in your face just to wake u up!! JO MALONE? fuck you!! urine is a better perfume for you.. or no need cause u already stinks!! i’ll pray to god that he’ll give you a good lesson promise!! kakahiya ka!! pweh!!


  116. Jesse - New York

    Wow, Jetsetter… Malu that was something. I travel a lot and have no problem flying with economy. Matter of fact I enjoy the experience; chances of meeting real people are greater than in Business or First Class. It is an adventure. Another WoW, big spender, Greece, he he he. Feasting on what Souvlaki or Gyro. He he he.
    People like you makes me sick so sick to my stomach that I am about to puke, but then again why bother, you dont even deserve my puke. In the great tradition of my Wall Street buddies, ahhh, I can not even in my wildest dream do this to you; Fuck You. I can’t you dont have what deserve to be fucked. You piece of shit, scum of the earth. Hoy when someone asked for your nationality, dont tell them you are Pinay, tell them your from somewhere else. We dont need you.
    Now I can say it so loud, GET THE FUCKED OUTTTA HERE, BITCH…

  117. She doesn’t even know her geography. Saharan Desert is not in the middle east how come she said that her luggage might end up in the Saharan Desert. If you are en route to Greece via Dubai the flight won’t pass through the Saharan Desert.

  118. Jesse - New York

    Wow, Jetsetter… Malu that was something. I travel a lot and have no problem flying with economy. Matter of fact I enjoy the experience; chances of meeting real people are greater than in Business or First Class. It is an adventure. Another WoW, big spender, Greece, he he he. Feasting on what Souvlaki or Gyro. He he he.
    People like you makes me sick so sick to my stomach that I am about to puke, but then again why bother, you dont even deserve my puke. In the great tradition of my Wall Street buddies, ahhh, I can not even in my wildest dream do this to you; Fuck You. I can’t you dont have what deserve to be fucked. You piece of shit, scum of the earth. Hoy when someone asked for your nationality, dont tell them you are Pinay, tell them your from somewhere else. We dont need you.
    Now I can say it so loud, GET THE FUCKED OUTTTA HERE, BITCH…

  119. Jesse - New York

    Wow, Jetsetter… Malu that was something. I travel a lot and have no problem flying with economy. Matter of fact I enjoy the experience; chances of meeting real people are greater than in Business or First Class. It is an adventure. Another WoW, big spender, Greece, he he he. Feasting on what Souvlaki or Gyro. He he he.
    People like you makes me sick so sick to my stomach that I am about to puke, but then again why bother, you dont even deserve my puke. In the great tradition of my Wall Street buddies, ahhh, I can not even in my wildest dream do this to you; Fuck You. I can’t you dont have what deserve to be fucked. You piece of shit, scum of the earth. Hoy when someone asked for your nationality, dont tell them you are Pinay, tell them your from somewhere else. We dont need you.
    Now I can say it so loud, GET THE FUCKED OUTTTA HERE, BITCH…

  120. Julie S.

    wah….. nakakaaning ka Ms. Malou Fernandez, anong nakain mo sa araw na iyon at nasabi mo ang mga bagay na iyon… Parang di ka pilipino hindi kailangang manlait o mangutya ka para lang sumikat!!! alam mo bang ang mga OFW na iyan ay malaki ang naitutulong para sa ating bansa eh ang isang katulad moh ni minsan wala kaming nabalitaang naitulong mo..? kaya kung ako sa yo huwag mong isipin na buhay ka pa dahil sa dami ng comentong nabasa ko buhay ka pa pinapatay ka na dahil sa mga walang kakwenta kwentang sinabi moh. nakakatulog ka pa ba? wish ko lang…

  121. a filipino deserves better..specially the OFWs out there and even malu fernandez. as tactless as she could be, it’s enough for me to know she’s out. resigned or fired i don’t care, either way it’s a relief.
    to previous comments, it’s not good to say nasty words towards her. it only means you and malu have the same attitude, only you got offended first and everything is chain reaction.
    her article was beneath our expectation when we read it. it was in the gutter and we were hurt and the only way to make her realize it
    is by making an educated and civilized response. not by attacking her trying to hit her between the eyes, you just stating the so very obvious. we must stop humiliating ourselves. she too is a filipino just like us, she just
    think she’s better and that’s about it.

  122. Lucio Sy

    Ey Miss Maluwang, come ride on ma plane okeh? I need to balance the economy section eh because nobody there no. Masyalo bigat halapan mga First Class lang pasahero ko. Pwele ikaw likod economy so balance eplane koh hehe.
    You death threatened yourself nung ikaw sabe “I feel like slashing my wrist…” And I think you take too many sleeping pills. Addict! Baboy! Hehe

  123. bagong bayani

    wow miss malu ang sosi sosi mo! i want to be your friend so that i can also live a glamorous life. when i get close to you i’ll make delicious tocino out of you! bwiset!!!

  124. Bryan Boy, hear me out as a real transexual talking to a novice tranny. If you want to be classy, Malu is totally not the person to adore. It reflects badly on you, girl. But having read other entries in your blog before reading the link to Malu, I was not surprised that you identify with her. Hey, don’t get me wrong: I’m not one of the stupid people who subscribe to your blog. I just happened to follow the link to Malu’s article. If she writes bad prose, you don’t even know the proper usage of verb tenses. Body type issues are not what people find offensive with you or Malu. It’s the way you contaminate the world with your amoebic notions and still feel superior. It is stupidity that people find offensive. For the sake of gay pride, I hope you finally get the fact that Malu is way down there in the dregs. Try, please try, to raise your IQ levels. Read better stuff, watch smarter television shows. Start with Vanity Fair: it’s the kind of magazine with topics you like but with intelligent writing. I hate to see the gay world spoiled by the kind of stupidity you are displaying. It’s so hard to earn respect as a tranny, and your make it even harder for us your sisters. I hope you can change.

  125. chichay

    im sure there are lots of fat ofw’s out there too. my grandmother is fat. my dog is fat. i used to be fat –although i magically transformed into a hot diva three months ago just in time to bash malu’s corpulence if the mood hits.
    but it’s really not about her weight. really. really really.


    Jeez! Y’all need to get a f*cking grip! Has everyone lost their sense of rumor? Kayo naman masyadong politically correct! Nagpapatawa lang ang tao e. I’m an OFW myself but can’t we laugh at ourselves sometimes? Would it help if somebody else who’s OFW wrote it? Would you guys respond any differently? I say lighten up people! There are a lot more serious problems that deserve your attention! Yun lang po…At tsaka pala ang tindi ng mga comments niyo dito. As one poster said in another blog..bigotry begets bigotry ganoon ba?

  127. I am shocked a Malu’s article. We own a big bank and I remember the time she was asking my dad for an extension for her loan payments because it was past due. Although we hated her gutts because she was rude, demanding and pushy, my dad extended her loan amortizations during the Asian Financial crisis of 1997. And now this piece of trash she wrote.
    Hey Malu, if you wanted to slash your wrist because you were in the company of many OFW’s, I sure hope you did it so that we have one less bigot out of this world. Oh, before you do so, please pay up your loan. Don’t make a mistake of asking Dad’s intercession because if you do I will personally send you a complimentary economy class ticket to Dubai so you can be slaughtered by the hard-wroking OFW’s in time for noche buena. Stop pretending you are Paris Hilton because you are not! You said in your article that your legs were bruised becuase the seats in Economy were too tight. Well, it will help if you lose 17 kilos of fat in your face you passed off as hand-carry luggage.
    Last June, my family and I spent the summer in Europe and we flew to Paris via Dubai on Emirates. In Dubai, we were welcomed by the warmth and friendly Pinoys working the 4:00am shift at Duty Free. The OFW’s are the heroes of our economy so stop crucifying them as if they are lepers.
    I am very much ashamed we took you as a client of our bank. My sister is an OFW and she works as a VP of a big hedge-fund in New York. My former yaya is also an OFW working for a cruise line based in Florida. They are decent people who works hard day and night to make a decent living. There will come a time that OFW’s will be richer than you are and when they do, you will be wiping their toilets and serving them food. I just can’t wait for that day to happen.
    I don’t know how you can ever show yourself in public as everyone seem to know by now how you look like — ugly on the outside and even uglier on the inside.
    Wake up Malu and stop day-dreaming! You are not that rich. Stop living the life of the rich and famous. As the saying in the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley: “Would you rather be a fake somebody or a real nobody.”

