EEEEW!!! THIRD WORLD TV vs Victoria's Secret 2006

Written By bryanboy

EEEEW!!! THIRD WORLD TV vs Victoria’s Secret 2006

This is why I don’t watch mainstream third world TV. It’s one thing for fugly entertainers to sing other artists’ songs (copyright and all) and get paid for it…. it’s another to copy a concept altogether. In this case, bitches on TV copied the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, fake SEXY lights, fake cheap-ass fat midget angels with hideous hologram wings and a fake Justin Timberlake. Y’all should be stoned to death for putting crap like this on television.

NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!! This is how you do it….

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PS. Tang inang yan, let me channel Malu Fernandez for a second… matapobre na kung matapobre but that act is really kacheapan! Masa to the max!


  1. this shit makes me nauseous

    Am I the only one experiencing epileptic seizures while watching these Asian bitches? Do straight men watch VS show? How many feathers can KK wiggle up her backdoor? What did Brad do to her? So many questions…

  2. i hate it!

    I really am ashamed of some of that noontime Philippine television. They’ve got no originality na nga, they don’t even do it well! Ewww. They just had to copy the same song, even the feathers! They’re no angels, what’s the feathers for? They’re probably pretending to be chickens! Hehehehe.

  3. She actually thinks it’s “cute” that she has motor coordination problems, are you for real?????

  4. “Juday” attempts a Beyonce, and then this. Oh gggaaaaaah the end is near the end is near.

  5. Our culture embraces and adores everything American.We look up to Americans as our “liberators” when in fact they stayed in the country too long and end up being occupiers which was never really given emphasis in Philippine History classes. Pinoys should read Rudyard Kipling’s “The White Man’s Burden” and analyze what he meant when he wrote these lines “Your new-caught, sullen peoples,Half-devil and half-child”
    Filipinos aren’t nationalistic and believe that anything foreign is so much better than their own. So sad.

  6. harkaitza

    oh dear god… ang sakit sa ulo ng SOP and all the noontime shows in this humid country! GAAAH

  7. That’s so embarassing…I mean the whole VS JT rip off!!!! I was hoping that girl’s head bled. Shame shame! P.S. I team KK

  8. yuk! we need really good TV producers in the Philippines…that’s why mahirap na nga mga people, they stay very low-mentality pa…God save the Philippines!!!

  9. All these things make me ashamed of being a Filipino. Gladly I’m far from being a whole Pinoy

  10. i think you need a life. first bryan boy… YOU live in a third world country, and stop hating yout own kind fucking ugly ass bitch faggot gdfhsuijok que puta

  11. Gabriélle

    I’m going to explode.. Isn’t this the funniest? Hahahahahahaha I love it when I see pinoy shitholes getting mad when their hometown is being trash, for example that fucker dfghj.. HAAAAAAAH!! Deal with it.. You got it right stvctr, the end is near.. MUCH! Xx
    P.S. When I want to laugh sooo hard I always check this page. HAHAHA Go Bryanboy!.. post more of this (I bet everyone is begging) :)

  12. teknorati

    well faggot. ur a filipino so youre like one of them. If you hate the third world country sooo much move to sweden. Its not like Filipino’s love your gay ass face anyway. You wannabe

  13. I almost hate mainstream shows here because of remaking and having unoriginal concepts! Some of the celebrities are popular only because of looks and not because of talents.. Luckily, I am able to watch some good shows especially on the internet even if it is not on the mainstream..
    I also like Strangebrew because this Filipino made tv show has an original concept and it shows the positive and fun way of seeing things. Thank god I can now watch it on youtube.

  14. well, i was just wondering. are you ashamed of being pinoy? i just dont get it when you said something about fugly people singing. so what if they are fat and ugly? it should not matter as long as they sing well. you made it sound like you hate all about philippines. if not because of those cheap shows ( as you call it) charice would not have achieved the popularity that she is experiencing now. that was a very tactless comment dude

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