Fashionista Diaries

Written By bryanboy

Fashionista Diaries

I’m sure you’ve seen the ridiculous ad infestation roaming around teh interweb by now. For those of you in Nueva York, did any of you watch Fashionista Diaries last night? Someone please, for the life of god, email me a video of the pilot. I really really really want to see the vid because chances are, it’s not gonna be shown in the third world! I hate it!!! Ugh!! Come to think of it, I really shouldn’t care about it because, after all, they’re only interns at a magazine that went down down down, only to be adopted by what, Cosmo Girl? Please. It’s no French Vogue, it’s no Vogue Italia, it’s no V Magazine, it’s no i-D, it’s no Harper’s Bazaar and it’s definitely not American Vogue but then again, Wintour & Co and all these fat freaks? Please. Don’t make me laugh. I still want to see it though. UGH!!! It’s killing me!!!!!!!!

Fashionista Diaries

Look at them. Every single one of them weighs at least 200 pounds each (ok, maybe I was being harsh, isn’t it ironic how the lady in the COW print dress is the thinnest one of them?) and they all look like manufactured D-list celebrities using the fashion industry as a stepping stone for future acting careers. Shame on them. Nothing is sacred in fashion anymore.


Ignore me. I’m sooo jealous much right now. Andre Leon Talley, ADOPT ME. ADOPT ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ildrich

    holy shit!! that guy is andrew.. one of the designers for “ive got nothing to wear” on tlc..

  2. JUst sayin'

    I auditioned with the fat ass second to left she was an intern at zac posen ( i think…if i remember correctly) and the fat all all the way to the right is cool, she’s a makeup artist… from like jersey or something…much fatter in person all of them! photoshopped galore

  3. Estrella – I tried that link and it said only viewers from the US can view that page.
    Just Sayin – you mean they’re fatter than THAT? jesus, if they’re gonna photochop they might as well go HARDCORE! it’s about ASPIRATION. don’t these people watch ugly betty? UGH!!!!

  4. you might be able to the find the pilot episode on itunes?
    they are a bunh of cows but i loves it still!
    so adorable!

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