  128. G-O-S-H. so much bitching about her looks! is there really a point in this?
    But hell, she bloody did go over the line didn’t she? having the guts to actually bitch about her own hard-working countrymen and PUBLISH the damn thing is quite remarkable.
    I would personally burn her in the stake to be honest as this behavior is definitely POISONOUS. it could ruin the fili community anywhere and everywhere. i’ve met some here in london which is quite sad but then again, we must be vigilant to the thought we might turn into this horrifying piece of work.

  129. williez29

    Malu is just a social tsumikap with dreams of being part of the socialite world.
    Well, Malu’s photographs showed that she was full of make-ups, the way her shirt or blouse drapes her body showed she had no fashion savvy. Her hands/fingers looked so swollen, her necklace looked like spherical charcoals, her hairstyle showed her fat face. With all these imperfections she even had the nerve to write trash about OFWs. OFWs or not, nobody deserves the ranting she published.
    Am glad about all the people who have responded as it showed that there are no audiences for a journalism article that smacks of bigotry.
    Am sure Malu would hate if I say, she looked like she hasn’t been laid. Who would want to anyway? She is ugly on the outside and even uglier inside.
    Maybe not getting laid was the main reason that made her write that article. Well, she has a very big problem if this is true!!!!
    ciao baby

  130. cansmellpretenseamileaway

    Here’s hopefully the final word on Malu Fernandez….her name backwards is ULAM! And boy does she pack a lot of it!
    can-smell-pretense-a mile-away

  131. bangs sy

    However, Fernandez said she has since become the “target of death threats, hate blogs, and deeply personal insults” and felt the need to apologize and quit. The Manila Standard Today confirmed that Fernandez no longer wrote for the paper.
    “To say that this article was not meant to malign, hurt or express prejudice against the (overseas Filipino workers) now sounds hollow after reading through all the blogs from Filipinos all over the world.
    “I am deeply apologetic for my insensitivity and the offensive manner in which this article was written,” she said in her personal website.
    She stressed it was never her intention to “malign, hurt or express prejudice” against the group.

  132. LOL
    I find it funny, how the general public hates malu for being such a snob. truth is, almost all pinoys who step out of this country and back morphs into an amusing “galing saudi” persona.
    my ex gf who was fat (actually no, she was obese-a gorgeous one that). i was surpised by the way she was acting after coming back home from london. she was complaining while inside the jeepney, of how things are inorderly, etc. i was surprised but i kept it to myself. i thought it was hilarious.
    you see pinoys change with money, with travels, i would bet with any material well being one would get!
    honestly, i believe that pinoys are the world biggest whiners, and wannabes. who cares anyway? life must move on.

  133. Edmund Labuguen

    Malu Fernandez? You’re a shit! Hindi bagay sa iyo ang inaasta mo! Ipinamumukha mo ba sa amin ang estado mo sa buhay? Para ka tuloy social climber! Huwag lang kitang makakasabay sa eroplano baka hindi ko mapigilan sarili ko ihagis kita sa Sahara Desert!

  134. One’s class is not shown by the seat one purchases on an airplane. It is shown by how a person respects other people.
    Tip to Malu: the next time you take Coach Class from Manila to Athens and your olfactory nerves are violated by people who you feel are beneath you, do NOT bitch and write about it. Rather, grin, bear it, and immediately take a sleeping pill!
    Remember everyone, you can be first class even if you’re traveling coach.

  135. Malu looks like a double dead pig being sold in Balintawak market, so i’m not at all surprised that she would behave that way. Nagprepretend na hindi double dead!!! Poor social climbing matrona.

  136. To you Ms. Porky Pig I mean Ms. Malu, i dont think na kaya nag ka galos ang legs mo just because of the chair, well siguro nagka hadhad ka lang kasi sa laki ng legs mo. Siguro kung malalaman lang ng previous school mo kung ano ang ginawa mo, kahit sila ipag kakaila na naging student ka sa school nila. Wake up girl! D lahat ng oras nandyan ka sa kinalalagyan mo. I have relatives in dubai, at they know all the expensive perfumes at nagpapadala din sila. Di kaya ikaw ang gumagamit ng charlie kasi you still remember pa the smell? And if you are a really rich bitch, i dont think na sasakay ka sa economy, kung talagang may money ka ha. Or you’re just pretending na mayron?
    I agree with Aya’s comment! Bayaran mo muna ang utang mo. Baka mas may money pa yang mga OFW na inaapi mo. And to all OFW’s MABUHAY KAYO!!! Kapag nakita nyo si Ms. Piggy Painumin ninyo ng mamahaling perfume ng bumango bango naman ang bibig nitong tabachoy nato.

  137. Why the hell was she allowed in the Eco Class in the first place. The airline should be investigated for failing to classify her as livestock and should have placed her in the livestock cargo. FWIW, did she pass quarantine?

  138. matador

    Kaming mga ofw nagtatrabaho sa bansang may langis upang mag bigay tulong sa anting banyang nahihirapan. Ito ba ang pasasalamat na aming matatanggap mula sa isang manunulat na akala namin na tulad niya ang maglalathala ng mga bagay na magpapaligaya sa aming pagkawalay sa ating bansa at pamilya? Sabagay puno rin siya ng langis, ayun lang nga SEBO.

  139. Sure, it’s probably out of line for people to be commenting about her looks and her weight. They are after all, stating the obvious. But then, if you think about it, Malu commented on silly, petty things as well like the way the OFWs smelled. Was it really that relevant? She was already being funny with the save my accessories line but she took it too far with the comments she made about the OFWs. Some people might have found it amusing, but being the focus of some writer’s punch line is not such a pleasant experience. They are hard working people who are just trying to make a living for their family. Not all of us have the luxury to jetset around the world. A little respect would have been nice.


  141. all you trying-hard, “wanna-be socialites” are a waste of ink, paper, tv airtime, and virtual web space.
    i find none of your crass, bigoted, ignorant, pretentious writing- if i dare call it that, the least bit amusing at all.
    get real jobs. save us the agony.

  142. poshlust

    from her tone of writing you can sense that she’s a well-rounded (no-pun intended, but fcuk it… WAHAHAHAHAHA) traveler… who, like you said, has been around the block. but WTF why the hell she writes for a local paper if she’s just gonna waste precious paper space whining on having to fly economy? I know we should not resent her for being so rich she can spend a holiday in greece just like that, but does she have to be one rude class-lacking bitch? it has always been said that a person’s character should be judged according to the way she treats her subordinates and man… her maids must be on valium all the time. or maybe her maids is putting HER on valium all the time. I like you bryan boy, at least you still have a decent bone in your body, and this bitch certainly has not. i applaud her balls (ok, wrong gender) but i certainly do NOT admire her morals. she’s an embarrasment to the newspaper. Soliven would have turned in his grave.

