Favourite Fashion Movie

Written By bryanboy

Favourite Fashion Movie

Fashionista.com recently asked their readers what their favourite fashion movie was. Am I the only one who noticed how out of 60 people who replied, only one answered "Unzipped" (remember Linda’s famous line — "See, Isaac, why do you always give me the flat shoes and you always give Naomi McCampbell the high heels?" ) and no one except moi answered "Pret-a-Porter" by Robert Altman?

JAWBREAKERS? Isn’t it funny how most people who say they’re into fashion wouldn’t remember (or have watched) a movie as iconic as pret a porter/ready to wear? Pret-a-Porter, to me, was my first memorable fashion moment. Come to think of it, I was barely a teenager when it came out. Am I old?

Sing after me: When he takes me in his arms… and whispers love to me… everything’s lovely. It’s him for me and me for him all our lives and it’s so real what I feel this is WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. la vie en rose la vie en rose la vie en rose la vie en rosseeeeeeeeeee


  1. OMG! I love unzipped. The shirt and the balloon gown along with the sequined mini dress. The hair turned into bows. I think Shalom Harlow was just starting out when that movie came out. I also remember JP gaultier stealing isaac’s collection LOL LOL
    shit, i have to get a copy again. my old one is gone now

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