Thursdays are hair days

Written By bryanboy

Thursdays are hair days

My hair is soo long it’s not funny anymore. I think this is the longest it has ever been in my entire life. I like it though. It’s such a bitch to have long hair in the third world because of the ridiculous weather. I would’ve been dead a long time ago if it weren’t for air conditioning.


Click click click!

Anna Wintour age 14 is that chu? I should try that Lanvin Fall/Winter 2007-8 hair, no?

Bryanboy as a young Anna Wintour

I need liposuction on my face. I’m too fat! Those cakes have taken its toll on me! A pleasure on the lips means 10 pounds to the hips my ass… in my case, I got 20 extra pounds on my face!!!!!


I hate shots like this because I can’t see my eyelashes and I LOVE my eyelashes.


Suzy Menkes is that chu?

Bryanboy, Suzy Menkes



More pictures and a new faggotry in motion video to follow.

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I love you all!


  1. On the 4th pic…OMG…U R so so beautiful Bryan!:) Like like i dont know, like a pretty cinderella or fairy prince :)

  2. Wow, you really DID get a nose job didn’t you? Couldn’t tell too much earlier with the thinning down of the face in general, but now I do see it.

  3. jemeleeanne

    OMFG, oh no u didn’t!! is that a new nose?
    i’m planning to get a nose job before graduation.. which clinic could u refer? I’m considering Beverly Hills 6750 or Belo.. what do u think? In which clinic should I go to?

  4. Love the hair so fab, you really so skinnie u bitch ;-) new nose ? yeah tell me who is your doctor wink wink

  5. Beatriz

    you bitch i love it. Btw, did you get rhinoplasty in VB alabang? i sooo love it. Im thinking about getting rhinoplasty, and consiidering the options is it worth it in VB?

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