  143. 1. To the Bank Owner who lent Malu a loan, I will never trust your Bank for disclosing confidential info….shame on you for unethical professionalism.
    2. To all of you who talk about her being fat, you are too shallow to comment on personal attributes which directs the criticism away from the main issues. Napakababaw!
    3. To all of you who do not see beyond artistic journalism, that was a writing style for emphasis – namedropping.
    4. To Malu – You would have learnt your lesson by now that you have to have responsible journalism and take care of who you hit directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally due to issues of accountability. Unfortunately, you have hit a raw nerve in the Overseas Workers, and the MASA. You have drawn the line between the rich and poor and the “trying” to be rich middle class values, hence you have been sensationalised. Your apology and resignation would have been enough to end this all, but being Filipino, we just really want to “talk”. Only time will heal it all. Keep your chin up!

  144. Andy Bonifacio

    Mga kapatid,
    Ako ay bumangon sa aking pagkakatayo sa rotonda ng Caloocan upang huling ipagtanggol ang aking inaaping kababayan na ngayon ay nangibang bayan dahil sa hirap ng buhay na dinaranas sa sariling bayan. Napakapait isipin na kapwa Pilipino pa ang manlalait sa kanyang kapatid sa dugo, kulay, pananalita, pangong ilong, at ng nasabi ng isa nating kaibigan – kasing amoy ng utot at ewan pa…
    Hindi pa tapos ang laban, ipahiwatig natin ang ating puot sa pamamagitan ng pagpunit ng sedula, este, pagliham sa mga kinauukulan ng pahayagang Manila Standard at sa People Asia Magazine ng ating mga sentimiento. Sila din ay dapat managot dahil pinayagan nilang mailathala ang mga masasakit at hindi makataong paratang ng hitad na si Malu Fernandez. Sa ganitong paraan ay mapapadama natin sa kanila ang ating damdamin, hindi lang sa espasyong ito.
    at sa
    Huwag kayong mahiya sa inyong nais ipahiwatig kung sa tingin nyo ay mga elitista lang ang nagbabasa sa kanilang mga lathala. Kung ang pakay naman nila ay dumami ang magpunta sa kanilang sapot-lugar, pwes, tambakan natin sila ng liham hanggang umapaw ito sa kanilang tagapag-silbing kompyuter.
    Hindi ako nagbuwis ng buhay dahil lamang ang aking mga apo ay mag-aaway dahil lang sa ganito. (Kung sa bagay, kapwa ko rin Pilipino ang yumare sa akin pero ibang istorya na iyon, hehe). Datapwat sa tagal ng pagkakatayo ko sa Monumento, naninigas na ang mga braso ko.
    Hala, simulan na ang laban.

  145. mirrormirror

    MALU was called a BITCH, PIG and a SOCIAL CLIMBER among others, but not a LIAR. Why? because she clearly did not make up any of her experience (harsh as they may sound) and that’s what makes us all so angry. THE TRUTH HURTS.
    Case in point, I personally know a flight attendant from a UAE airline, and according to her, “Filipino OFWs are the most DEMANDING and HARD TO PLEASE passengers”. Yes, they work hard. BRAVO! But that doesn’t mean they can act like KINGS now.
    YES, Filipinos do like TALKING OVER OTHER’S HEADS (not a very pleasant thing esp when you are caught in between). When she mentioned of the plane SMELLING FUNKY after a 9 hr flight…isn’t that so true? The plane toilet REEKS for some reason when we Filipinos are done with it. Not to mention the LITTERING we are so accustomed to doing and TAKING HOME all the UTENSILS and whatnots we can get our hands on. Instead of putting her on a stake to burn, maybe we should LOOK at OURSELVES first.
    Just like the time, we FILIPINOS verbally stoned CLAIRE DANES to death when she said, MANILA was “GHASTLY”…THE TRUTH HURTS, CAN YOU BLAME HER?

  146. mercedes cacho

    malu fernandez may have been overacting in her comments. she had been boasting most of the time but she cant even afford to have a make over with the belo medical group. she talks of signature names but not the most expensive of all, meaning she just made a “try”. bale ba first time nya gumamit ng mga ganun na mga perfumes, kasi i would keep my perfumes to myself if i were she.
    she made her point however regarding her observations which are also true, like filipinos who place their stinking feet up the chairs of the plane, filipinos who flock to the main entrance of the tubes of the planes when they are adivised to board their planes, pushing and trying to go ahead of the rest when in fact, everybody is given his or her seat already, no concern for the people who got children or infants… Noisy??? yes a lot of filipino people are very very noisy…. some even telling their entire private life stories while they are on the plane, the others??? deadma lang kasi nakapagabroad na at ala na ang pagkakakilanlan sa mga filipino na katabi nila…lalo na kung napangasawa nila ay mga foreigners!!!! richy rich na kase!!!talagang mura at marami na ang perfumes sa dubai pero baka naman she cannot affort to buy the rest of the brands kya nagtyaga na lang sa perfume sa kubeta…… why not ask her to ride her private plane instead??? di ba nya ma afford??? e di i -loan nya. taga saan ba cya???bakit journalism lang natapos nya??? ala ba kaya mga magulang nya??? cant afford????magasawa na lang siya ng foreigner sa ibang bansa na kasing taba at pangeet nya>>>>>

  147. MALU is a certified, RED BUTTERFLY!!! My mom was an OFW for 21 years now, my brother and my sister is also an OFW.
    Wag lang kita makita MALU ka, tang ina mu… isa kang langaw na nakatuntong sa ibabaw ng kalabaw.

  148. sunsetboi

    it must have been really hell for Malu being stucked with those OFWs. but it must have been worse than hell for those OFWs having Malu with them on the economy class…. imagine nalang tiniis nila ng mag-amoy BABUYAN yung plane the moment na pumasok sya!!!! may mga FIERCE na BABOY pero FABULOUS na BABOY? ilusyanada ang OINK OINK na itoh!!! parang gusto kong tumambling…. kakaloka…..but then just one look at her and you’ll understand…. she must have been living a very sad life kaya naghahanap na iyoh ng atensyon… at BRYAN baka bukas makalawa kabugin ka na nya sa pagiging attention seeker moh!!! magpapatalo ka ba sa isang BABOY lang?

  149. Markmyword

    All I can sya is that i think Jo Malone smells like shit… Axe smells better. Anywayz… I have a fat Uncle and we let him travel business class for some reasons that he can’t fit in Economy anymore and his knees are all swollen and bruised if does so.. Well, I guess same thing goes for Malu who happens to ran out of business class reservation. Maybe she’s just late. Oh, another thing, why do you have to wear lots of make-up and accesories wiht you on the trip? Maybe she’s really looks messed up and her snout is showing too obvious…

  150. Ms. Malu. Ako po ay OFW. This weekend po, kami ay lilipad sa Paris para mag shopping.. konti lang po, kasi ipapadala ko yung iba kong pera kay boy sa Las Pinas. Next week, pupunta kami sa Santa Barbara, California, masarap daw po kasi wine dun eh, maka bili ng isa para sa party naming mga OFW.. paminsan maka tikim naman ng masarap. Oh… nga pala, uuwi kami sa Pinas dyan sa October, lahat kami magkakaibigan, fly FIRST CLASS para maka tikim naman, wawa ka naman, COACH LANG AFFORD MO, ay di ka pala OFW, journalist ka lang pala na sosyal sa Pinas. Baka may gusto ka from Belgium, andito ako ngayon eh, nag imbita kasi si Mang Kado na maiba naman daw ang gimik namin.
    “where are you from?” malamang napulot nyo yung phrasa na yan sa California no? daming Pinoy dun kala nila di sila Pinoy kagaya mo.. pero mabait sila sa kapwa pinoy kahit na medyo pa sosyal sila, di nila kami nilait, in fact, niyaya pa nila kami kumain sa SPAGO’s sa Beverly Hills eh… tska dun sa IVY, sarap ng Filet Mignon nila dun, minsan lang kami makatikim, pero daming masasarap na kainan sa Dubai, minsan lang gusto naming mag pahinga sa ibang lugar.
    Salamat sa column mo, naliwanagan ang mga tao sa buong mundo na ang perang ginagastos mo ay dulot ng mga taong kagaya namin na nagpapadala ng pera sa naghihirap nating bayan.
    Pedro (dipping a strawberry on a warm fondue in Belgium)

