Beautiful and flawless

Written By bryanboy

Beautiful and flawless

Spring 2008 fashion week is just around the corner. Everyone is busy running around going to castings etc.

Snejana Onopka

I think Snejana missed New York earlier this year because of all that nonsense and ridiculous BMI brouhaha. No? What do you think? Do you think she’ll do the Nueva York shows next month?

Answers on a postcard…

PS. TFS Divanopkans unite!
PPSS. I don’t know about you but I think Rachel Clark should be a star!
PPPSSS. Does anyone know what hair products I should use in order to achieve hair like Snejana’s? I’ve always wanted to try that sort of hair (now that it’s long) but I have no idea what products to use cause my hair is soo thick. I might as well use mighty bond or superglue!!


  1. salon selectives

    magparebond ka, ninipis yung hairstrands mo and it will appear that you have much less hair in general. it’ll also be super flat on your head that all you have to do is pull it back and it’ll achieve this look without the need for any product. bad thing is that you’ll have to walk around looking like Snape the rest of the time, haha.

  2. Well, personally I have to say. I shot Snejana in the fall of 2006. She was def the skinniest girl backstage. In the Spring when all that “skinny model” ridiculous-ness happened, I didnt see her in NY but then she did Milan. She had obviously put on some pounds, but comparatively looked “normal”…then, are you ready for this? when going over my film from the two seasons, honestly the pics of her uber skinny in the fall were MUCH better. Im sorry but skinny works. However, having said that, I would like to point out these girls are not sitting in the porta potties backstage with their fingers down their throats. Who doesnt get thin when they are high stressed, crazy busy, smoking cigs, not sleeping, running all over the world through different time zones on a diet of cafe lattes? I lose 15 pounds every show season and Im a 40 year old man!

  3. The Russian Dream

    Isn’t she too busy sucking Russian mafia knob anyways?
    Bryan, if only you could look this pale, people might actually respect you.

  4. isabella

    snejana wasn’t at new york fw because she was shooting shiseido campaigns in japan xx

  5. YES SHE IS DOING NY FASHION SHOW!!! Her showcard is out and it is the picture of her on Vogue Nippon. Not that I’m *that* interested in NY fashion shows but at least I get to see her earlier. YES.

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