Blah Beurk Blah American Vogue

Written By bryanboy

Blah Beurk Blah American Vogue

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Sienna Miller is gonna be on the cover of September American Vogue. Isn’t it ironic how Vanity Fair, a celebrity magazine, used Gisele Bundchen, a fashion model, on the cover whereas American Vogue, a fashion magazine, used a British actress named Sienna?

I was gonna write this huge handwritten open letter to Anna Wintour and American Vogue — in fact, I already wrote the first two paragraphs and then I realized it’s utterly pointless. Who am I to write an open letter to the Queen Bee herself? Besides, even if I share it online, my desperate pleas (to use more models on the cover) will only fall to deaf ears. Complete waste of time, if you ask me.

Don't you just miss the good ol' days when models graced the covers of Vogue? From Bryanboy's personal collection of American Vogue: Liya Kebede (May 2005), Gisele Bundchen (May 2000), Angela Lindvall (February 2000), Gisele Bundchen & Carmen Kass (January 2000).
Don’t you just miss the good ol’ days when models graced the covers of Vogue? From my own personal collection of American Vogue: Liya Kebede (May 2005), Gisele Bundchen (May 2000), Angela Lindvall (February 2000), Gisele Bundchen & Carmen Kass (January 2000). Gone were the days when I’d scribble all sorts of stuff on its covers and literally rip pages off to post on my bedroom wall.

Vogue, if you ask me, used to be my favourite magazine. There used to be a time many, many, many years ago when I religiously looked forward to getting my own copy of Vogue. Opening it is like entering a magical world where the model on the cover is your personal guide and the fashions inside it are pure fantasy. I can’t even count the number of times I had petty fights with fashion obsessed fiends whether or not our favourite model du jour is going to be on the cover. These days, the people who appear on it are predictable — Nicole, Reese, Renee, Jennifer or the current year’s fave Oscar bet (perhaps best actress winner)… or, if you do your research correctly, it’s pretty much any Hollywood A-list actress promoting something "big" that month.

The last Vogue I personally purchased is dated May 2005 with Liya Kebede on the cover — and the only reason why I bought it is because Liya, a model, was on it. And the Chanel, I love the Chanel. Other than that, the most recent copy that I have in my possession is December 2006 (Nicole Kidman) — the only reason why I have it here is because my sister left it last month.

Why buy Vogue when you can read the articles (I love Sally Singer) online? Personally, I buy magazines to be inspired. I know we can all go online to see all the editorials (for free) but to me, it’s one thing to experience a few hours worth of visual fashion fantasy by flipping one glossy page over the other.

But what happens when people who have the power to inspire AND influence you (with something/someone new) churns out with things that you’ve already seen elsewhere?

Thank god for Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris and V.


  1. I switched over to W a while ago. I doubt we’ll ever see as powerful a group of models as Linda, Christy, Naomi and Cindy since there are just so many models vying for attention.
    Natalia Vodianova was EVERYWHERE at one point though. And I’m just tired of Kate Moss.

  2. Speaking of Vogue Italia, remember the July 2005 issue called ‘makeover madness’? shot by meisel. ANTM so BLATANTLY copied that idea in one of the cycles (I forget which) and it really pissed me off because all the poses/situations were the same. I was like OMG

  3. Ahem? Bitch, you should be happy to have a poised and elegant british star on your cover instead of the boring old giselee shes been around the block more times than your local paperboy.
    Kiefer – The Amazing Uk

  4. current fashion is so so disposable these days, why bother with buying magazines which are getting more and more expensive and which take up space? i prefer reading blogs and then forgetting about it. most of it is not worth retaining in the mind anyway. the level of creativity is nothing like in the old days and i keep seeing the same models, poses, photography styles. nothing interesting, BORING. i can’t stand fashion and the entire system/circus these days, it totally makes me want to cry with boredom!

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