  151. mandrilla

    gusto ko lang ipaabot sayo ang mensaheng ito…….
    nagbigay ka ng sarili mong opinyon pero hindi mo inisip na makakabuti sa karamihan ang ginawa mo. hindi mo insip na kung hindi dahil sa mga OFW natin ay wala ka ring sasahurin. hindi ba business woman ka? sino ang mga bumibili ng iyong mga produkto? siguro hindi ka aware na maaring anak, magulang, kamag-anak ng OFW na ito. Ay! oo nga pala Journalist ka nga pala!!!!pero di mo ba alam na maaring ang sinasahod mo ay maaring mula sa pinagpaguran ng mga OFW. masyadong mong pinababa ang dangal ng mga OFW na kapwa mo pa man ding Pilipino. nakuha mo pang laitin ang kapwa mo,,, hindi mo ba alam na para mo na ring nilait, tinapakan, niyurakan ang sarili mo dahil sa ginawa mo, ang iyong article ay nakasulat sa English, sinumang tao maaring makakabasa nito, saan mang panig ng mundo ay makakarating ito. hindi mo ba alam na para mo naring ipinahiya ang sarili mo.. at ang iyong bansa…bakit hindi ka ba pilipino para magsalita ka ng ganyan? Tandaan mo….hindi lang ikaw ang mayaman, hindi lang ikaw ang may kapangyarihan, hindi lang ikaw ang mataas……::may mataas pa sa’yo… sana maranasan mo ang narasan ng ating mga OFW sa ibang bayan upang ikaw sa sarili mo mismo ay maramdaman mo ang sakit na naramdaman nila….lumabas ka mundo mo…mikasalamuha ka sa buhay na tinatatwa at minamaliit mo parta makita mo ang halaga ng moral ng isang tao….YOU PIG”””””ASSHOLE”””YOU IDIOT”””sucking your own blood….”

  152. apeng412

    Ako, i like fat girls… Malou, idate mo na lang ako para makalimutan mo ang mga umaaway sayo. Libre mo ko sa mcdo, tapos ibibigay kita sa kanila for question and answer portion. Though, i really like fatgirls! FAT GIRLS RULE!

  153. magbanua C.

    Ate Malu.. I hope na maranasan nyo po ang mga naranasan ng ating mga OFW’s para naman po matauhan kayo….I thought that you’re bright, pero hindi man lang ninyo inisip ang maaring mangyari pagkatapos know i admire writers…dahil sa pamamagitan ng pagsusulat ay kanilang nasasabi ang kanilang mga saloobin, ngunit hindi sa ganyang paraan ng pagsusulat…nakakadegrade na po kayo ng dignidad ng tao at hindi po mabuti yon…parang wala na din po kayong pinagkaiba sa isang hayop…! walang pakialam sa damdamin ng iba!!!!!

  154. mario igna


  155. Malu, are you like Richard Quest of CNN Business Traveler?
    Even him, as a responsible journalist, do not practice discrimination in his writings and shows. Writers and editors of The Philippine Tatler are socialites but they do not write the same way as you are.
    MALU, if you happen to forget your ethics as a journalist, here’s some that you’ve violated when you wrote the article against OFWs:
    The Journalist’s Code of Ethics
    IV. I shall refrain from writing reports that will adversely affect a private reputation unless the public interest justifies it. At the same time, I shall fight vigorously for public access to information.
    V. I shall not let personal motives or interests influence me in the performance of my duties, nor shall I accept or offer any present, gift or other consideration of a nature that may cast doubt on my professional integrity.
    VII. I shall not, in any manner, ridicule, cast aspersions on, or degrade any person by reason of sex, creed, religious belief, political conviction, cultural and ethnic origin.
    XI. I shall conduct myself in public or while performing my duties as journalist in such manner as to maintain the dignity of my profession. When in doubt, decency should be my watchword.

  156. I think the editor of the magazine should be blamed as well because I think they have to screen the editorials…

  157. labbyjabbes

    hi guys! just wanted to let you know that ms. fernandez has a profile on FRIENDSTER and MYSPACE! so feel free to bludgeon her to death with your killer comments, wahahahahaha
    P.S.: i would reaaaaaaaaally hate to be in her shoes right now

  158. Hi, I agree with a post above that the publisher and editor are also responsible for the article, they should have edited it.
    And also, writer ba talaga siya, napa amateur and shallow ng article and very racist and discriminatory.
    Paki ihaw na lang nga yan dun sa bush fires sa Greece.

  159. reading this article at 9:45 AM in an office on a foreign land made me want to take my seemingly non-functional pink lighter and stick it up her nose and let the butane leak until it seeped through the sinuses of her empty skull and until the butane permanently settled in the small crevices of her blood vessels and tissues. how i would love to stare at that terrified face and let the flammable gas shake the foundation of her “acerbic wit”. after such torment, i would lovingly light the pink lighter and let the fire eat every rotten cell of her gray and white matter.
    to malu fernandez, many of us have our own “private hell”. i don’t find it whimsical to publish such opinion if it demeans the majority. to be witty is to be sharp. to be tongue-in-cheek is to be humorous. the article is nothing but serious and deprecating to your race and to your country.

  160. OI BAboy MAgsalamin ka nga?Ang lakas ng loob mo manlait…ala kang karapatang manlait???mas katanggap tanggap pa kung maganda itsura mo…Go TO HELL with ur fat ass!!!

  161. Shes a fat old bitch…Go to hell asshole… I think d pa ata xa nakaranas magsalamin since birth..baka mashock xa kapag narealize nya kung ano itsura nya..hehehhe

  162. Sigmund has a good reminder for Pinoy bloggers and posters to refrain from casting aspersions on the quality, or lack thereof, of Malu F’s persona. Wit and intellectual meanness cannot possibly change this woman of exceptional substance.
    Even in her most abject apologies in her Yahoo page, she just had to lash back at her detractors by saying “It was truly not my intention to malign hurt or express prejudice against OFWs… It is my fervent hope that the lessons that Ive learned are not lost on all those who through anonymous blogs, engaged in bigotry, discrimination, and hatred ( against overweight individuals , for example ).” Her act of writing sophomoric testaments on the stupidity of her beliefs is not mere intention but self-flagellation. Being Internet-accused of looking and acting like a female pig is but undying, requited love from OFWs she unfairly accused of smelling like pigs.
    She spits at the character of millions of OFWs and is now bothered and scared when only several hundreds of them defecate on her character in the Internet? Truly, a just response to the scale of her insults would demand at least several million pages and several years of savage comments. She is certainly fierce, and well, OFWs are fiercer still.
    Diva? Well, for the information of the 99.99 percent among you who were absent in your Third Year High School class when Italian mythology was being discussed, the word diva derives from divus — the lowest form of divinity like wood nymphs. If she incriminates herself by writing in the wooden style of the lowest form of humanity, then she is just affirming her claim.
    Insults and death threats leveled at her, her family and friends are just desserts for them. Is it only now that she and her name-dropped fashionista friends realize that the demeaned OFWs and their dependents can reduce the quality of life of her family and friends at less than Php20 — the price of one bullet — pesos per head, or the price per hour for trashing her at a lousy Internet cafe? Do you actually believe that Senator-elect Migz can gain more votes than Victor Wood if OFWs found out much earlier that he is the favorite nephew of this woman?
    Which of the “exclusive” — the more precise term is socially insulated — prep, elementary, high school and college institutions that “nurtured” her are still willing to openly claim that she graduated from their halls? Which of her classmates and bosom — well, she does like to show her cleavage — friends in her wasted youth are now willing to vouch for the goodness of her heart? What kind of “buena familia from Forbes Park” could possibly be called such, if it can produce this kind of vituperous divalicious scent of a woman?
    What is truly astounding from this incident is the sheer ignorance of this woman of the quality of the OFW network. In Europe, I never had to queue for reservations in concerts, popular shows and fine dining institutions. This Malu F is not aware that Pinoy OFWs are taking care of the most influential people in the Continent, as well as their children. Whispered requests to these OFWs, and I can watch those fancy Lippizaner horses in Vienna without waiting for a year, enjoy the Berlin Philharmonic, or have the best seat in a Formula One thunderdome. You want a three-star Michelin-class fusion of German dinuguan and Kapampangan dinuguan? Pinoy OFW cooks can do that in less than an hour, and for a shameless pig like me, free on the house. God, the things this woman miss…
    Her degenerate world views genuinely speak from her heart, and the bosoms of her fashionista friends who cheer her on. So, let these rot and die there.

