EEEWWWW!! Will Elle Magazine (US) go ala Vogue Italia???

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EEEWWWW!! Will Elle Magazine (US) go ala Vogue Italia???

I was reading an article from the New York Times how Elle Magazine (US) is about to launch a brand, spanking new look next month. I love Elle and although I don’t read it often as much as I do with other monthly rags, I always thought Elle is pretty generous when it comes to covering accessories and some of their non-celebrity editorials always had that fresh feminine look and such. Anyway, as part of September issue they have this editorial called "Just Like Them" which is a spoof on celebrity magazines like Star and Us Weekly.

Elle USA

Well… guess what… didn’t Steven Meisel did this whole hollywood paparazzi shots AGES ago for Vogue Italia? In fact, I know this because that was one of my favourite editorials ever! That was one of the main reasons why I had a celeb celeb "IT" obsession/craze like last year.

Vogue Italia
Vogue Italia

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I want to see the full Elle editorial so I can make a better judgment but I hope they didn’t do what Steven Meisel did. Now that Elle got busted for their little editorial chu chu bells, I know for sure I’ll never get a mention there EVER. Just kidding. Hahaha. Now is the time for me to kiss ass to Vogue Italia!!! I WANNA BE IN A MAGAZINE HAHAHA. *sigh* Oh well, Elle.

Here’s what Steven Meisel did for Vogue Italia back in 2005. Isn’t it FABULOUS????

I have one thing to say.

Florals and enamel for spring is groundbreaking. Meow!

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That’s all!


  1. elle’s new editor is asian. us weekly’s editor is also asian. hmm

  2. you have to give it to Vogue Italia, they did the celebrities accurately (with some exaggeration) but the Elle editorial looks fantastic!

  3. “Team Bloody Abyssinian Bloody Vogue”
    Haha, loving the Absolutely Fabulous refrence!

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