Anna Wintour: I love Proenza Schouler!

Written By bryanboy

Anna Wintour: I love Proenza Schouler!

One of the things I can’t stand is whenever people make a huge fuzz over other people’s pronunciation of designer names. I once went to a little dinner party many years ago and this American girl pronounced Yves Saint Laurent as Yves SAINT (as in saint saint catholics saints) Low-rent and all these bitches gave her a long litany and belittled the poor woman on how YSL is pronounced as Yves Suhn Loh-ran (or however it is pronounced, I just can’t type it) and I couldn’t help but feel bad at the girl for her little chu chu bells mistake.

Now watch this video of the fall/winter 2007 NYC fashion week wrap-up. Fast forward the video to 1:17 and listen to the high almighty Anna Wintour say "I love Proenza Shoe-ler".

School-er or Shoe-ler, will you have the nerve to correct Anna Wintour on the way she pronounced Schouler?

I don’t know about you but it’s all the same to me. JACK AND LAZARO = HOTNESS and their clothes = AMAZING!

PS. I love Anna, Sally and Suzy Menkes!


  1. She pronounced it right. Or close enough. You don’t pronounce the “C” in the name.
    Whatever though even if it isn’t right.. its right now.. says Anna W.

  2. Schouler?!?! who cares?? Isnt Wintour hard enough? Win-Tower or Win-Toore??

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