  163. venus de milo

    Ang lupeeeet n’yo namang manglait!!alam mo Malu mali ang napasukan mong trabaho dapat sa iyo maging model ng HAM!at ng mansanas!ang cute ng ina mo ang sarap mong pagkukurutin ng nail cutter sa least ako tama ang landas na tinahak ko kasi magaling akong maglinis ng bahay,magluto,mamalantsa at mag-alaga ng bata kaya nag domestic helper ako.eeewww!!! ano kininikilabutan ka na???!!! pag naligaw ka dito sa cyprus gagawin kitang souvla!!!at ikaw naman bryan boy isa ka pang hitad na bakla ka!ang akala mo kung sino kang sosyalin baduy ka rin naman.tingnan mo nga ang itsura mo dyan sa video mo mukha kang tipaklong na pingkakagat ng langgam s pwet kaya ka talon ng talon.atsaka ang init-init naka boots ka pa siguro ang umaalingasaw na ang mga paa mo dahil puro alipunga bakit di ka magbudbod ng tawas?magsama kayo ni Malu! match made in heaven kayo isang tuhugan at isang litsunin.

  164. ManThatHookPigs

    Malu… that was so insane… think about the results of your action… a over weight pig will act like that… are you that overweight pig? such a careless columnist you’ve been… thanks for showing us not to do (as a writer).. btw… you need a C5 airplane to travel… it’ll help you have a comfortable seat… have you seen operation dumbo drop?

  165. Ms. C Tantoco was not high society until she “married” into it right? I mean she married a Tantoco so I suspect that she and Malu must have been on the same boat – social climbing – I’m sorry but really, Malu F! spoke like a noveau riche (sorry, correct my spelling nalang). Yes, one writes for a target audience but does one have to offend to please the target? A good writer knows better. And a good editor knows best.

  166. joyjoy@london

    who is that person? my godness! miss malu fernandez, you´re not that pretty para magtaray ng ganyan! at kahit anong gawin at sabihin mo, sa mata ng marami, hindi ka mukhang disente! litaw na litaw sa mala-baboy mong figure ang pagiging mahadera at pagiging matapobre! well, bagay naman sa iyo ang title na bigay sa iyo ng masa “THE MOST HATED PINAY”!!! bagay sa iyo yan, BITCH!!!

  167. I didn’t get the chance to read this article until today. I’m very late with this reaction. It’s very silly commenting on the perfume of OFWs, taking an economy class and making up an excuse why you took that seat when you she can very much afford a business class. Or maybe not. She’s compared herself to those “people” unfortunately. Is she a Filipino? Her last name sounds like one. If she’s not proud to be one then that’s her problem and she shouldn’t live in the Philippines. She was in Greece but she ate in an American restaurant? I think when you go to a different country, you’d want to experience more of the country and not another restaurant you can find in the Philippines. She sounded so “pro-Filipino” (which is of course the opposite) in her article…Her article should’ve been just a letter to her friends and should have not been published. The editor should have read them carefully.
    I think secretly she enjoyed this attention.

  168. To Mercedes Cacho,
    You said, “YES, Filipinos do like TALKING OVER OTHER’S HEADS (not a very pleasant thing esp when you are caught in between). When she mentioned of the plane SMELLING FUNKY after a 9 hr flight…isn’t that so true? The plane toilet REEKS for some reason when we Filipinos are done with it. Not to mention the LITTERING we are so accustomed to doing and TAKING HOME all the UTENSILS and whatnots we can get our hands on. Instead of putting her on a stake to burn, maybe we should LOOK at OURSELVES first.”
    I say, why oh why I should look at myself first when I never did those things that you’re talking about. I used to be an OFW for so many years, but I never did what you’re throwing to us all Filipinos. It’s just like you’re saying that if one do the crime then everybody is guilty!! So you and Malu are the same!! LIAR!!

  169. Hoy Miss Mamoy,
    Mag-ingat ka sa mga sinasabi mo ha! Akoy dakilang OFW din and I lov pinay maids. Pinupuntahan ko sila sa Lucky Plaza Singapore and HK Central Station. They’re so cute and smell nice.

  170. jason ortigas

    grabe naman di dapat pinaaalis ng bansa yang malou na yan kakahiya jet setter na baboy sama pa ng ugali, animal animal animal wapaaak!!!!

  171. I’ve been reading various blogs about this Malu Fernnadez issue. I couldn’t help but be floored about all the outpouring of hatred and, all because she dared write about some people’s cheap cologne!
    Acerbic wit aside :-), we really should not demand the head of the writer/messenger. While generalization is not responsible journalism (not all OFWs are uncouth and wear Axe & Charlie), one must admit stereotypes exist because there is some grain of truth to it. Instead of hurling vituperative words at Malu, her article (if it should be called that) should cause the people offended by it to examine themselves. For example, how do you conduct yourself when you’re in a crowded airplane? Does my smell offend other passengers? Should I be more considerate and, stop holding the aisle line whilst trying to stuff my oversized carry on into the overhead bin.
    Also, enough with the fat jokes already! What does her girth have to do with the matter? What does it say when we insult Malu at the expense of others who happen to be overweight. Doesn’t it only serve to lend credence to Malu’s observations that OFWs and Filipinos in general are uncouth? Please prove her wrong and do not comment/blog with words that you wouldn’t let your children or your mother hear you utter.

  172. I read a blog here saying that we Filipinos should learn to be quiet in a plane and not disturb other people etc. There’s actually another side to this issue: Filipinos, yes, are quite noisy and may sometimes have a disregard for the people around them however, this behavior also suggests that Filipinos are very AFFECTIONATE and they show how much they care for others, for fellow Filipinos, by making chikka i.e. asking “kamusta ka na, domestic ka rin ba? etc? Guys, let’s change our PARADIGM and try to recognize what is good in certain things…

  173. haha, kung social ka Malu, bat ka sa coach? why, di ka makaapord ng first class?
    tsaka ang taba-taba mo, para kang BABOY! BABOY! BABOY!
    kahit anong makeup mo, panget ka pa rin. mukha ka pa ring baboy. at least ang mga baboy, cute. ikaw hinde.

  174. Canadian Girl

    Miss Piggy,
    If you’re really a writer… have you heard of the saying “Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do unto you”?!? Well I guess not, can you please look at yourself and your oily fatty self before you say nasty things about the Filipinos?!? You may have best perfume but you can never conceal your true smell… oink oink… now I know why you hate the beach and the heat because your oils will come out… eeewwww, nasty malu! yuck!

