EEEWWWW!! Will Elle Magazine (US) go ala Vogue Italia???

I was reading an article from the New York Times how Elle Magazine (US) is about to launch a brand, spanking new look next month. I love Elle and although I don’t read it often as much as I do with other monthly rags, I always thought Elle is pretty generous when it comes to covering accessories and some of their non-celebrity editorials always had that fresh feminine look and such. Anyway, as part of September issue they have this editorial called "Just Like Them" which is a spoof on celebrity magazines like Star and Us Weekly.

Elle USA

Well… guess what… didn’t Steven Meisel did this whole hollywood paparazzi shots AGES ago for Vogue Italia? In fact, I know this because that was one of my favourite editorials ever! That was one of the main reasons why I had a celeb celeb "IT" obsession/craze like last year.

Vogue Italia
Vogue Italia

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I want to see the full Elle editorial so I can make a better judgment but I hope they didn’t do what Steven Meisel did. Now that Elle got busted for their little editorial chu chu bells, I know for sure I’ll never get a mention there EVER. Just kidding. Hahaha. Now is the time for me to kiss ass to Vogue Italia!!! I WANNA BE IN A MAGAZINE HAHAHA. *sigh* Oh well, Elle.

Here’s what Steven Meisel did for Vogue Italia back in 2005. Isn’t it FABULOUS????

I have one thing to say.

Florals and enamel for spring is groundbreaking. Meow!

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That’s all!