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Put your hands up! Put your hands up for Detroit! Put your hands up! Put your hands up for Detroit OUR LOVELY CITY! I found this from an online forum and I died!!!!! I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS get the blame for giving gays a bad name because I’m a little young QUEEN… well, wait till you see this shit!

So, yesterday Dane and I decided to head down to the old Packard plant for some nice shots of the decay. We get there and start to take some pixorz and everything is just fine for about 30 min. Then we hear a noise above us we look up and see what appears to be a band and their photographer taking pictures for some album art. They were all in combat boots and one had leather vest with no shirt on. Dane was like did you see the gay cowboy, and at that time I just pasted it off and was like yeah what ever. Boy was I wrong. We continue taking pictures and move up a floor when all of the sudden Dane calls me over. I look at what he is looking at.

gay superheroes

Click click click for the full story! Don’t worry, this is totally safe for school/work.

I’m like WTF the same people that were taking pictures earlier were dressed up like super heroes and taking pictures. I’m thinking this shit is getting weird but I guess if you want to costume-play super heroes on the top of the old Packard plant who am I to stop you. I continue taking pictures and move up to the roof. I look down and see something that I wish I had never saw. Spider Man on his knees about to blow Venom.

gay superheroes

gay superheroes

It only got worse from there.

gay superheroes

gay superheroes

Gay superheroes

We were walking down this hallway, and i looked out the window…

gay superheroes

i think super-doooper man saw me when i snapped this one. at the time, we had no idea how super dooper he was………………..

so we continued to the next level. assuming these were some nerds that liked action figures alot and shit.. and then this started happening.

gay superheroes

And there you have it. Good thing my parents raised me playing with Barbie instead. Barbie is WAYYY more respectable than friggin Superman and you will never see her have sex with other dolls in filthy places.

On that note, watch this vid from Tandi Iman Dupree, drag queen crushed nuts extraordinaire!! NOW THAT IS HOW YOU MAKE AN ENTRANCE.

I love you all!


  1. she’s effin amazing! Shes got it tucked in really to be able not to feel anything from those drop splits!

  2. you get me all hot and bothered.
    because of this i’ll let you play ass games with my boyfriend.
    cheers from toronto.

  3. Lindsay

    OMG! That is so random and hilarious. I live in the Detroit, so I will keep and eye out and see what comes of this.

  4. OMG! spider man sucking the black spider man’s “venom”. hahaha. weird shit goin on there.

  5. OMG my boyfriend is such a piece of shit. but bryanboy thank you so much for posting this fine piece of action hero gay porn.. it made my day!
    PS You are the most fabulous third world person i have EVA seen.
    Greetings from this shitty country in the capitalized wordl aka the netherlands

  6. they were all out of shape! except for the boy wonder….
    but strangely sexy…

  7. John Zeilinga

    WOW! What a great idea. I’m going to get some of my favorite cum dumpster men together for something JUST like that. Looks like a lot of fun. We usually ride around nude in my convertable and get off… hmm… we could be manly in superhero outfits in my convertable too. If any of you are ashamed to have some real fun and live near the Miami/Ft.Lauderdale area EMAIL ME!

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