  175. Canadian Girl

    Miss Piggy,
    If you’re really a writer… have you heard of the saying “Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do unto you”?!? Well I guess not, can you please look at yourself and your oily fatty self before you say nasty things about the Filipinos?!? You may have best perfume but you can never conceal your true smell… oink oink… now I know why you hate the beach and the heat because your oils will come out… eeewwww, nasty malu! yuck!

  176. Muizzddin Yap Bahjin

    Bryan Boy, please Post.
    For Ms. Malou Fernandez,
    I got back in Manila some days ago from Stockholm, Sweden where I work as an Attache for the Philippine Embassy in that country – an Overseas Filipino Worker, albeit one with a Diplomatic Passport. I was initially aghast and then disgusted when I learned of Ms. Fernandez’s unjust, uninformed (and not to mention derisive) article about my fellow OFWs. What were the people in Lifestyle Asia thinking when they printed this article?
    I am also (strangely)deeply saddened that a person with tremendous creative powers in writing has misused her gift by viciously attacking (her own) people whose only crime was that they are OFWs trying to make an honest living abroad. It is as if she HATES everything Filipino as embodied by OFWs. So what if they are noisy when they travel? I have been with Americans, Italians, French, Thais and other nationalities and they can be equally noisy. And after a couple of hours in the air, they smell “funky” too (more so in my opinion).
    Ms. Fernandez, someone with your self-promoted esteemed background should possess more compassion, understanding and admiration for these people. Are you even aware of the sacrifices they have to make just to find decent work. Their anguish? Their travails? Their love for OUR country? Take it from someone who is in constant contact and has worked with these people. Do you even know the extent of the contribution these people make to the economy? Last year’s figures alone were playing at around 15 billion dollars. I’m pretty sure that OFWs give a whole lot more than what a thousand generations of YOUR FAMILY has ever contributed to the Republic (if they have done anything good for the country at all). Don’t be too harsh on people who are REAL unlike the crowd you hang-out with. Don’t you realize that you yourself are an occasional OFW when you have a project and work abroad?
    At any rate, your comments only reflect on the TYPE OF FAMILY that you have and how you, your friends and relatives really feel about OFWs.
    I would suggest that you give up your Filipino citizenship and move to another country. You, madam, do not deserve to be called a Filipino anymore. But then again nearly every country on the face of this earth will have OFWs that will lynch you.
    By the way, here’s a little geography lesson for you – the Sahara desert is in North Africa, there is absolutely no risk of you losing your luggage containing beauty products (looking at your pictures, they do not work it seems)there. That vast expanse of sand that she flew over must/should have been the Hejaz. A truly informed person should be aware of the difference between areas in North Africa, the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula. Ms. Malou Fernandez, please read and study some more as not to embarrass yourself.
    P.S. I rode First Class using MY OWN resources going to Sweden unlike you or your supercilious friends and relatives. All you can do is talk the talk but apparently, you can’t walk…

  177. guys we should not make nasty comments about malu fernandez being fat. there’s nothing wrong about being fat.
    its her own opinion. lets just leave her alone.
    kung social climber cya let her be. if she wants to be included in the first class circle let her be.
    wala naman masama mangarap. nangangarap lang naman si malu fernandez. pag bigyan na natin kahit sa article niya.
    as you can see she would do everything to be “IN”. nakaka awa naman siya. wag na nating patulan.

  178. rose marie ang

    saw the pictures. puro athens lang! a visit to greece without the greek isles?the boat that sank in santorini isn’t a ferry boat but a luxury cruise ship,louis hellenic line. You need to book in advance as they’re always fully booked. it sank a month before malu f’s trip. maybe she couldn’t afford a santorini trip & was using the cruise ship as an excuse.

  179. Mang Tomas

    ang PANGET nyang Malu na yan ha!
    Bagay sa KAPANGITAN ng ugali nya!
    Nadali sya ng FOOT and MOUTH disease eh!

  180. Ms. Malu have written an apology about her column. She has also resigned on Manila Standard and People Asia. I guess we should just leave her alone. The anguish and remorse over what she had written is already enough to torment her. Vengeance through insulting words on her physical structure will only mean that we’re stooping down to her level. Let’s leave her in peace and just let her conscience do the rest.

  181. To Malu Fernandez,
    I have just learned about your article today..I am writing this comment in my sister’s condo in Singapore, we flew in yesterday from Ho Chi Minh where we took a quick break.. a few hours ago, i had lunch in Lucky Plaza were i had a blast over kare2x, sisig, adobo and lumpiang ubod. It’s not my first time in Singapore, but it was the first time i went to Lucky Plaza on a Sunday..Lo and behold, what they say about Filipinos there on a sunday is an understatement..we were just too many there. I was in awe..i could not believe that there were just so many of my fellow countrymen who had to leave the country just to earn and make lives better for those they leave behind. I looked at them and counted for a second, my blessings..why? Because unlike them, i, just like you miss Malu, was on vacation..I do not come from a rich family, i’m a struggling young lawyer but yet i get my share of the finer things in life.
    Reading your article that you were drowned in ecnomomy class with OFWs in the plane, I can say that I was in the same boat. Lucky plaza though situated in premier Orchard Road, isnt first class, it is full of OFWs who are so noisy and looked typically DH. They were not smelly..the other foreign nationals in mrt were..But unlike you, i was not agitated over their presence..because I am like them..i know I am Filipino, only i am blessed not to be placed in their situation…unlike you i was moved. Seeing our fellow countrymen in a foreign place is not a laughing matter, neither is to mock at their condition worthy enough to find a page in any news or magazine.
    I do not wish to judge you by your looks..I dont need to.. res ipsa loquitor (the thing speaks for itself) It is however unfortunate that judging on your exposure to people from all walks of life you have patently misused whatever talent you have. As a common individual, you have no right to pass judgment to others or to look down on them because of their have no right to do that. Moreso to look down on your countrymen. to pass judgment to them is to judge yourself too. How dare you write that article..and the nerve of you to have actually felt that way when you were in the plane. YOu may be a writer that caters to the posh and elite people in the society, but let me tell you, you just try so hard…too hard that it is now quiet obvious that you do not belong please stop. Dont sell your self shorter than you already are…trying to be a socialite does not make you one. Flaunting signature items is not the way of life of the genuinely rich and famous..that my dear makes you a cheapskate..and i pity you. Paulo Coehlo has said, that elegance is based not by status but by how one acts… judging from your article, it seems that you have a lot to learn. I therefore suggest that since you have resigned from your employment, take time to read the blogs and reaction from people..and take it from there.
    Tomorrow, i go back to Cebu and my 6 day vacation shall end. I shall continue with my work as a lawyer and do my share to make the Philippines better… I suggest you do the same as well, if only to redeem yourself with class and elegance…

  182. Malu Fernandez…sabi nga sa kanta ng APO na SALAWIKAIN:
    Kapag ikaw ay pangit, huwag sanang masungit.
    Kapag ika’y naging masungit, lalo kang papangit…HINDI BAGAY MAG-MASUNGIT ANG PANGIT! la la la la la la….LOL

  183. hahahaha…. nakakainis pero tama naman siya. Insulting pero its true. that’s her style. hate her, but then you will be reading her articles more often by now. i don’t know if that is her strategy or just style. pag mahina talaga utak, pagmamayabang na lang kayang gawin. wala kasi siyang topic na i-discuss. but don’t hate her, kasi yung column nya about her fabulousity…. kaya ganyan magsulat. try to uplift OFW’s spirit na lang. she just suck by her own INSECURITY AND INFERIORITY COMPLEX (NOT SUPERIORITY COMPLEX).

