By Invitation Only: Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Written By bryanboy

By Invitation Only: Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Ladies…. Marc Jacobs has a smashing new fragrance called "Daisy" and I have a little exclusive ticket for you.

Daisy Marc Jacobs

There’s only 1,000 codes to give out worldwide so be sure to email either or to request a code for the new Daisy Marc Jacobs website… and a chance to win one of 5 Marc Jacobs handbags and 20 fantastic Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfumes!

BE SURE TO MENTION BRYANBOY SENT YOU or else you won’t get the code.

I love you all…. but I love Marc Jacobs even more.

PS. Once you get the code and you are located outside USA/UK, be sure to click the United States flag to gain access to the website. Anyone around the world can register and is eligible to win the prizes!

PPSS. Feel free to pass this entry to anyone that you know.


  1. Makuini Bluett Marr

    Bryanboy sent me and new to your site. Looks like fun, trying out Soul Mate???
    Maybe if I understand a bit more of who could be a soul mate, I may get lucky.

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