Design your own Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

Written By bryanboy

Converse doubts my supremacy

Converse doesn’t think I’m god and I’ll tell you more about it on this entry. I think I’m the last person in the planet to know this but who knew you can actually customize design your own Converse sneakers? I know you can get things made by the big bespoke guns like Goyard, Vuitton and Hermès but Converse? Good ol’ cheap and chic ass Converse? Shit, before bling bling became popular, I used to cover my converse sneakers in SILVER and GOLD glitter glue!

Design your own Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

I’m not really a sneakers/trainers/rubber shoe/nasty hipster person so my knowledge is soo limited when it comes to these things. Best to leave those BAPE whatever to the darker demographic while I get myself a pair of classic Chuck Taylors.

Click click click!

There first step is to pick your own canvas. They have all sorts of shoes from hi-top, low-top, slip and x-hi canvas. I personally prefer the Chuck Taylor All-star Hi-Top because IMO, it’s a classic.

Converse sneakers: pick your own blank canvas

From there, you may choose the size you want and start with the design. You get to customize things like the outside AND inside body of the shoe…

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

followed by the heel stripe which is this vertical strip of whatever on the back of the shoe.

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

You also get to pick the tongue colour. I chose yellow because I don’t have a pair of yellow shoes… and it doesn’t help that the only thing I have in my mind right now is New York City… and their famous yellow cabs.

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

Here’s another view of my shoe

Converse Chuck Taylor shoes

The next step is to customize other parts of the sneaker like the rubber sidewall color, racing stripe and stitching.

Jesus mother of god this bitch has more anatomical parts than I do!

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

I don’t like white shoelaces so I chose black…

Converse Chuck Taylor shoelaces

Here comes the fun part. You can personalize your sneaker by adding a little sumthin’ sumthin’ — you can do it on the heel stripe…

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

or you can do it on the outside lower rear…

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

Here’s my final shoe…

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

Nice eh? I know it’s simple but hey, I like it.

Unfortunately it takes about 3-4 weeks for shipping and they can only send to the USA. This is where an American friend, family member or an illegal immigrant comes handy. I think every third world citizen has a family member in the USA, no? Hello California!

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

You can do all sorts of things like play with colours… a different shade for each shoe part. I chose 3 shades of blue because I like blue. Blue makes me feel good.

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

Yep, I’m the queen!

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

I was just reading an old copy of Vogue and I saw some dress with graduating colours so why not do something similar…

Converse Chuck Taylor shoes

Personalize it!

Converse Chuck Taylor shoes

Here’s the thing that I don’t like.

Are you ready?


I swear, that was the first thing I had in mind!!!!

I mean hello, it’s understandable for them to ban words like fuck, slut, etc.

But the phrase "I AM GOD?"


Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers

How dare they question my authority and supremacy?

I totally lost the plot when I got that error message.

I have 3 customized sneakers on my shopping cart and you won’t allow me to put ‘I AM GOD’ on my fourth pair of sneakers?


And there you have it. You’ve seen the reason why I’m never gonna be one of them dirty hipsters. HAHAHAHA ;)


  1. so this is what it looks like when Nike buys Converse… i LOVE it! need to go make myself three pairs too, shit.

  2. juv_tess

    Hi Bryan thanks for sharing this.. now, you gonna make me customize mine too.. yes, I got TNT relatives at USA ha ha ha!!

  3. I got a pair the end of last year. Vans and Converse had a thanxgiving even for customized shoes. Both companies offered them for 25 a pair so I jumped in the wagon and ordered some. The catch was 6 weeks delivery but hell, not like I needed them ASAP.

  4. krystin

    Bryan, i totally loved the site. I made one based on the 4K Balenciaga heels. I so love it!

  5. krystin

    Bryan, I love the site! I made a pair based on the 4k Balenciaga heels. I so love it!

  6. Umm, the “darker” demographic has been customizing Chucks, Nike’s, etc. for years now. The “darker” demographic buys everything too- watch MTV Cribs

  7. The fact that you have to put the darker demographic is hilarious…The fact that someone who made a comment had to put the word “darker” in quotations is even more hilarious… Truth be told, since I am African -American or “darker” as you would put it…I wouldn’t even dare put my feet in a pair of BAPE’ a matter of fact, no one would that shit is so 2003..LOL!!! Yes, There are alot of African-Americans on Cribs and yes..We do have lots of things but the people that are shown also have businesses and other things that they have their money invested in…So…Mr. or Ms. Pia…Please do your research and Bryan don’t be afraid to use Politically Incorrect words..You never held back before so why would you when it comes to a word like Black or African-American…When you skate around the issue…It tends to piss off our race more….but anyway, your shoes are amazing and so are you…That is all…

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