  184. I am a young professional living in Hong Kong. I am Filipino but I have lived in Hong Kong all my life.
    I grew up surrounded by the presence of Domestic Helpers and I firmly believe that the Filipino OFWs are the backbone of our country. – A large portion of money going into the Philippines comes from OFWs alone.
    Malu’s article was callous, thoughtless and heartless. These OFWs sometimes work under horrible conditions and for what? To support their families.
    Many of these DHs leave their own children to take care of someone else’s kids. Is that an easy thing to do? Of course not.
    Yes, they may be noisy at times but do people even realize that these OFWs only get a day off per week and some of them do NOT even get to talk on the phone unless it’s their day off?
    Instead of looking down at them, I admire them because of their courage to go out and build a better life for themselves and their families.
    I feel sorry for this woman. Life isn’t all about Louis Vuitton and expensive perfumes. I feel even more sorry for the shame she brought to her family. Clearly, she is shallow.
    While I do believe in the freedom of speech, thought and expression, I think we all have a moral responsibility not to take it for granted.

  185. maluisignorant

    I think Malu is unaware of the fact that the OFW’s are fueling the Philippine economy and have done so for a number of years. She really shouldn’t try to be “witty” (if you can call it that) at their expense because they make a tremendous sacrifice. If anything, they should be considered heroes, not ridiculed.

  186. She wanted to slit her wrist. Funny, should be the neck. Do it piggy style. HAHAH JOke

  187. hi malu alam mo tatagalogin ko to dahil pinoy naman tayo alam mo ang mukha mo para kang mukhang manluluko ang arte mo, halos lahat ng ofw may pinag-aralan pero ikaw parang wala dahil sa mga isinusulat mo. Ikaw kolumnista ka nga bulok naman ikaw na yata ang pinakabulok sa lahat,alam mo kung ano ang ibig sabihin sa bulok sa bisaya bobo tanga, ako ay tapos ng commercio pero ofw ako dahil sa hirap ng buhay dyan sa atin
    at napa-aral namin ang tatlo naming anak kaya pinagmamaki ko na ako ay isang ofw. pag-uwi ko malu kita tayo ha hihihi bye pangit.

  188. well_well

    i learned in writing class that you should make one dominant impression on your article. you should never go beyond the point you want to make.
    from malou’s writing we can see how bad education she had. she doesnt know how to write. she is making a featuere article on greece which she fails to do since she adds an insulting paragraph. she is not a good writer neither is the editor of the elitist magazine.

  189. When I read the article of Ms. Fernandez, I noted that she wanted to write a leisure article but was only distracted by her apparent “bad” experience. I am not saying that her article was polite but on the other hand she was just delivering a message to our “kababayan”. It should have been written in other types or media or it should have been written in a more subtle way.
    I travel a lot and I am not discriminatory on what seat to take. If its only a few hours trip then economy is just the most practical way. I only take the most expensive seat on long trips. But like her I also want to make some observations that should be taken positively…
    When you fly to other destinations except US and Europe, its a common scenario to see our OFW’s. I am proud of them since I consider them as our heroes…the saviors of President Macapagal Arroyo.
    On the other hand, its common to hear them telling loud stories, stories of other people’s lives, so loud that the entire occupants of the cabin would know the stories of their lives and other people’s lives.
    They would flaunt on their acquisitions, earnings, brag their accomplishments etc…. they would even shout and laugh loudly that would awaken all the passengers on board. Honestly, its irritating and humiliating.
    I am not insulting them but there are several things that should be observed.
    1. Respect other passengers. You cannot demand respect from others if you are not behaving properly.
    2. Be humble. People around you know that you are working hard enough to send money to your families. Hindi na kailangang magyabang.
    3. Dress properly. In my opinion,Filipinos are more discriminatory compared to other races. We are one of the few races who judge people by the way they look and what they wear.
    By observing these things perhaps there will be no more Ms. Fernandez.
    Sad to say she lost her job…I think she deserves another shot. I believe in giving a person another chance, after all we all learn from our mistakes.

  190. mr.biyong said the truth! a comment not affected or influenced by media cliches.

  191. danny boy

    MALOU FERNANDEZ: My unsolicited advise to you is PLEASE read Dale Carnegie’s HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE. It is a very enlightening book. Although old this is still applicable to our present days. Another is Emily Post’s book on Etiquette.

  192. Malu Fernandez how shame of you,,,, nakakahiya ka pa english english ka pa dyan…. yabang mo ako kahit matagal na sa abroad di ko ginawa yan sa kapwa ko…. kapal mo talaga….. buti nga sau nawalan ka ng trabaho…. you should protect your fellow filipinos not destroy them…. kadugo mo pa naman kami …. MISS PIGGY///

  193. Bong Arcilla a.k.a Godzilla

    I once had a pig
    All rosy and big
    With bulging thighs and shoulders
    As big as a boulder
    It rolls in the mud
    With its snout in the trough
    We tried to bathe her in fancy Jo Malone
    But the stink of the skank is stronger than cologne
    She hides her fat in couture
    Damn this pig is mature

  194. bitchslap

    Dear Ms. Malu Fernandez(even if this is Bry Boy’s Blog,and it’s highly unlikely this letter will ever be read by that pachyderm posing as a socialite),
    My father works in the States.I hear a lot of complaints from my Mother,and guiltily,myself,about my father’s uncouth nature, but I know that I wouldn’t get to have wunderbar experiences without his money.Of course,most of them were executed by my unOFW mother,but that isn’t the point.
    Miss Malu,hasn’t it ever occured to you that this…diaspora of filipinos to everywhere is fueling a surge of gloabalization that enables lazy gold-digging strumpets like you to buy Louis Vuitton here in the Philippines?Judging from your appearance however,I doubt that you have even experienced running your fingers against the lining of a Louis.
    By the way,my father flies first class,and instead of bragging about dollars earned,he silently previews the books he buys for me,while breathing the scent of Bulgari perfume on him.
    I am so much better than this but you ticked me off,
    Bitchslappin’ Blue

  195. emmee_76

    Ms. Malu…
    You definitely CROSS-THE-LINE… always remember this “WHATEVER COMES AROUND GOES AROUND…”.. you are the only writer/journalist that I know that acts so UNprofessional… you deserve all of this panglalaet..

  196. Maluga Fernandezzz

    I cannot believe it! Malu Fernandez is baaaack!!! She is still writing at Manila Standard… go and google her name under news.

  197. Maluga Fernandezzz

    I cannot believe it! Malu Fernandez is baaaack!!! She is still writing at Manila Standard… go and google her name under news.

