I don’t like Josh Hartnett anymore.

Josh Hartnett is one of those guys who I think is really cute amongst the young Hollywood set but after watching this disgusting sleazeball little tramp named "Thea Aquino" do her tricks on him, who was hired to play the role of a stripper on Hartnett’s new film, all I have to say is thanks but no thanks. 

According to the TV interview, that girl Thea went "all the way" and went NAKED with Josh Hartnett for 6 hours, wearing nothing but sandals. Also, Josh Harnett wasn’t able to look at her and she didn’t knew what he felt. SHE LOOKS LIKE A BLOODY TRANNY WITH CHEAP DENTURES!


Pass me the sick bucket please. I want to throw up.


PS. Can you tell I’m seething with envy?
PPSS. At least they used a "nobody" instead of say, an established third world whore actress who will prolly use that scene to get extra mileage/bragging rights. Good for you Thea, good for you.