Behind the Scenes: Chloe Fall 2007 Ad Campaign

Tyra’s ANTM contestants watch and learn!!!! You know what I found out today?  Not only models need to be rail thin and beautiful in order to bag top fashion ad campaigns, they also need to be epileptic, too. Watch this "behind the scenes" clip of the Chloe fall/winter 2007 ad campaign photo shoot by Inez and Vinoodh. Shalom is hot, Freja is beautiful but I’m gonna give the award to Anja Rubik! I WANT HAIR LIKE THAT! OMG I think I’m gonna cut my hair like Anja’s this weekend. Keep an eye out on Shalom Harlow’s movements — convulsions and seizures has never looked this good.

So what’s the secret of all those beautiful pictures? Dancing Epilepsy for the mother fucking win!

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PS. It just occured to me — if these girls already look soo thin, can you imagine what the gorgeous and thinspirational Snejana and Vlada looks like in real life? HOTNESS!

PPSS. Those red shoes are GORGEOUS!!!!!!