Wednesday Night Sluts: Miami Vice

Written By bryanboy

Wednesday Night Sluts: Miami Vice

"Greetings from the beautiful sunshine state on the other side of the world! No, I’m not talking about college-drinking Tallahassee or magic-kingdom Orlando, I’m talking about the sexiest place on the planet. Yes! Miami"

Miami loves Bryanboy

I **LOVE** it when kids play with laundry detergent… Click click click!!!

I totally take back what I said how Spanish people totally own NorthSouthEastWest American latinos. We all know that Jessica Alba fake ass bitch got problems with her Mexican/latino roots, heck, I should be the honorary Marimar, no?

In any case, nobody can get down and dirty than our latino sisters in Miami. Third world represent! I love my latest addition to my fan art collection and slut of the day series.

The hair, the hips, the tits, the lips, the legs and….


Miami loves Bryanboy


Miami loves Bryanboy

Look at that pout. Fierce!

Miami loves Bryanboy

K-hole much?

Miami loves Bryanboy

Boys who are able to match their taxi yellow off-shoulder tops with their hats get brownie points in my book.


I LOVE YOU GUYS!! YOU SHOULD COME VISIT ME IN THE THIRD WORLD and bring me a good ol’ box of Tide laundry detergent!

As always, email me and tell me you love me. My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!

PS. Here’s clue #2.


  1. Mr FunkyBool

    yeah i know whats ur hobby you go in the streets dress vintage

  2. andrei c

    omg. i wish i could do that in our pool!!!! hahaha. though i stopped it for a awile coz im getting a nose job!!! hahaha


    i am fantasizing with the hunk & the gorgeous girl. threesome at its fullest.
    SPEECHLESS. wow. love it.

  4. that’s definitely not coke, and this pic is definitely tacky.. but at least the chick is skinny -m

  5. bryan can u post something about Thalia? the mexica? the telenovela star? i know u like her

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