Hana Soukupova: Social Climber

Written By bryanboy

Hana Soukupova: Social Climber

So that’s what they call it eh? Go-sees? Looks like someone is a bit jealous of Gisele’s US$150,000,000 (that’s one hudred fifty million donald duck dollars) fortune. I know I am!  One of my original favourite models, thinspiration primetime Hana Soukupova, has been WORKING IT to extremes, according to WWD.

Hana Soukupova

New York Fashion Week is still over a month away, but catwalk favorite Hana Soukupova has been putting her endless gams on overdrive this summer. While her runway colleagues indulge in some vacation time, the Czech model has turned Cinema Society screenings and store openings into a makeshift round of go-sees, besting even the most dedicated social’s attendance record. Consider the past two weeks alone, during which Soukupova could be spotted at a Piaget event for Doo-Ri Chung, Super Saturday 10, a Moët & Chandon and Fendi-sponsored yacht bash and a Prince concert at the Ross School in the Hamptons.
Source: WWD

You go girlfriend! Work it like you own it. That’s what models are supposed to do anyway. Fuck events though, we need model scandals! You’re not really a supermodel until you become tabloid fodder, have an eating disorder scandal, a drug scandal, a partying galore scandal, a sex scandal and of course, drug-fuelled sex orgies with that Formula 1 race boss which every supermodel have slept with. Erase that, Hana, I think you should arrange a little fabricated photo-op session giving that hottie Lapo Elkann a blowjob with your mouth foaming with his cum and then leak it to the press. I’ve always had a little crush on that faggot. Lapo Elkann is the new Flavio Briatore! Is Lapo Elkann gay? Just kidding!

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