Bryanboy’s Hobby Outfit #2

Here’s another outfit I came up with… well, I made everything except the shirt, the pearls, the boots, the sunglasses and the handbag. To quite simply put it, I made* the shorts, the headpiece, added the little ribbon on the shirt and finally, the lightweight black thing that to this date, I still don’t know what to call it. It’s as long as a coat but it has a hood and pockets on the front like an oversized cardigan. Is it a parka? Or should I call it… the coatdigan? It’s a start eh? What do you think?


More pics and videos coming up! Don’t you just LOOOOOOOVEEEE rainy days? Everyone looks pretty during rainy season except peasants like the fat bitch behind me.

Just kidding. I’m nice. PROMISE!!!! I’m an equal opportunity lover in real life! I only say mean shit online to get attention because I’m a big fat whore! Case in point: take one good look at her chubby face and then take a look at mine and no doubt we’re both alumnis of Brookhaven Obesity Clinic. The point is…. I’m 116 pounds and she’s 118. Maybe 117 if you push it. Got it?

*I didn’t make them as in I didn’t sew them myself. I went to the sewing people with my stick figure, crayola sketches and instructions.