How badly do you want this?

Written By bryanboy

How badly do you want this?

It’s 1:38AM on a Monday morning and I swear to god, this is the only thing I have in mind.

+ salt, pepper, lots of tabasco and a huge ass glass of diet coke.

Help me god.


  1. Just have a little plate of tabasco to eat with your finger and have that glass of diet coke. It works great for cravings!

  2. thanks a LOT, i ended up having twister fries and a big mac for dinner. :| you, however, should stop gorging on satan’s #1 weapon of mass obesity.

  3. omg. you are making me crave. i want that! i want that! looks so delish. yum yum!

  4. YES!! Eat it! Have two!! I want the old Bryan back. I no likey this new version of you. Too ! Thin!

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