We love Suzy Menkes!!!

Written By bryanboy

We love Suzy Menkes!!!

Now that Paris is free, it’s time to move on to the upper echelons of the fash pack.


Mauricio: I think Marc Jacobs is plotting against us.
Bryanboy: why?
Mauricio: it smells like his perfume all over our house
Bryanboy: it’s your paranoia kicking in.

suzy menkes

Bryanboy: don’t tell me jason preston is knocking on your doorstep
Mauricio: it smells like jurgen teller’s crotch! i have a feeling that all the fashion people reading your blog are either gonna hate us or love the entry. i think we did piss most of them off.
Bryanboy: you think? we’re just joking though. besides, i’m sure they have a sense of humor. i mean, i like to pretend i’m this huge gloryhole loving bareback cum dump when in reality i’m clean as a cupcake but hella i don’t care. anyway, i’m sure most of them have a sense of humor
Mauricio: most of them don’t actually. they take everything too seriously
Bryanboy: what do you know? you’re in Mejico!

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PS. My next target is the sexy Tim Blanks.

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  1. monocle

    that’s hysterical!
    you don’t look like suzy.

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