  198. Kune Panes

    Postcript to Malu Fernandez’ From Greece to Boracay (Living Asia, June 2007 Issue)
    Ms. Fernandez is not a travel writer, I’m sure. She knows only how to write about herself. She’s perfect in self-promotion. She flaunts herself like she’s the sole heiress of one of the world’s billionaires only to say that her minimum requirement in traveling is a Holiday Inn. Funny!
    We can only wonder from which planet she comes from. She should be dumped in a crystal bubble so that her manicure would not be scratched, she wouldn’t step on the sand and the algae, and wouldn’t be bitten by mosquitoes so that she wouldn’t be spraying Baygon everywhere she goes and help save this planet from being polluted by her nasty ways.
    She justifies herself in “bravely” taking an economy class seat aboard the Emirates “to save on [her] ticket.” Save on her ticket? With 17-kg. overweight hand-carries of hers for all her make-up accessories and a Holiday Inn as minimum requirement in traveling, she still thought of saving on her plane ticket? What a portrait she is of self-contradiction! She’s a cross between her fantasy and her own reality!
    Ms. Fernandez hates her own race, she wanted to slash her wrist “at the thought of being trapped in a plane with all of them”—overseas Filipino workers—in Dubai. She hates their smell of Axe and Charlie cologne, they make her Jo Malone evaporate in thin air. What hypocrisy! Why did she travel back in the same economy class?
    Ms. Fernandez’ slur against OCWs cannot be forgiven. She’s pathetic. Perhaps, she had just known and enjoyed the little luxury in life, she thought she had it all. She shouldn’t have complained being restricted in her movements while seated in a plane’s economy class seat had she been aware of how fat she is. It was not the small seat, baby, it’s your enormous size that gave you bruises on your legs. She should not have flaunted her 17-kg. hand-carries containing all her make-up and accessories because she only made her readers aware that without them, people might have noticed how ugly she is inside and out. Who of the OCWs can’t afford her Louis Vuitton, or her Adidas all-terrain, or her Holiday Inn?
    Ms. Fernandez should see how OCWs have helped improved the Philippine economy, how they sacrificed life and family just to improve their own lot, get better education for their children, build beautiful houses that triggered the construction boom, invest in entrepreneurial endeavors, spend for their little vanity, that makes mall owners rich, etc. Can she ask herself what she had done for her country? I’m sure she does not even buy local products at all.
    I traveled out of the country a lot in the past, stayed in fabulous and expensive hotels, have been upgraded from economy seat to business class in different planes at one time or another due to the frequency of my travel. At Holiday Inn Golden Mile in Hongkong, my room was upgraded from standard to business suite. But what I enjoy most in my travels were the Filipinos I met along the way.
    It was mid-autumn of 2002 when I was in Hongkong. It was raining hard I couldn’t cross the street towards Marco Polo Hotel where I was staying. I had to catch up an appointment in my hotel. I had ten minutes before appointment time and I was stuck up at the waiting shed. There were two Filipinas and both had umbrellas but they were waiting for another friend at the shed whom they are contacting by cellphone. One of them might have noticed that I was taking a look at my watch every now and then. Maybe I appeared uneasy and tense. She started a conversation. “Filipino ka ba?” I said yes. “Mukhang nagmamadali ka?”
    I said I had an appointment at Marco Polo, two blocks away but I can’t cross the street without getting soaked. She immediately handed her umbrella to me and said, “Sa ‘yo na lang ‘to, gamitin mo na, baka ma-late ka pa sa appointment mo.” I took her blue-colored heavy-duty umbrella, thanked her, and told her I’m staying at Marco Polo and I can return her umbrella if she gives me instructions where to bring it. Or they can see me at the hotel. She said, “Sigi na, sa ‘yo na lang ‘yan. Mura lang ‘yan dito.” Until now, I hold dear that umbrella which I brought all the way to Iloilo.
    We Filipinos have a distinct character that Ms. Fernandez may not like, but that is what who we are—Filipinos. We can never be any other race. We chew gums, except in Singapore, we yell, “Hoy!” or “Pilipino ka ano?” then, “Taga saan ka?” or, “Domestic helper ka ba?” All those opening lines we utter if only to start a conversation with out own race. Why should we be blamed for that?
    During one trip, I also had the chance to entertain impromptu the legal problems of some domestic helpers who came along with a friend who met me at the hotel. Upon knowing I am a lawyer, they poured out their legal problems—mostly inter-family or domestic problems—and sought legal advice. I was happy to give them such advice that they need, told them what to do, and how to go about it for less cost.
    Malu Fernandez should learn to make heaven out of the Filipino situation. It is worth it, especially if she smiles a lot at them wherever and whenever she meets them. That will make her heart light, and she will realize that there are more Filipinos who are blessed than she thought she is.

  199. Yah i agree with u chase! hahaha BABOY for short! She really have to buy lots of make up to cover her ugly bullshit face! tsk tsk I pity her.

  200. quickfriend

    I’m surprised that Malu Fernandez is back in Manila Standard Today to continue as a “tongue-in-cheek” journalist of the broadsheet. Has she been forgiven about her write-ups on OFWs?

  201. sympre hinde ito ipo post. who is this bryan boy? who does he think he is? para sa akin, cheap pa rin sya kahit anong suotin nya.
    typical gay na nagpapansin lang…

  202. i know all the fuss happened almost a year ago, but as they say: better late than never. so here goes:
    i personally think that Ms. Malu Fernandez is entitled to her opinion. Be it provocative, senseless, rude, etc.. she is, as we all are, free to process her versions of truth.
    the problem with freedom of opinion is that, often, we fail to recognize when to express it, how to express it and where to express it. She should have known better than to write a poorly written pseudo-travel/lifestyle article with her internationally foul-speaking about OFW’s, with whom she share origins wether she likes it or not.
    needless to say, she tactlessly wrote about how ungraceful her filippino flightmates’ manners were that she didn’t realized she overtook whatever level of poor breeding she thought they had as she did so.
    she cheaply ranted about how her travel was so impromptu, how her jo malone vanished into thin air amidst all the axe and the charlies, what a lovely hat she bought blah blah balh.. come on! are you serious?? do you really think you sound so chic and posh?? please do think again!
    and be a giornalist or at least a well-informed freelance writer if you really wanna be published. don’t jot down the first crap your limited neurons consent your system to process. don’t just scribble empty words hoping if you mix them together they’d end up becoming a well-balanced concoction of wit, substance, humor and creative writing.
    ’cause honey they just don’t. it doesn’t work that way. you should have widen your resources first; say, you should have travelled more? you should have read more and specially you should have read more than just 2cm pseudo-fashion magazines yourself! you should have informed yourself of how sad the country’s current (and past, for that matter!) economical conditions are and how little of credibility we get as a nation in the foreign eye without you having to publicly and internationally foul-mouthed fellow filippinos.
    then probably, you would have realized that greece isn’t that expensive of a destination, unlike paris, london, berlin, bruxelles, luxembourg, etc are.. where OFWs you thought were less cultured than you are frequently visits for their summer vacation routine. if you were half the wide-reader you wanted to sound like, you would have refrained yourself from using teeny-bopper, bitchy brat language for an article supposedly of professional level..or better yet you would have refrained yourself from writing from the very beginning. if you were half the world-citizen fashionista high-classed well-bred you wanted (but miserably failed) to show you were, then you should have know better.
    maybe you would have found an inkling of pride and joy in meeting honest and respectable filipinos no matter how loud or cheaply dressed they seemed to be to you.
    maybe then, you could have saved yourself from sounding so shallow and hollow, prejudice and ungrateful of things you don’t know but unknowingly benefiting from.
    i am 22 years old. i long not brag but i’m proud my parents are OFWs here in italy. i see them rest 5hrs a day and work the rest to provide me and my sisters the life they probably wouldn’t have afford to give us if we were still stucked back in Pinas. And you might ask what kind of life it may be?? again, i long not to brag but i admit, i thirst for my own personal rant in vengeance for the offense and disdain Ms. Fernandez occured with what she wrote. and i’m sure sons and daughters of OFWs would agree with me in wanting to slap soundly on her face how much we have, she would have never suspected it. Thanks to my OFW parents’ hardwork, we live in our newly bought townhouse in Milan, we own a first-hand Jeep Rallye, we are title holders of Marriott (so please think twice before you brag about your stay at Holiday Inn) hence we stay in 5star hotels whenever we travel and honey, we’ve been to places you only wished you’d someday see! i got my degree in college and am now taking up medicine here.. where med schools cost twice the fortune they cost back in the Phil. All these blessings that we have are fruits specially of my OFW parents’ hardwork. And thank God, they were my parents. You probably would never understand what this means as the best you can do is convinced yourself you’re a step ahead, a level above, just because you’re not born poor. Ask someone who cares to slap you back to reality. Or just do us the favour to keep your sheepishly written and substance-lacking, not to mention phsycological-disorder symptomatic, articles to yourself.
    My OFW-parents taught me waaaaaay better than this. but you asked for it.

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