Anna Wintour: I love Proenza Schouler!

One of the things I can’t stand is whenever people make a huge fuzz over other people’s pronunciation of designer names. I once went to a little dinner party many years ago and this American girl pronounced Yves Saint Laurent as Yves SAINT (as in saint saint catholics saints) Low-rent and all these bitches gave her a long litany and belittled the poor woman on how YSL is pronounced as Yves Suhn Loh-ran (or however it is pronounced, I just can’t type it) and I couldn’t help but feel bad at the girl for her little chu chu bells mistake.

Now watch this video of the fall/winter 2007 NYC fashion week wrap-up. Fast forward the video to 1:17 and listen to the high almighty Anna Wintour say "I love Proenza Shoe-ler".

School-er or Shoe-ler, will you have the nerve to correct Anna Wintour on the way she pronounced Schouler?

I don’t know about you but it’s all the same to me. JACK AND LAZARO = HOTNESS and their clothes = AMAZING!

PS. I love Anna, Sally and Suzy Menkes!